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Elden Ring – The Absolute Best Rune Farm For Early Game

Lord Squidius
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  1. congrats ive never seen a more annoying "how to" video lol couldve saved us 4minutes without the random rambling

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😐I killed him. I still have no regrets, ain't gonna be calling me maidenless tf u talkin bout

  3. Took me forever to beat godrick for this to work, but oh my, this is gonna help immensely

  4. I defeated the guy in the church but no one was outside to give me the story line? did i miss something?

  5. I killed hi. And I can't even atone for my sins and get him back I'm so fucking confused and lost

  6. There's more than one location to find a dead maiden. One is in the North East of Liurnia just past the Walking Mausoleums. At a church on top of the hill.

  7. If he doesn't jump off the ledge when you hit him just reset at the grace and try again. It's faster to do that than try to wait for him to do what you want. He'll jump off 9 out of 10 times if you do it right but everyone once in a while he doesn't want to cooperate. Just reset and try again.

  8. I killed the npc in the beginning in the game by accident… is that why the white person isn’t showing up for me at the church?

  9. What happens if u accidentally kill the guy

  10. Great video! Straight to the point. Thank you so much, very helpful!

  11. I know this video has been made by a bunch of people but I will give you gratitude for good explaining. I just skipped to the ending and can tell you explained everything quite nicely.

  12. I think you can also sometimes get 5x from them if they spawn with golden eyes. I got a whopping 55k from one while I was farming for weapon upgrades.

  13. Hey you wouldn't know how bring him back from the dead would ya? I figured since I made it to, new game plus, that I'd just see what happens when you kill, hoping using a celestial dew at the Church of Vows would do something but..not to my surprise it didn't work.

  14. So… where is he after you kill him at this church?

  15. I killed devary at the beginning of the game, so now these I can't do ?

  16. who tf is godrick is he talking about the soldier dude where the tutorial on how to counter attack is

  17. White faced varre doesn’t appear for me?

  18. Knew I shouldn't have killed that d-bag. Damn it lol. Was too trigger happy.

  19. if you cant one shot the enemies in front then do this, but later on is way better killing the enemies sitting down then doing the bird just get redanh great swords or any dragon spells and you will get so much souls is amazing and get the golden scarep

  20. Dark Souls Expert: Godrick is not hard!!! Me: 💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀😡💀

  21. Lorettas greatbow spell works great for getting his attention

  22. Thankyou so much you explained it so well
    It's an autmatic sub

  23. is there a way to get there without the questline? I killed the guy at the beginning lol

  24. I don’t have ps plus so I can’t invade and can’t do the quest line👍😀

  25. Literally the most effortless way to get ruins. Every other way on yt is way to complicated. Thank you brother xx

  26. If your a sorcerer, The best place to farm mid game-ish Is at castle Sol. I can get summoned, kill the boss in 15 to 20 seconds and get 22,000 runes.

  27. What armor are you wearing? I kinda love it and wanna know how to get it

  28. And another tip: when you invade, you don’t have to fight the host if you don’t like pvp, you can just leave. And it still counts.

  29. uhm….i “accidentally” killed the white mask guy for calling me maidenless😀. so if anyone knows another way to get there i would appreciate that

  30. To bad I killed varre ratio+maidenless+small sword+zero runes

  31. Still works on March 17 patch! I only tried it once since it is late and I have work tomorrow but it does work…thankfully

  32. thx for the guide, but ouch the bass with ur mic was a bit much to endure

  33. Thanks for properly explaining how to do this. Another video I watched, the guy was trying so hard to be funny and he was explaining everything while fast forwarding the video like he had to go take a piss

  34. That's your own maiden in the chapel that Varre murdered, I can't do the farm method for that reason. That sick son of a bitch killed my maiden then made fun of me for not having one.

  35. I appreciate that info I didn't have before. Thank you

  36. Thanks! BTW still works with the 2022/03/17 patch

  37. I am finally no longer under-leveled. :pray:

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