Brackeys Game Jam 2019 - BEST GAMES! -

Brackeys Game Jam 2019 – BEST GAMES!

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Let’s go through some of the best games from the second Brackeys Game Jam!

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Games Shown:
All I See Is You –
Blind Date Manager –
Heart Out –
Intercon –
Love Light –
Blind Leadership –
BulletHeart –
For You I’ll become a Hero –
Follovers –
HeartBound –
HeartQuest –
Love is Blind –
The Love Machine Learns To Love –
Make a Weird Heart –
My Love is Blind –
Note to self –
Now I See –
Sightless –
Sightless –
Significant Otter –
The Last Thing She Saw –
The Pied Fisherman of Hamelin –
Tunnel Vision –
White Hearts –
Why do you love? –

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  1. Brackeys: ANd TAlKIng aBouT AuDIo.
    Me: Skips 30 seconds ahead of the video.

  2. Level of violence expertise? undertale? Hmmm…

  3. My fav games were the dark things like do it for me and that robot thing cuz love is blind soinds like a dark thing not happy

  4. I still can't make a game I would if I could

  5. HeY gUyS!! wHeRe Is “Do It FoR mE”???
    How about we talk about the way these were made, and the people who made them, etc?

  6. i know everyone is complaining about the fact that do it for me wasn't there

    where's do it for me?

  7. Wait…


    Level of Violence expertise…



  8. Seeing too much Heart made me get really Hurt

  9. when gravity applies to a photon………. hmm are you sure about that? (also yes i know gravity does apply to light just not very much)

  10. I was hoping to see Do It For Me and then I saw every1 in the comments where asking the same.

  11. for those of you that know limbo I believe that it would have fit the theme Love is blind Even though it was made almost 10 years before the jam

  12. “Level of violence expertise”

    The acronym from Undertale but it’s actually an acronym

  13. I really dont know if this makes me motivated or demotivates to get into game development

  14. Some of them pre-developed and edited for jam.

  15. You didn't mention Hollow Knight. I am surprised!

  16. WHERE IS DO IT FOR ME???? how could you Brackerys im leaving the first dislike on your videos on this and unsubbing

  17. These games are way cooler than expensive triple a titles man I need to start playing more games like these there so creative

  18. Skill share was sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  19. I was hoping it was lixians not just because he is markipliers editor, but he had to take a lot of time on it and the plot is really creative! Also it’s a dark theme than all of the other ones.

  20. The Last Thıng She Saw
    How to create such neon tıles? R these un even tıles?

  21. Everyone keeps saying “WhErE iS dO it fOr mE?” But it is there! It’s in the top right corner at 1:22

  22. Bruh I get an ad to join a game jam and it say win a ps5 only thing I don't know how to make a game bruh the chances😅😅😅🤣🤣

  23. Its not COMPLETELY original, look at undertwale

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  25. this is captain america if he were to fight in the american revoulution

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