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Explaining Competitive Pokemon’s Greatest Game of All Time

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ABR vs Tele (2016)

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  1. That ending had me actually in tears laughing

  2. Nah man, the best pokemon battle was sejun vs jeudy at the pokemon world championships 2014, aka epic pachirisu

  3. I just want to say that when he brought up ABR's team and said "Mega Lo" my fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, until I realized he was talking about Lopunny.

  4. 1:11 so sad that nowadays everyone’s so feeble to words and that counts as harassment

  5. Okay dude, you shave just said power points instead of pp

  6. Pokemon should remove the concept of pp ups

    No one needs that many stealth rocks pp

  7. Well that's mechanics for you, Protect needs nerfing that's for sure, it's priority, protects completely from damage, gives room to recovery and all you need is a bulky defensive special defensive pokemon or pokemon with good defensive typing. I mean seriously 1 level pokemon can do 1 hp damage to a 100lv pokemon but a 100 lv Pokemon with near double special/physical with a high power move can do any damage at all to protect detect no matter the defence or the type of the target. I mean Parasect has good Defence/Special Defence he could fully Protect against Kyogre since the typing also helps and his ability if used. He can't protect though the same against fire type move or at least they should nerf protect to a level like Wide Guard, Quick Guard, stall strategy is like so predictable and does bad to competitive gaming. Or Substitute needs to be nerfed these two moves bypass mathematic damage formula completely.

  8. Me talking to my Dominatrix this game isn’t about the damage, it’s about draining pp

  9. The original controversial but undeniably skilled player was GGfan. Such a talent, and holy crap, the drama

  10. tele talking about being "one of the best players of this generation and… forever considered as such" is such a fun little goof when you consider how his heel ass put abr over by losing with an obnoxious team and then went the way of the dodo. also screeching about unsportsmanlike conduct was a super fucking interesting choice for his toxic ass to make

  11. idm tubby types like hes in a temp6t video, funny because temp6t made a video about the same topic as this video’s.

  12. Jesus, pokemon should have a switch limit tbh to avoid long drawn out battles. battles shouldnt last more than 200 turns

  13. no one literally cares you no life piece of garbage. there is nothing "legendary" about a couple of reject neets enjoying their pedophile life in a childs game

  14. "It becomes very clear that the game would not be about getting the most damage, but draining the most PP" o.o

  15. Extremely boring
    Comp pokemon is stupid

  16. I battled some guy online in black 2 who stalled my emboar with butterfree for over an hour with spore or sleep powder. I won in the end but that guy really hoping I would d/c lol

  17. Wow great life insight in first two minutes, sick pokemon match

  18. This is pale in comparison to Slowbro forcing you to play for over 2000 turns WITHOUT switch spamming. RIP Funbro

  19. Say "the one who Drains the most pp wins" out of context.

  20. You got me. This is the video that convinced me to sub.

  21. you sound like you have both invisalign and braces on at the same time

  22. That’s one of the most unexpected yet hilarious endings to a true story I’ve ever heard. The guy everyone hates gets banned and disappears from social media, losing to a guy who’d go on to become THE greatest trainer of all time 😂

  23. and that's why doubles is a superior format

  24. I like how Tele says they're one of the Best players, even though their entire Team loses to Clefairy.

  25. Lmao October 6th was my birthday. Wish I had witness this spectacle tbh would feel like a nice birthday present

  26. ABR had the win for 1000 turns and Tele was too stubborn to admit it.

  27. ᴇᴍᴇʀᴀʟᴅ ᴇᴍᴏʟɢᴀ 🌠 says:

    I had a game that went on for 110 turns this was how it went:
    It was on randomised team mode. It was eventually down to 1 Pokemon each, my Blissey vs the opponent's Marcargo.
    The only move I had left was present and softboiled for a while. I continually whittled down the Marcargos health but sometimes restoring it due to how present works. The opponent ended up winning… But that's a game I'll never forget

  28. what game is this please tell please pleaseee

  29. what is that game?, youtube says its ORAS, but it doesnt look like it

  30. What game is that in the video? Is it just battles? or also the main story and all that?

  31. “This story needs to be told. SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!”

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