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Elden Ring HOW TO GET THE BEST ARMOR *EARLY GAME* – Royal Remains Armor Set

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  1. Lol, how can you not mention that this armor regenerates health?

  2. Armor wasn’t there after beating the invader. Any help…?

  3. nice info man, I'm saving all your vids and I already know what I'm going to do after work 😀

    just a quick question, how did you get the armor set that D is wearing? the half-gold/half-silver one? thanks 🙂

  4. My game crashes when I use the skeleton helmet, anyone else have the same ussue?

  5. Worked for me, big thanks the boss was easy if you have decent stats

  6. Yo next time don’t say kill the pot bc i killed the npc

  7. i have better armor that i got off a dead guy

  8. So my set isn't regenerating health… Any trick to make it work?

  9. So killing the dude who wears it wont give it to you?

  10. in security breach can you try to get two animal tronics to jumpscare you?

  11. Thanks been trying to discover on my own but I seen this armor and needed it ASAP

  12. Very good looking armor terrible stats, good for early game tho I guess

  13. All I can say is… Thank you! Best looking armor in the game. I did exactly what you did in the vid and it worked perfectly. Awesome looking, and the skull face is sick.

  14. I did everything and my armer is not showing up 😑

  15. Ah yes a rotten corpse, truly the best looking armor

  16. Thanks for the video I was able to complete this within 10 minutes!

  17. Killed the invader and armor is not in location same happened with meteorite staff any advice

  18. "Once we're here we're gonna go up here"… Great guide

  19. what’s the two weapons ur using in this video?? desperately need them.

  20. Can I get this before I finish Stormveil Castle?

  21. How do you beat any of these bosses I can't beat anything in this game everything kills me

  22. This was much easier than I thought it would be. Appreciate the video!!

  23. Thank you very much I looked every were I couldn’t find it but thank to you I did find it

  24. It took me a couple hours to realize this but those little pillars on your unexplored map are the MAP FRAGMENTS! Don't miss this detail guys.

  25. I never wear helmets. It makes my dodge roll slower. Helmet does look pretty cool though imo

  26. I don't have the lake unlocked so I can't go there I'm grinding rn to find the lake so I can then watch this video and get the armour

  27. I did everything and still didn't see the armor can someone please explain

  28. Bro I actually hate this game I hit him on accident (nvm I killed him and he dropped it)

  29. Basically basically basically, most annoying nerd on YouTube omfg wow :')

  30. Thanks bro i got the armour really appreciated.

  31. Советский Кот ураааа! says:

    Honestly, the stats aren't the best. Granted you can upgrade armour you just have to find a guy hiding in a bush and follow the quest line.

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