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Elden Ring – Top 10 Spirit Summons In the Game RANKED (You NEED These Spirits)

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  1. After 57 hours of playtime, i am stl usong the wolves :)))

  2. Im using 2 skeletal soldiers. If you distract the boss when they die, they keep coming back and practically do all the work for you until they die again and u just create a minor distraction to save them again

  3. Rot Stray should at least get an honorable mention. Once it applies rot to a boss the dot will tick until they die. You can kill some (Erdtree, Margit, Goderick) without swinging a sword.

  4. I’ve used the great shield soldiers. They can tank really well. There’s like 5 of them and they all have shields. As they tank, I use comet azur and wreck most tough enemies lol

  5. Mad Pumpkin is not bad. If you want atank then go for this one(in my opinion only). It doesn't dodge but it mitigates most physical damage headon because of its head armor. The damage is not great but it deals blood loss so its still kinda good. The downside is it uses lots of FP and its so slow. The boss chasing me and Mad Pumpkin cannot keep up with the speed haha.

  6. Been using the undead Skeletons they are good upgraded. Not found any of these yet

  7. I'm absolutely struggling with Malenia and need to know what Ashes to use

  8. I’m really biased with the three wolves and would have put them in first place

  9. Clean rot night should be at top 4 in my opinion with the chance it has to put a tick on the enemy boss the entire fight

  10. Oleg is a bro. A total Chad. After I got him I pumped him up and use his exclusively.

  11. I've used so many weapons it's not even funny. I beat margit with a +1 twinblade… had trouble on godrick with the twinblade, so I tried the claws. Astel I beat with a +14 twinblade… and a +10 mimic… which was quite funny to watch… Kind of ashamed of how I beat fake godfrey, what with the jellyfish shield/terra magicus/physick buffed/comet azure "did the boss even spawn" build. Beat radahn mostly legit, only using summons if I had to estus. And for morgott I used a +9 carian knights sword. Aside from roaming the wild with the twinblade (I mean come on. that shit is fun), I've almost used a different weapon for each boss. Which is insane to me. Because in ds3, I use 1 of 4 weapons. The sharp twinblades, a chaos infused dagger, a dark infused LKUGS, or a dark infused Murakumo. And the last 3 are my pvp builds… so it's basically just twinblades for casual playthroughs.

    I've also not limited myself to one spirit ash. I've used the wolves, the jellyfish, the godrick soldier ashes, Lhutel, Mimic, and the nightmaiden/swordstress puppets. To me, the spirit ashes don't even feel that cheap if you keep them relatively in check. Sure you can break the game with some of them, especially the mimic… that thing is just straight up busted. But still fun to use.
    This is EXACTLY the game I wanted out of fromsoft. They fuckin nailed it.

  12. My question is, where did you get all of the materials to level up all the spirits? I'm struggling to level up one or two of them with the plans that I lose in the catacombs is there a vendor that actually sells them. It's crazy that you leveled up all nine spirits

  13. My only issue with the spirits is that non magic users kinda get shafted cause they can't even use most of the good ones cause they all require large mana pools to even use.

  14. The haters saying spirit summons are the easy way out are just mad that other people are being strategic.

  15. The rats are grate for people doing low FP builds, they cost nothing and they cost nothing to upgrade other then the grave flowers.

  16. I went pretty much straight dex melee and didn’t do any summoning (spirit or otherwise) until I got the mimic, just because I didn’t have the fp. I just respecced into an int build for the fun of it (the pure broken fun of it, oh my), so this is very helpful, I’ve got a truckload of spirit upgrade items to spend and I want to play around with some of them.

  17. So am I wasting my time with Godrick Soldiers?

  18. Thought i was watching daily dose of internet for a second because of the intro lol

  19. I’m using rats the cost 0 FP and have 3-4 great rats I have very low FP so I don’t have much to spare

  20. finnaly someone made a rank list just for that you get a sub

  21. Mimic be like:
    Prepare for trouble!
    And make it double!

    I use it for godskin apostle, he is weak to bleeding but i wouldnt stay alive. Give mimic a blood uchigatana and see diffrence if you are gonna fight with him.

