Christopher Judge WINS Best Performance as Kratos at the Game Awards 2022 - FULL SPEECH -

Christopher Judge WINS Best Performance as Kratos at the Game Awards 2022 – FULL SPEECH

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Christopher Judge WINS Best Performance as Kratos at the Game Awards 2022 – Full Speech – Hugs Al Pacino

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  1. Sweet, but can we do something about homie's wardrobe? He is a tall, good looking dude, can he get a stylist that can accentuate all that wonderful beauty????

  2. Al pachino so old bro what is he doing there 💀

  3. This man is the real life kratos and that’s that

  4. Judges: so you can keep it nice and sweet and brief if you accept the award

    Christopher Judge: “No”

  5. AL Pacino WOW Legend Congrats to Christopher Judge I remember his works from a TV series called StarGate SG1 an Andromeda.

  6. So hilarious they literally try to play Tealq off the stage

  7. Thanks for making kratos a whiny female.

  8. They couldn't have picked a better person to play Kratos! This dude deserves all the recognition he gets! I had no idea at first that was Al Pachino! Damn scarface you got old! He's like you kids with your video whatsit games! Now where's my cocain stash?

  9. When your acceptance speech has 10 times the amount of words than the character you played through two video games. Glad to see Christopher Judge getting this award. When I first heard he was casted as Kratos and knowing him as Teal'c, I knew he would give an amazing performance. Every episode that has his son, Rya'c was an emotional rollercoaster and I can see a lot of that emotion/exprerssion/performance in his interactions in-game.

  10. boi is really like atreus now.
    he looks weird now

  11. Any curb your enthusiasm fans? The playing him off music???

  12. Congratulations he did a wonderful job as a actor voice actor 🔥🔥🙏🏽

  13. Surely, there's a lot of voice performances in videogames and series that deserves an appreciation, and getting one by Al Pacino himself, is has to be the greatest honour as an actor.

  14. If carson is here, he will be proud how good be a old kratos VA

  15. The guy who voices Patches in Fromsoft's games is a better voice actor. Infact, pretty much every voice actor in Elden Ring is better than this B tier TV show guy doing hackney voice for a shitty Marvel version of Norse Mythos.

    God of War winning a bunch of awards was beyond eye rolling. Yes, we get it. It's a new game. Doesn't mean shit that it should deserve awards. Best narrative? Please.

    Best voice acting though is just an insult. God of War is just the same exact shitty videogame voice acting we've been treated too for the past 15 years, just american californian chucklefucks reading lines with the same voice they use for their cameo appearances. I honestly don't know much about the games voice acting cast but I can guarantee you that Troy Baker and Steve Blum made an appearance in that shitfest. Those guys would NEVER be hired by Fromsoft.

    Fromsoft hire's actual stage play actors from england who do actual acting. Again, the guy who voices Patches does shakespeare and shit and is an actual actor, and not a dude from a shitty TV show version of a much better movie with much better actors in it (Kurt Russel, Stargate)

  16. Did any notice that those thanked first were family. Good man

  17. I’m actually kind of worried about Al Pacino, it seems like his health isn’t great and I doubt he’d be presenting at an awards show if he didn’t need the money.

  18. all good with Pacino but he didn´t studied the lines xd

  19. Well deserved! He brought this character to life better than any actor alive today. So talented! Congratulations!

  20. "It's hard for me to see the teleprompter" 😂lmao

  21. Just clicked the video based on the title and suddenly Al Pacino appeared, was not expecting that one..

  22. That guy will say in 20 years, I acted Kratos, in one of the best game of the history.

  23. Overrated…. The loAThsOMe dungEAteR was way better

  24. It's good to see Teal'c finally expressing some emotion.

  25. I was rooting for Charlotte cause what a voice actress ! The last part of the game was totally her ruling the voice acting. The kid voicing Hugo should have been in the nominees too. But I understand why Christopher won, he IS and will be forever Kratos,. God of War was too wow for him to lose. But for once, i wish they had split the voice acting male /female since Charlotte's acting was amazing too.

  26. Legend has it he’s still giving his speech in Asgard.

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