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  1. If only I can catch your streams. Loving the OMoO vids hutch

  2. so is jack also somebody from the old days? dont recognize the name

  3. so happy that disel wasn't in this session. i despise his, "i can never be wrong" attitude so much it could be confused with hatred.

    fuck that guy.

  4. do you guys win every single game or do you only post your wins?

  5. Hutch: I have another RC car
    Jack : I have one aswell
    J: I've just got my friends

  6. So, is there only a finite amount of maps that are legal in the competitive format you play in, or is it that everyone just chooses the same maps?

  7. Not trying to tread on any toes here, but where's Fwiz at in these episodes?

  8. i miss playing search 🙁 i got black ops 3 for pc instead of a console and it was a huge mistake, only tdm and dom have people playing them.

  9. I'm enjoying these more n' more! Keep it up Hutch

  10. It's a rule that when you call out, you have to say it at least 4 times…..ALLEY ALLEY ALLEY ALLEY….RAILS RAILS RAILS RAILS

  11. Still catching up on the old streams, when did jack join? is it permanent?

  12. The subs/donations covering like 3% of the minimap annoys me more than it should lol.

  13. CLOSE GAMES ARE THE BEST GAMES (Old Men Of OpTic).mp4 = 666Mb… It's confirmed, you're a BEAST. 😛

  14. This was actually great content! Keep it up bro, don't go MIA though.

  15. Hey man, long time subscriber, loving all these videos. Makes me want to play this game competitively

  16. hm dont think the iphone 7 is worth it.. not enough features to buy .. i want the i5 instead

  17. Hutch, you should try do your longest "teah boii" eva

  18. Hey Hutch, Been watching for the better part of the last 6 years. I'm glad that you're not on hiatus anymore and are feeling motivated about your craft. Keep it up, brotha! Thanks for the motivation!

  19. I don't get it. The last month, when Hutch uploads an OmO video, he gets between 30-50k views. That's about 3 % – 5.5 % of his subs. When he uploaded that reaction video he got about 150k views, but the reaction video before that was 170k – thats around 17 %.

    One thing is that these videos obviously aren't popular with more than max 6 % of the audience, but it just feels like such a low effort. Like leftovers from the stream. Both Nanners and Hutch, whom I've both watched since before Machinima,, just doesn't communicate with their audience as they used to. Nanners only plays that idiotic Garrys mod (or mods like it), and Hutch just don't want to put any effort into the videos, they're just regular uploads with music.

    Now, I know it's not as black and white as I'm portraying it here, but that's the impression I'm left with. I've never liked the OmO videos to begin with, now, where it seems like it's the only thing Hutch wants to play — it just doesn't work no more.

    As some people will think, "just unsub". It's fine – I will. But I don't want to, which is why I wrote this comment.

  20. The Green Ranger HECZ is referring to is Carlos from Power Rangers Turbo.

  21. im glad to c one old man agrees with me about usin the pharo..its smooth shootin strong good hip fire gun and good mid to longe range gun without long barrel..wish hardheaded h3cz would listen to me lol

  22. Hutch, so glad you're not these new cod tubers. Stay classy Hutch.

  23. hey hutch, i dont think it's still on youtube but if there was any way to do it could you react to the video you made before you stopped doing youtube for all those months? dont remember what it was called but you had some crazy hair going on and you were in this dimly lit room vlogging about something and the video just had this weird vibe going on. im sure you know the one but i'd be interested to see what your reaction would be.

  24. They don't even realize how good a team they are. The best attribute in a teammate is to make someone feel better. These guys do it all the time, although sometimes they are also fucking with you

  25. This is a game I already watched on stream and I rarely am able to catch the streams. :/

    Still love you tho. <3

  26. What button config do you use? I find it hard to jump and shoot at the same time.

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