  22. "Mimic tear is absolutely OP" proceeds to get knocked down by small mob repeatedly while trying to use weapon ability.

  23. If the devs are gonna give me shit like godskin duo, there ain't no way in hell I'm not using spirits

  24. Shocked not to see the "Nightmaiden and Swordstress" ashes here, my friends and I all concluded from our playthroughs that the duo are the 2nd best to use other than the mimic tear, and possibly the best if your build isn't good for mimics. DPS is great, they're deceptively tanky, and they don't cost that much.
    For a specific example, I had them at only +2 and they both survived for over 5 minutes against a slow fight against Astel, and at +3 they both survived for almost the entirety of the draconic tree sentinel fight.

  25. man, all of them are awsome. I can't just pick one. I need to search more of those flowers to upgrade them all.

  26. If you ever want to play a caster build you should try the skeleton militia I believe it's called? Summons 2 skeletons with Spears I just made a caster on my new playthrough so I could use the sword of night and flame and these dudes litterally dont die in boss fight because of there ability to resurrect themselves and my ability to aggro the boss across the room if they do go down lol it's super cheesy for boss fights I only have them at +1 currently and they litterally killed radagahns red wolf for me after it killed me lol was great

  27. so what if u r sorc and use spells and summon mimic tear >> it will be melee ?

  28. I use the giant rats. costs no fp and its funny to watch rats beat up on things for me

  29. I used most the same just 2 adding:
    "Stormhawk Deenh" … against melee enemys great cause they cant focus so good … few bosses just made circles while it fly around him.
    "Big Rat" … they dont do much dmg but they were in my tests longer alive than the mausuleum soilders ( much ppl. Dont know if u lvl up the rats they get more … on lvl 1 it summons 2rats on lvl 10 they are 5 rats … every souls gamer knows how 5 rats can beat u 😉 and they cost zero fp … so good thing for saving ur mana)

  30. duuuuuuuude …. dont spoil so many freakin bosses and areas …

  31. Bro sounded like he was about to give me a daily dose of internet in the intro

  32. I have the knight oleg at level 10. And it actually better than me right now at level 80. Its fun to see them fight

  33. My favorites are the Battlemage and the Crystallian.

  34. Have warming stones in ur quick slots, and the mimic tear will use them (without them actually being used).

  35. As a completely new player to "souls-like" games… mimic tear is god tier. In almost every dungeon it can solo the bosses if you're geared. It scales to your stats as well as gear from what I've seen (not 100% sure of it so don't quote me) but it has saved my ass so many times in hard fights like the double crucible knight fight, which for slow weapons like colossals, is almost like adding difficulty when you have super slow weapon attacks.

    To give you an idea of how good mimic tear is at +10, I killed malekith in my first attempt. People said he was really hard to kill so I summoned and with +25 hook claws, he was about a 45 second to a minute long fight. Bleed damage stacks with mimic attacks AND if you have scarlet rot enchants etc the mimic will use them too if you have them in your item hotbar.

    If you're struggling or expect a struggle and dont want to, summon mimic.

  36. Early game the Hawk and demi-humans are very good. I used the Hawk for one on one and the demi's for crowd control. I am just now lvl 75 and maybe 60% thru the game and my go to summons is Oleg. He is my bro

  37. anyone who complains about the summons comes from a place of privilege. it’s easy enough for us to just not use them. not everyone has online friends or internet access so summons just makes the game way more inclusive.

  38. clicked on th evideo without even knowing it was you Swany! Love that youre playing this too!

  39. Jelly should be there for pure cutey patootie factor🥰

  40. If you are a faith user the mimic can use healing spells – pretty much making it neigh unkillable… and it has your hotbar – so give it healing stones and star shards… and the thing that heals you but poisons you.

  41. great video although, time stamps would have been nice

  42. I think we know what we're all thinking. Mimic tear. Unless you are a SUPER glass cannon, pretty much always mimic is gonna be the best. I think it needs a nerf make it cost FP so that melee builds need to invest in mind to use it

  43. I found the demihuman summon is pretty good against bosses

  44. When Malenia said she met her Match she meant my mimic tear not me

  45. A bleed build plus mimic is crazy fun lol double bleed on bosses

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