Digital Foundry's Best Games of 2020: The John Linneman Collection! -

Digital Foundry’s Best Games of 2020: The John Linneman Collection!

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Despite seemingly insurmountable challenges, it’s been an incredible year for technology, hardware and of course, games! In this special presentation, John Linneman reveals his favourite titles of the year.

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  1. Would loved to have seen Ghost of Tsushima higher on the list. Thanks for the countdown though, great stuff.

  2. The Genesis version of Mad Stalker is pretty good, but I disagree that it's the best version of the game. It's much easier than the PC Engine CD version and many of the graphical elements/layers are missing. I also prefer the PCE-CD soundtrack to this one. Havent tried the x68000 version yet, but looking forward to giving that one some time in the future.
    Great list of games here. Happy holidays, John & the DF crew. Stellar year for you guys, and I'm very appreciative of the entertainment during this time of quarantine.

  3. Omfg i waiting for this video and i ended up missing its release…. This was gold. Thank you 🙂

  4. I remember watching a friend play Streets of Rage on the mega-drive, being blown away by the whole experience. Nothing else like that when it was released.

  5. Alright alright can we now get a remake of ssx tricky now.

  6. Any chance of an analysis of the Switch version of Doom Eternal?

  7. I discovered Prodeus through this and that game looks amazing. Thanks for sharing John / DF.

  8. Right with you on SoR4! Can't get enough and I'm really excited about the dlc that's coming later!!!

  9. Streets of Rage 4 was totally my goty as well until Mario 35 came along which I just adore so much. But yeah, I think as far as the combat is concerned SoR4 is easily the best beat 'em up ever, so I don't think what you're saying is far fetched at all. Though as far as an overall package goes I think I still love Dragon's Crown more. Combat isn't as good (though it is good) but I think the classes have a lot more variety then the SoR4 characters, I love the art more (SoR4 art is kinda hit and miss for me) and the diablo style loot system kept me playing that game for way too freakin' long. But yeah, SoR4 is so amazing, hope the people involved get to make a 5th game someday.

  10. Blaze was my favourite but she's useless in SOR4. If she could sprint or roll she'd be better.

  11. Glad to see some love given to SOR4 by the folks are Digital Foundry after being virtually ignored by most end of the year lists.

  12. A very good impressive list! Thanks Jhon to show us some interesting games!

  13. thank god TLOU2 not The game of the year….lol!

  14. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Though I find these choices / order of preference ALARMING, personally.

    A bit surprised by the list though – with the title "Digital Foundry's Best Games of 2020.."

  15. The only issue with Streets of Rage 4 is the campaign isn't long enough. Agreed it is the best game of 2020!

  16. Anyone know what the song is that plays in the background of Yakuza?

  17. Wish the developers og Sreets of Rage 4 could make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game

  18. Is it just me that thinks it is wrong putting the 16 bit game over Doom Eternal?

  19. I just realized that what makes Half Life games great is that they are designed like Platformers. No wonder those were the go to genre in the earlier generations

  20. John, you've got to give Hades a play. It's just a fantastic round package.

  21. SoR4 WOULD have been my top game this year but they patched the game and made it much easier because of noobs crying it was too hard. They made the characters hit harder and faster, removed a bunch of possible combos and then nerfed a ton of the infamous enemies. I dont even like the game anymore

  22. 6:19 is about as true a statement as "GoT S8 was absolutely breathtaking"

  23. Oh come on. SOR 4 was good but nowhere near best game of 2020.

    It has it's flaws and is not as capturing as the classics.

    If you really wanna play an amazing Streets of Rage game, play the unofficial Streets of Rage remake. It's sooo much better. Does everything right as to what you expect from a SOR game.

  24. It is so refreshing to finally hear someone pronounce "Yakuza" correctly

  25. I'd buy a John Linneman's collection game box anyday ! Such great taste in VG.

  26. I love seeing a list that isn't politically motivated or financially motivated, just someone's list of favourite games ♥️

  27. I'm so happy to see Streets of Rage 4 at NUMBER ONE!! Two was the game packaged with my Genesis, so this series has a big spot in my heart. Unfortunately I've basically been begging for people to play online co-op with me. If anyone is reading this and is also in the same boat, look up my gaming acct on Twitter, @VGphotoMode, my PSN id is in my bio. hmu!

  28. Pro tip: It's great video if you skip the TLOU2 Part.

  29. You are right about SOR 4, aside from some minor issues I have with it. Its a masterfully done beat em up, just look at all the people trying to beak records. It might just might reinvigorate the genre.

  30. Wow same! I've enjoyed SOR4 very much I played the heck out of it almost every month and when the balancing came I immediately played it again. Online Coop is smooth and everyone in the community is awesome! Great choice for GOTY

  31. Glad to see streets of rage 4 and final fantasy 7 remake get some love 🙂 those were easily my favorite games of the year! Also a new genesis cartridge was released and I didn't know about it!?

  32. I couldn’t believe Streets of Rage 4 was your #1. SoR 2 is about my 3rd fav game of all time: came boxed w/my first system ever.

    I have it on the Switch and was surprised that I don’t remember seeing it in the running for an award. Thanks for highlighting this excellent game! I need more time and people over (multiplayer) to see where it ranks with me👍🏾

  33. No one asked, but the song in the intro is “Doubt” by Yasuhisa Watanabe from the Metal Black The First soundtrack

    Quality choice John

  34. thnx for mentioning Monster Boy, because i forgot the title, but had it in my head for some reason .. searched so many videos to find it again, but no .. except today 🙂 So it was you 🙂 and it was "Monster Boy" .. thank god, it feels so good to find something you've been looking for for so long .. 🙂

  35. I love Streets of Rage, but i didnt liked that they mad it so much harder then previous games.

  36. I wanna see the team behind Prodeus tackle more game genres with their art style

  37. I owned all the best games this year and Ghost of Tsushima is on another level.. Ghost the true real Game of the year and 99% of the earths population agrees, minus lgb critics

  38. Ghost of Tsushima is the true game of the year and we don't need a biast pc player to tell us other wise.. I own a new gaming pc and I know it's the best game ever made next to zelda

  39. We really have to stop pretending TLoU2 is divisive. I know you can't ignore the noise, but all the GOTY user polls the game has won shows that it's just that: noise.

  40. Holy shit DF, Streets of Rage 4 at Nr 1?? Aww my heart <3

  41. i hope we get at least one other yakuza rpg

  42. I'd love to play the new Half Life VR game, but unfortunately I don't have the stomach for an FPS that way. I can last maybe 5 minutes with the movement. Which is a huge bummer as I love Half Life. The older Raw Data on Vive room scale was awesome and worked great for me, as it's arena based and you teleport around versus physically moving. I look forward to VR evolving past a point one day where I can play certain games without getting ill doing it, as there are many I'd love to and just can't. But just seeing how cool this new game looks makes me sad I can't play it yet.

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