BMX Best Trick | Nitro World Games 2022 -

BMX Best Trick | Nitro World Games 2022

Nitro Circus
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The best athletes around the world battle out Best Trick in BMX at the 2022 Nitro World Games in Brisbane!

Watch the top names such as Ryan Williams, Pat Casey and Liam Quinlivan attempt the most insane tricks to holds the title for BMX Best Trick!


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  1. No one can touch Ryan, he is the undisputed champ!

  2. Why aren’t there WAY more people here? The best days of our culture are behind us sadly. The real deal things in life are barely appreciated these days..ugh

  3. That's very dangerous Ryan Williams, I like that I love BMX best trick.

  4. Commentator appears to have a front flip fetish..

  5. 3:58 "I can't even keep up with what these tricks are."
    No you cannot dude. Please hire somebody that can call these incredible tricks correctly.

  6. Everyone is so insanely good these days that the whirly bird tricks are boring. Bring back a steezy indian air and I'll be way more hyped.

  7. Very cool worldview, respect to these guys!,)❤😮😊

  8. Commentators make me want to mute, terrible analysis.

  9. RYAN、最強!!!!

  10. 24:34 DO YOU MEAN the 1080’dpuble whip? No idea how a tailwhip is a front flip ?

  11. How the fuck is a 1080 front also known as a corked 1440?? Two completely different tricks.

  12. These were video game tricks not too long ago…

  13. That 1440 by Godziek looked way to casual… Absolute robots these riders

  14. pfff…i do triple backflipos no handers on my way to school everyday…

  15. lol imagine in 1990, when hoffman lands the first flair, that in 2022 someone would do a no handed triple backflip and the score would only be an 88 hahaha

  16. landing on an air bag? are we gonna be landing in foam pits in the next couple years??? does a trick even count when the consequences are so fucking low???

  17. At 33:44 the support guy was disoriented than RW or is he just showing off his new insulting dance moves in front of him? Or is he like "ryan, ryan you go like this and that and then boom!"

  18. R Willey is kinda like a BMX version of Rodney mullen he a trick monster on whole different level 😮

  19. Now I get why they're all wearing skinny jeans…to harness the huge balls it takes to pull this s*** off lol, hats off to everyone that contended there and certainly to Ryan for remaining the undefeated champ beating the stereotype that nobody makes it to 3!!! #RyanGoesHamm

  20. We didn't use condoms for landings when I was a kid but the tricks they are doing insane. There should be a asterisk for non wood landing ramp.

  21. Why is the atmosphere so freakin low energy? These guys are throwing epic shit!

  22. Triple backflip Toohey” BMX trick was for ever” yet Ryan” BMX trick was like Michael Jordan air time out of this world 🌎 futuristic sci-fi video game 🎮 third dimensional exciting thrilling style BMX trick of the year 🎊 🎉!!!!!!!!!🤔😉😆👍🙏🏽

  23. I rather watch a clean dip out styled 360 than all those button bashing tricks. Style has gone from the sport

  24. Ryan do allways same trick, turns boring

  25. I was a part of the 70s/80s skateboarding era where grinding coping on 2 ft vert or a front side air by Tony Alva was considered the limits. I can understand the achievements being almost other worldly but like "extreme" anything its becoming ridiculous. Just keep increasing the ramp height/speed, bike materials that weigh nothing yet super strong. Waiting for a 200 ft, 360×30 for a 10800!!

  26. I do a lot of front flip bike flips to double tail whip to back flip out but I never show anyone.

  27. Ryans was the one of the most majestic shit i ever seen

  28. Ryan is bad ass he rides hard like Dave Mirra did back in the day

  29. Observation: This event looks like a huge loss out of someones pocketbook. Don't expect it again?

  30. Os peças boa da chibata as da minha bike eu ponho força pra pedala ela quebra kkkkk

  31. Negara australia pesertanya banyak.. Resfek..

  32. The "1080 front flip" isn't a "front flip" it's a "cork"

  33. Triple back flip on a dirtbike is still the most insane trick ever performed. This is a close second.


  35. Top de mais nota mil 💚💚💚💙💙💙💛💛💛

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