Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 - 2019 -

Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 – 2019

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This compares the major players in the gaming console wars from the beginning. It all began with the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972.

Magnavox releases the first game console in 1972. The Odyssey for $99 ($600 in 2019). Magnavox kept releasing updated versions of the Odyssey until 1978.

In 1975 Atari released its Pong arcade game as a console. $99 ($600 in 2019).

In 1976 COLECO joined the console race with the Telstar. $99 ($600 in 2019). While Nintendo prepared to launch its own hardware. The Color Game-TV.

The famous Atari 2600, which supported ROM game cartridges, was released the following year, in 1977. For $199 ($860 in 2019). Magnavox followed with Odyssey2, also featuring ROM cartridges. For $179 ($724 in 2019)

Mattel also released a 2nd gen console, the Intellivision. $299 ($1,110 in 2019)

ColecoVision launched in 1982, influencing the NES development, with it’s smooth graphics and performance. For $175 ($715 in 2019)

Nintendo released the Famicon in 1983. Later launching it as the NES $179 ($420 in 2019)

The Master System was launched by Sega at the end of 1986. $199 ($460 in 2019)

NEC TurboGrafx-16 launched as the first 16-bit game console even thought it actually used an 8-bit chip. $249 ($550 in 2019)

Sega Mega Drive was released in 1988, then as the Genesis in NA. $189 ($410 in 2019)

Nintendo launches Super Famicom at the end of 1990. ¥25,000 ($¥47,000 in 2019). After a redesign, the Super Famicom is launched as the SNES in 1991. $175 ($715 in 2019)

In 1993 Sega released a game console for kids, the Pico. $139 ($250 in 2019). Followed by the Sega Saturn just before the Playstation launch. $399 ($610 in 2019). The first Playstation launched a month after the Sega Saturn. $299 ($500 in 2019)

Released in 1996, Nintendo 64 was the last home console to use cartridges. $199 ($325 in 2019)

The Dreamcast was the first sixth generation console but sadly Sega’s last game console. $199 ($310 in 2019)

The Playstation 2 is the best-selling console of all-time, since 2000. $199 ($300 in 2019)

In November 2001 Microsoft joined the console race with the powerful Xbox $299 ($431 in 2019)

GameCube launched a couple of months before the Xbox. $199 ($300 in 2019)

Microsoft quickly released their second console 4 years later. $299 ($400 in 2019)

Playstation 3, even with its high price, was sold at a loss of $240 per unit. $499 ($640 in 2019)

The Wii was Nintendo’s best-selling console, selling over 100 million units. $249 ($320 in 2019)

In 2009 PlayStation 3 Slim was released by Sony as a thinner, lighter and cheaper PS3. $299

After the Wii’s market success Nintendo launched the Wii U in 2012, which was it’s worst selling console. Selling just over 13M units at $299.

Xbox One was released in 2013 as a complete entertainment system for $499.

Playstation 4 launches in 2013 and is as successful as first Playstation. Selling 102 million units. Playstation 4 Pro was an update in 2016 that added 4K,UHD,USB 3.1 and much more. $399

In 2017 the Xbox One X launched, adding UHD, 4K, FreeSync, speed, and much more for $499.

The Switch has been Nintendo’s fastest selling console to date. 40 million units sold to date at $299.


  1. Then in 2020 the ps5 came out and the Xbox series x and s

  2. Did you know that PlayStation was going to be sega's console but the old Japan director of Sega didn't approve that and he laughed at it

    He said "Sony doesn't know how to make hardware"

  3. Crazy how Sony’s worst selling home console out sold Xbox’s best selling home console

  4. I would like to see this video as number of monthly units sold!

  5. Potables not included? PSP, Gameboy, NDS, etc.

  6. I believe PS2 playing Socom and Everquest was my finest gaming hour

  7. I would like to see this with handhelds too

  8. PlayStation! Best of the best!

  9. How do you get those pop ups during the thing saying about the consoles or is that put in after editing the video for uploading?

  10. Playstation always will be better than Xbox.

  11. Your videos are so long. Can you make them faster?

  12. Still have new concepts in the future, even though we encounter the threshold in this moment. Games need story to pursuade players to purchase the series.
    Do not ignore the pirate or knowledge problems caused the industry have a great loss in this 20 years.

  13. Game consoles' large enemy is the Phone games.

  14. After seeing this how is PlayStation vs Xbox even a debate 😂

  15. Now that I realized I never bought any product from Microsoft not even windows I have the pirate one I bought Nintendo ds Playstation 1, 2, 3, and 4 I bought segas last console and wii

  16. Why would you include nintendos handheld. Gtfoh nintendo is not that close to sony in console market

  17. Great timeline! Was the 2021 version released already?

  18. I have a Matell in television, an Atari 2600, a sega genesis (including sega adon), Nintendo 64, gameboy (corroded sadly), a NES power glove (the nes was sold), a ps3 and ps4, a Xbox 360, a 3ds xl, and a Nintendo switch

  19. Playstation “its easy”
    Playstation 2 “hold my beer”

  20. So i have owned :
    1 – nes
    2 – sega genesis
    3- ps1
    4- ps2
    5- ps3
    6- ps4 (got it the same day as my wedding day LOL)
    7- ps4 pro
    8- PS5

    And i don’t plan to stop gaming

  21. Is this in units or dollars?
    Because by units nintendo is beating Sony by around 242 million units according to wiki. Counting all their consoles and also all of sonys

  22. Hahahaha look at stupid microsoft all hail sony the mythical company

  23. you seemed to have ignored sega's sg 1000 consoles

  24. The Xbox 360 was Microsoft at their best. They really took advantage of those first few years. The original Xbox had impressive sales feats even though they were negligible next to the PS2, but the Xbox One stood no chance against the PS4.

  25. I wish Sega make a come back to the console wars

  26. Actualmente nintendo ya volvio a superar a Playstation en ventas, ¿No?

  27. Nintendo would be first by a large margin if the GameBoy, GBC, GBA, DS and 3DS were included. PSP and PSVita stood no chance.

  28. Oh damn i thought all these years playstation, xbox and nintendo are on a close competition on each other, i was wrong, this graph show me insights on how very successful ps2 is even current gen couldnt beat the succcesful selling point it had, a moment of silence and tribute for magnavok and for the rest of first gen console, if werent for them i guess sony wouldnt be able to come up with a better and faster game that end up today, i wished they could had survived for more years tho

  29. PlayStation is the best, even better than Nintendo imo

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