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Elden Ring Review – Why It’s One Of The Best Games Of All Time

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Elden Ring challenged me, captivated me, and enchanted me, an unyielding deluge of discovery and artistic vision unbound. Elden Ring represents a truly amazing combination of various game elements that all come together to create something fascinating, special, and unforgettable. Elden Ring isn’t just the best game this year; it’s one of the best games of all time. We hope you enjoy our Elden Ring review.

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  1. Said before Elden Ring came out game of the year contender now lets see Valve put Half Life 3 on the Steam Deck

  2. It’s so so good. Took me playing a while to wrap my head around the scope of it all. It just keeps giving so much more than I expected.

  3. 5:46 if you don't spam r1 whilst celebrating noble victory, you're a simp

  4. It's Dark Souls 4…. how in the hell is this game SO overhyped/overrated?

    They added a horse, a map that is HARDLY revolutionary, a dedicated jump button….. and Sekiro type spammy bosses with the same input lag that has plagued Dark Souls for years, making it beyond annoying. Not 'hard', just annoying.

  5. Best aspects except they can’t be bothered to add Ultrawide or 60+ fps on pc even tho the fans did it in one day after release. But we can’t use that mod because we will get banned online for 180 days

  6. I bought this game on all platforms. I love it that much.

  7. This game truly does deserve all the praises it gets.

  8. A game that's not for everyone or every play style shouldn't be recognized with this level of critical acclaim. The Dark Souls, rinse and repeat, one hit kills, try again and again and again experience isn't for people with full time jobs. I don't have 18 hours a day to try and find a different way of timing a boss in a dungeon. Because of my limited time to play, I will have limited access to loot. I'm sure this is a great game for those who love Dark Souls but curious if someone who can't stand that type of game would find anything here..

  9. This game just looks so boring. I haven’t played it, but just from gameplay videos, it looks boring. Maybe one day I’ll try it

  10. You know EA will blame this game as to why BF2042 under performed lol.

  11. I don't get the 10/10's. The combat still feels like you're swinging through treacle, difficulty is insane and covering behind some lazy game design and other RPG's laugh at its 'open world'. I've played every FROMSoft game and just can't understand how such a laggy, trudge of a snoozefest gets a 10?! but heck good gaming to all those who enjoy it 🙂

  12. It has the same amount of content as a souls game spread out over a larger map. Its, overrated IMO.

  13. Is this game like demon souls cause I’m not a fan of that game.

  14. Played it I’m 12 hours in level 68 honestly Witcher 3 is still the goat

  15. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s a (Godpiece)

  16. I would love to love it but for me all mobs and mount are invisible… hope they will fix this fast

  17. This games only fault…is now I'm an adult …I don't have time to play it 😩😩😩

  18. I've been taking my time with this game because I know I'll get to experience it for the first time only once. This is now the open world action RPG gold standard. TES VI has its work cut out for it. What a time to be a gamer.

  19. How about everyone stop cumming and hold them accountable for the shitty performance so they can refine it and make it as good as it deserves to be?

  20. I’ve been playing for 30 hours and it just keeps going and going and going every 10 minutes literally I find something new and fascinating. But the scale of the world is mine blowing

  21. I really don’t get it, only 4 player online? Looks extremely boring. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Dumbass biased reviews…. .xbots hyping up games with a shit load of bugs lolol.

  23. To me it looks like whenever you press an attack the character is "stuck" in that movement until the animation is completed. If this is the case, it's a no-go for me. I never understood why so many games had mechanics like this. it makes it feel clunky, heavy and rigid.

  24. I think this is my favorite open world RPG of all time. Also the first main dungeon (with the first main boss) has SO MANY hidden areas. Its insane.

  25. I want to check it out so bad, but I'm definitely afraid that it will be too hard for me to find it enjoyable. I guess I'll wait for it to be on sale? like 3 years from now? lol

  26. Its my first souls game. Was worried I'd spent a few hours rage quitting and then give up.

    I'm now 100 hours in and I can't stop playing. I'm serious mate, help me

  27. Im not even a fan of games like this and this game is absolutely amazing…

  28. I can figure finally enjoy games again! Fromsoftware has delivered above and beyond! I can't stop playing! Absolutely the best game 0f 2022! Brings me back to days PS1 and PS2 when I binged on the Tales games and Legend of dragon. Dam this game makes me happy!

  29. This was one of the most exciting and well delivered reviews that I’ve seen. Captured my sentiment perfectly. But I’m only like 30 hours in

  30. My life is a masterpiece and I don’t even have enough time to play that. I’ll pass.

  31. Haven’t touched horizon forbidden west since this came out and now I’m dreading going back to it as no game will ever compare to ELDEN RING…. BEHOLD THE ELDEN RING!!!!

  32. Stories make games.. Really good boss fights.. But ehhh.

  33. i'm about 30 hours in and i totally agree it's creeping if not already at the top of my all time list

  34. thinking of eldin ring all day when i'm at work 😔

  35. I've been away from gaming for quite a few years but this piqued my interest! Would it run well on GTX980Ti / i7-2700 / 24GB ram?

  36. I was playing AC Valhalla before this and have never played a souls game. Gave this a try and I could NEVER go back to something like AC. This game makes every other game seem elementary. Truly a masterpiece. and im terrible, but it hurts so good.

  37. Too many superlatives…can’t believe this review

  38. can anyone confirm if it's worth playing on Xbox One X? Or is it such a good game it's better waiting a year until i get better hardware?

  39. It's NOT.

    Elden Ring is a good game, but NOT the best or even one of the best. It's a 8-8.5/10 at most, and it feels like a downgrade of Dragon's Dogma but with better graphics.

  40. It’s like they were able to preserve everything die hards loved about Souls games, while making it accessible enough for the masses. Love this game.

  41. This game is slowly becoming my personal greatest of all time.

  42. From a newbie in the souls games , this is a 10/10 game for sure. I’m having a blast with 50 hours played .

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