Borussia Dortmund vs. SV Werder Bremen 4-3 | The Best Games of the Decade 2010-2019 -

Borussia Dortmund vs. SV Werder Bremen 4-3 | The Best Games of the Decade 2010-2019

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Spectacular win for BVB with top scorer of the season Aubameyang.
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It was a game of high drama at the end of the 2016/17 season, when Dortmund had the chance to secure a second-place finish and automatic qualification for the Champions League. In a game full of ups and downs, BVB triumphed through two late penalties from Marco Reus and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The Gabon international even claimed the top scorer’s cannon ahead of Robert Lewandowski on that final matchday. What’s your favourite game of the past decade? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Watched that game full. Bloody quality Bundesliga football and a nice game for sure. 100% quality. I am a Bayern all time. Quality Bundesliga football. Im worried if the Champions league will go on after 2020-06 or not because it was supposed to be our year

  2. And of course Auba misses CL spot penalty only when playing for Arsenal…

  3. When Aubameyang Pulisic Kagawa and Dembele was in the one team

  4. my favourite great game of that last
    decade was 2017 Dortmund vs. Leipzig (2-3)

  5. Boa mesma é a narração em português desse jogaço

  6. my favourite game of that last decade was Dortmund vs. RB Leipzig (3-3) what a match!

  7. GK: Bürki
    RB: Hakimi
    RCB: Sokratis
    LCB: Hummels
    LB: Guereirro
    RM: Sancho
    CDM: Witsel
    CAM: Reus
    LM: Aubameyang
    RS: Lewandowski
    LS: Håland


  8. Wow! Perfect my favorite club BVB♥😎👌👏👍

  9. When 2020 is so depressing we r watching old stuff

  10. I wonder if you guys are posting propaganda 😅

  11. I'd like to say Klop's farewell game was one of the best against Bremen. 3-2 victory as I remember and Sebastian Kehl retiring ceremony held as well. It was so emotional for me.

  12. Ah… The 16/17 season.
    Dembele was at BvB, Auba was at BvB, Delaney was at Bremen, Gnabry was at Bremen

  13. The game that ruined our chances at the Europa League… that extra revenue would’ve probably led to us getting it again last year, and we’d be in a much better position

  14. Actually the commentary is a the key which make matches even better to watch ❤️

  15. Auba finished with 31 and Lewa with 30. If the league was already won by Bayern, the race for Bundesliga's top goalscorer was, if one can characterized like that, nail baiting until the end.

  16. Did this really need a different pounding techno song every 30 seconds to keep the energy up?

  17. This was one of the best games of bundesliga

  18. Thanks gnabry for that :). Thanks for keeping us out of EL.

  19. I miss Aubameyang so much! He was and is still pure class. Him, Reus and Dembéle was so fun to watch. My favorite game was against Real Madrid in the Champions League that ended with 2-2. We were so good back then. It makes me nostalgic to think about it. I hope the team we have right now will be as nostalgic for me in some years, I think they will!


  21. Match was really great but last penalty for me was not 100%, it depends on the refers decision.

  22. Damn I miss Aubameyang..the only striker who gave some competition to Lewy.

  23. Please do not change the camera angels when the players dribbling.. you are destroying the beauty of the play for some moments.. even in the latest matches also.. that brand's key pass, you showed that in close view suddenly . Please do not do that, it clearly destroyed the beauty of that goal…

  24. Anyone know the name of the commentator? 😪

  25. It's sad how no matter how good the team is, Dortmund still doesn't win the league

  26. I never thought Kagawa, Pulisic, Reus, Kagawa and Aubameyang played together 🙆‍♂️

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