Elden Ring - 7 Of The Best END-GAME TALISMANS Will Make You Way More Powerful | Elden Ring Tips - bestgamewiki.com

Elden Ring – 7 Of The Best END-GAME TALISMANS Will Make You Way More Powerful | Elden Ring Tips

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Elden Ring – 7 Of The Best END-GAME TALISMANS Will Make You Way More Powerful | Elden Ring Tips
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  1. Good Video but what's the talisman on the left in the thumbnail and what does it do

  2. How come u can equip 4 talisman slots?

  3. How much you still miss at 110h. This game is ridiculous big. If google or youtube didnt excist ….

  4. If you talk to milicent after helping, then reload area, shes dead and the talisman is where she was. Gowry was still alive so i killes him ans got the flocks talis

  5. For the jar Alexander you can simply attack/fight him in Caleid after Radhan and he drops it

  6. Can you help Milicent, then kill her, since it obviously is not intend to kill her after, can you restore her with absolution ?

  7. Your videos today are my game plan every day 😂😂😂 I watch and this is my plan

  8. For the final part, WALK down to talk to her don't jump onto her…………….

  9. Why won’t Alexander pop out, I’ve thrown a lot of oil on him

  10. i'm 100% sure i have Marika's Soreseal but i haven't been to that area. It might be possible to get it somewhere else it seems, unless there are 2 very similar talismans.

  11. In the Millicent part you have some false information.
    Killing Millicent did not lock you out off a secret ending. She didnt have a secret ending. The only thing you can do with the needle is, that when you are affected by the frenzied flame you can heal that curse, which locks you out off other endings. So only a back up for you.

    The second info is that when you helped millicent you CAN'T kill the guy at the church. I mean yes you can but he turns into a shrimp after that and no item. Once you reload he's alive again. He even said it to you. No matter how many times you kill me i will be back. But you cut it out. We didnt see the talisman drop here.

  12. I have no idea what happened in my Millicent quest, I activated the summon, got spawned in as an invader, there was another invader and we were fighting a regular Millicent. We killed her, I spawned back in and that was it. No idea what or how that happened.

  13. I just saw a comment who was just mad a spoilers. How about this…. “Don’t look up end game talismans” and expect not to see endgame stuff 🤦🤦🤦

  14. For the Millicent questline, I would make note that if you choose to kill her it prevents you from getting the gold needle which then can be used at Malenia’s flower in her boss room to get an ancient dragon somber smithing stone (important to level unique weapons to +10). There is a limited amount these stones (around 7) per play-through and this requires you to kill Malenia for it to spawn.

  15. Keep in mind the soreseal will cut your defenses in half, good for early game but not late game as bosses simply do too much damage

  16. Used the blasphemous blade with the takers cameo giving an inaccurate hp regen % for the talisman

  17. LMFAO "this is something that you'll acquire a bit later in the game…" I'm 50 hrs and I just reach the first plateau…dude 2 ENTIRE ZONES AWAY!!!

  18. Amazing video. missed most of those, i hope i did not messed up quest for them too much, specialy alexander shard, amazing for pvp

  19. You missed a step in the Millicent quest. Need to go to windmills before prayer room

  20. what armor is he wearing? not the head piece but the others black one

  21. Radagon's SORE SEAL….look at the item description, this is litreally one of his hemorrhoids.
    Sleep well, kids.
    Good night.

  22. “You can simply avoid the cleanrot knight” meanwhile the knight is completely folded in half

  23. I love this game. I’m level 5 or so starting out as a samurai I want to duel wield like musashi probably going to end up doing the Sebeku build later on. Yesterday I beat the small boss at the end of the caves over by limgrave area the one w a room full of wolves I died about 12 times finally got him . This game reminds me of elder scrolls morrrowind with only certain save areas almost no hand holding at all making the player mentally exorcise there brain an find locations learning boss patterns
    The feeling I got from beating that small boss an the awareness now of just how vast the map is 🙂 I’m going to be playing this game for years .

  24. Man told us to jump down and never told us how we escape the rat

  25. i got marikas soresal somewhere else tho wierd

  26. What is that armor he has on. I like that black cloak

  27. I got flocks by killing mellicint right after I gave her the needle and she was standing up. Then I killed gowry

  28. i killed the rotten tree enemy for the sauccesive hit talismen but didnt meet her in the prayer room before killing the thing, now i cant find her. what do i do

  29. What if she never shows up to the prayer room, I gave her the prosthetic and everything and now she's just gone and hasn't shown up at the prayer room wtf

  30. Do millicent talisman stack? The increase att power on hit ones

  31. Gave her the arm. But she wasnt at the drainage chanel. Probly missed it cause i beat the game

  32. the heal on kill talisman is x2 in your showcase. the sword you use already has that effect itself so you got x2 the health is gives

  33. If I'm not wrong, in case you kill Millicent, you'll miss out on a Somber Ancient Dragon smithing stone besides the key item for the ending.

  34. Holy F what happens If I killed the old guy by accident !?!?!

    Edit: NEVER MIND, rested after grace rest fiiiuuuu 😖😖😖

  35. >Talisman you dont wanna miss!

    >just missed millicent's prostethic :')

  36. Do not ever roll in rot or poison use a dagger with quickstep otherwise it sticks to your armor but you can use the soap item to clean it off if you do roll through

  37. Didn’t get both charms she did give me the needle wth!?!?

  38. Can someone help? I killed Millicent after I helped her and she didn’t drop her prosthesis only the needle…

  39. Whats the name of that armor and where to get it? 😀

  40. Now explain why I have Marika's Soreseal before the Malenia fight

  41. had the same thing happen, did the hole millicent story, got to the end according to all sources i could find, and gowry didnt drop the talisman

  42. i accidentally attacked her 🙁 now she keeps attacking me

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