Don't Starve is THE BEST Survival Game -

Don’t Starve is THE BEST Survival Game

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0:00 – intro
0:09 – why i don’t like survival games
0:40 – don’t starve
1:49 – winter
2:00 – bossezzz


  1. I like the art style a lot and i mean it, i love the details such as how scribbled the black color looks and how every character has some heavy eyebags to make their depressive aspect more evident

  2. game is to easy lmao i use uncompromising mod that you should evryone should try

  3. dam it feels SO GOOD seeing my favourite game attract like 6 new youtubers :DDDDD

  4. dont starve is unique and MAGNIFICENT even the mobile unuptaded version
    even if the game is mercyless
    it is really enjoyable when you get the hang of it and winter is easy just go willow main mode whenever you freeze and yeet your termal stone at fire

  5. It's the most "survival" survival game I've played.

  6. There are also super strong raid bosses that have really good loot to conpansate for the harder fight and higher health pool . Like the Dragon Fly that gives you all the infinite stones on death it also lets you craft a forge that heats you up in winter

  7. I'd also say the solo version with all the DLC's is awesome too ♥

  8. Hey, not every Willow main is an asshole. Some of us are [[WORD UNSAFE FOR YOUTUBE]]

  9. Honestly I think it’s SO much more with friends tbh. I try to play solo and just can’t get into it. Wish my friends played anything besides FPS’ lmao.

    Also don’t wanna just join any random public server cuz I suck and I don’t wanna ruin anyone else’s time!

  10. Hey pavo, this question is a little random, but may i ask where are you from, your accent seems familiar

  11. I'm a Webber main simply because my superiority complex gets fueled by starting a large scale war with a single button.

  12. I Played it when I was a kid, too hard. playing it now and I love it

  13. I thought this one of the 30 min videos but no it was 2.30 mins

  14. One of the aspects that I really like about Don't Starve Together is the farming mechanic. Most farming games will have you till the soil, plant the seed, water it, maybe add some fertilizer and that's it. You just wait for it to grow, maybe it will become a giant crop if you're lucky(always just a probability) . On the other hand, DST, a survival game at that, have a complex farming mechanic that I've never seen anywhere else. A lot of factors affect how bountiful your harvest will be. There are the usual, like seasons, irrigation, fertilizers(DST have 4 types which can be obtained from a variety of sources, and each crop has a different need), but there are also such things as crop's happiness(you can talk to it or play music to it), proximity to other crops of the same type(there needs to be at least four of the same crop close to each other), and stressors like overcrowding(too many crops in the same plot have negative impact) and lastly, weeds(the are 3 types & each has a unique quirk) also negative impact. Depending on how many or how little of these factors you satisfy, you can harvest from as little as one single crop to giant crops that yield multiple crops and seeds when hammered. And also, as per the fertilizer, there is crop rotation in DST, if you plant a combination of certain crops together, they'll supply each other's nutrient needs, you wont ever need to use fertilizers, how awesome is that? It's just too bad that this is not a farming game so I can't sell my crops to NPCs. I really wish they add a farming DLC because these mechanics are all I want for a farming game. If you've read this far thanks, lol, and if you can suggest a similar farming game, please do.

  15. Mohandas G Mohandas G Mohandas G Mohandas G says:

    I am new here.. But bro, why does your voice sounds like Gru from despicable me? 😂😂

  16. If the game was free i think it well be more popular

  17. even if you're a pro at DST, you can still challenge yourself. Surviving ain't the only thing you can do.
    you can explore the archives and ruins, sail away to Lunar Island or Moon Quay Island
    You can summon optional bosses which can give you extremely helpful loot, like giving you a chance of getting any boss drop in the game, or a furnace that will never stop pumping out heat
    If you want to mix up the game, you can get normal DS and get one of the DLC's for extra challenge. Maybe even go through Maxwell's Door.

    Summary of the entire essay i just said:

    DST and DS are underrated games. With so many things to do, and so many challenges to overcome, its pretty hard to NOT have fun.

  18. My husband introduced me and our kids to don’t Starve and we being hooked ever since. Now is just me that play but sometimes we all play Don’t starve together but apart to see who could out last but we help each other as well it is a lot of fun. I do hope that they upgrade or add more dlc to ship wreck it is one of my favorites games with the sounds of the ocean waves and the seagulls and all it will be great if they made a multiplayer version of it instead of just solo.

  19. Personaly Project Zomboid and Dont starve together are my favorite survival games every other game just cant hook me like the 2


  21. Very good review of a great game, thank you! Also it should be mentioned that game has very cool modding system allowing users to adjust gameplay and add new content into it, some of which cranks dififculty level up to extreme.

  22. Finally, someone says it. This game is fucking great, ai have so many goddamn hours on both vanilla and Together.

  23. Saying “survival games are bad” “Don’t starve is good” and having an Isaac pfp? This man’s opinions are just correct

  24. This is giving FoeKoe vibes, try to be a little original man. Nice video tho!

  25. this is the correct opinion

    survival games are 👎👎👎👎👎

    but ds and dst are

  26. Don't starve is one of those games that you keep coming back after a while. It never dies.

  27. If you think Ds is hard you should try hamlet,shipwrecked

  28. I saw lots of Gameplay for DS , even played some on mobile (but quit because the controls were absolute dog water)
    And you Cant By ANY MEAN , Convince me that DS is Better than Terraria

  29. quality videos
    make more or else you no gain subscriner

  30. Winter is very easy, it's just autumn with a mechanic that gets countered by a cool rock and a torch. For food, there are 2 cool dishes you can make for practically nothing, 3 ice and 1 dead pig(or spider idk) = meatballs, 3 ice and 1 dead moleworm(or rabbit idk) = i forgot it's name but it heals you for 20 hp.

    Oh and also with 2 carrots, tallbird egg, and a stick, you get a very epic dish

  31. To be fair, Minecraft ain't much of a survival game anyway.

  32. dont starve and dont starve together are wildly different

  33. i got it in 2021 but stopped playing it because i usually stick to one game at a time but i recently started playing it again and i became obsessed with it again

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