Foekoe's Best Games Of 2022 -

Foekoe’s Best Games Of 2022

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The only top 10 games of 2022 list that matters

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  1. god of war was definitely a highlight 2022

  2. This kinda looks like a IGN year review if they ever made one

  3. are you telling me hello neighbor 2 was NOT in the list????

  4. "pokemon and Sonic don't need to try to be a franchise"
    That triggered me a bit because I know sonic team tries it's just Sega makes the most STUPID decisions that actively makes the game worse. The director is actively replying to people and taking advice to make the next game as best it can be with the limited amount of people they have.

    I don't even like sonic that much but don't say that they never try because they do. I respect every other title on this list btw

  5. foekoe have you tried deep rock galactic? if you like first person movement shooters it might be up your alley. the devs are some real gems, they constantly update the game with tons of free content.

  6. You need to play Tunic, it instantly became my favorite game ever after i tried it, dethroning terraria

  7. Foekoe you should play Core Keeper it's like if Terraria and Stardew Valley had a baby

  8. Okay you probably wont see this but i think you should make a video about deep rock galactic it is one the best games i have ever played its made by Ghost Ship Games

  9. I'm still hoping for a video about Faith: the unholy trinity.

  10. I hope this video starts to do better because by the time I'm making this comment it is only reached 93 K views in 10 days

  11. make a video about lisa the painful or lisa the pointless (i suggest pointless)

  12. Spark The Electric Jester 3 is the best sonic game ever

  13. Areallylongnamefornoreasonwhatsoeverjustreallylong says:

    Play Garten of Banban

    ˙ ͜ʟ˙

  14. IMO cult of the lamb is pretty tragic, it had such a good concept and art direction but it's such a mess to actually play, i whole heartedly believe that it should never have been released on old gen consoles and been kept primarily on ps5 or series X because my god, was it AND STILL IS an unplayable laggy mess, multiple patches saying ''guys we fixed the bugs and lag'' which never happened PLUS the rogue like element which was advertised way more than the cult town building being incredibly weak and almost always leaving you thinking ''fuck, my idiot baby followers probably forgot how to breathe again, i gotta ditch this shit'' make it tragic to even look at

  15. Probably off topic but his channel banners keep getting better

  16. I thought gow ragnarok was gonna be on the list

  17. Yeah Pokémon is mod but the sonic frontiers devs actually tried and the game is amazing

  18. unpopular opinion:
    roguelikes are nice, but I hate so much how it's the only genre that gets the best visuals. I want a top-down game with amazing pixel art that ISN'T a roguelike. What I'm saying is that there should be more games like crosscode play crosscode oh my god how is it so good when no one knows about it PLAY CROSSCO-
    (unironically, play crosscode. It has beautiful pixel art, and the very best rpg system I've ever seen. It's so underrated, so please, PLAY IT.)

  19. Great video. Have you ever tried Deep Rock Galactic?

  20. i bought lil gator game a couple days ago and i 100% completed it in the same day i started playing it

  21. Do you just not like video game narratives? Stg what isn't boring to you

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