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Every IGN 10 of 2022

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What did IGN give a 10 this year? 2022 has given us plenty of phenomenal games, movies, TV, and tech to enjoy. So many, in fact, that IGN gave out a whopping 15 10-out-of-10 review scores. Here’s everything we deemed worthy of being called a masterpiece this year.

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  1. The boys deserves to be here man like home lander the best vilan after joker

  2. Pentiment got 10/10 🤣🤣
    Less than 1500 active players even on launch day
    Dead already and noone talks about it besides delusional Sawyer fangirls 💀

  3. Best show of the year was House of Dragon. Every Episode was a 10. Never seen a series that didn't have at least one filler episode.

  4. What absolute mong gave the Rings of Power a 10!?! LMAO

  5. Everyone criticizing this. ITS AN OPINION PIECE REVIEW

  6. The Batman a 10. Explains everything about IGN

  7. Batman does not deserve 10 rating
    It was average

  8. Rings of Power is one of the biggest pile of s*it I've ever seen.
    Imagine having a perfect source material, budget like no other show ever and making… THAT. It's not even "guilty pleasure" type of show. It's just a monumental failure.

  9. Masterpieces 😂 Very Funny 👎 No Game Is Worth That Ridiculous Comments..

  10. Ending Ring and Ragnorok were the only games worthy of a 10/10

  11. Wow, IGN… Even if you don't know anything about Lotr (which you clearly don't), RoP still is a terrible show. What do you even look at when you are grading an episode, because that episode had everything you don't want to see. Just let us all forget about this show and give Tolkien some peace.

  12. What was the first game that popped up with the spear ??

  13. Did you forget the 10 to Deathloop? Or is it that you wanted to?

  14. Attack on titan not being on this list is criminal

  15. When did ign start reviewing tv and movies? Wtf! Are you gonna start reviewing breakfast cereal and bog roll next in 2023?

  16. Where's the chapter markers in the video? Lazy IGN…

  17. This is exactly why game developers, tech companies, movie studios make things only and only to get a 10 score from IGN. Then again getting anything above a 7 from ign is an achievement in itself.

  18. Nicely done and well background music, really enjoyed it!

  19. So many masterpieces in one year. Masterpieces are becoming like Vince McMahon's WWE contracts.

  20. They rate the overall games in this video a 7/10 😂

  21. The term "masterpiece" has lost its meaning

  22. Glad to hear you mention metal gear solid 💯 Definitely a legendary game

  23. Why wasn’t stranger things season 4 episode 12 on here?

  24. Reviews are just an option but ragnarok and andor where phenomenal. The batman was not a 10.

  25. LMFAO They gave The Batman a 10? Riiiiighhhhhtttttttt.

  26. Imagine giving The Rings of Power a 10/10 Masterpiece…

  27. yes only in dark timline lotr rings of power's ep would get 10 but not HOTD

  28. Batman's third act was so massively disappointing.

    Joker's plan involved making snipers stand in the middle of the stadium and kill people. And they missed even the first shot. Motivation was weak at best and ending was bland.
    It's like IGN decided to rate the movie based on the first hour

  29. IGN is the most biggest and best reviewing media for video games.

  30. People make fun of so many 7s, but most studio know how to make solid games. Frankly, many 5 or less games never get a review

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