Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 - BEST GAMES! -

Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 – BEST GAMES!

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Let’s take a look at some of the awesome games from the fourth Brackeys Game Jam!

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Featured games:
Divided Dungeon –
Lost in City –
It’s a Wrap –
ReColor –
Retro Rift –
Playback –
Dux Nox –
Rewind –
In Psycho Taxi – Rewind –
Sir Ewind –
Rhythm Rewind –
What the…? REWIND THAT –
Rhombus –

Jam winners:
Overall: Dux Nox –
Game Design: Rewind –
Fun: In Psycho Taxi – Rewind –
Innovation: It’s a Wrap –
Theme: Sir Ewind –
Graphics: Iridescent dream –
Audio: Rhythm Rewind –


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  1. This theme kinda reminds me of a game I played for ld 47, called glitch loop.

  2. i can try but my Unity doesnt instal the stuff.maybe

  3. The Divided Dungeon reminds me of this game called "Looper"

  4. Even if dani cancelled rerun it would still be pretty cool if they put it as like an honorable mention or somethingg

  5. 3rd game reminds me of a mobile game called colourblind

  6. ok… im rewinding the whole video for getting done this video.

  7. 5:00 i played the game and realised i know the music. I don't know from where it comes though

  8. Does anyone know how to set the float to show me only the first decimal ex: 1.233432 in 1.2

  9. Dude these game are actually beautifully amazing

  10. me finaly the intro is gonne brakey this vidio is …. me i hate myself

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  12. dani participate in the jam brakeys dosent put him in the 1 spot karlson fans peace was never abalible to skip

  13. all : lets make a cool game w..
    dani : ama remove my game else 1800 ppl will be sad

    btw great job all of u game is a game i like how ppl are making games 😀 keep it up

  14. Anyone who sees this comment,i wish you a peaceful soul as much as this track is♥️

  15. Damn, there isn't gonna be a video for the 2021 jam. That's kinda sad

  16. wow so many games. can I become a game tester? I have a pretty decent pc

  17. Tomek *Sonic Central Polska* Przybysz says:

    I was waiting for a dani game : ((

  18. You can go ahead and Rewind to see the video again 🙂

  19. What was the name of the game with a shovel and portals with that epic music?

  20. I think if Dani re run was here it would be no 1 I guess

  21. I think the creator of these games is the same person. All of it is just Rewind games lol. Or the people who made it are in a inverted cult.

  22. Wait, why didn't you include Re:ru… Oh wait, Dani removed it. Never mind, ignore this comment.

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