FORGET The Delays! The Best Games of Early 2020 & The Games You Should Play Right NOW! -

FORGET The Delays! The Best Games of Early 2020 & The Games You Should Play Right NOW!

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The Great Delay (TM) may have decimated the game release schedule, but rest assured there is still plenty of fun to be had in the first 6 months of 2020 – whether it be with the few blockbusters that haven’t been pushed back, or with that ever-increasing gaming backlog you pretend not to notice.

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  1. Obligatory plug of the E.Y.E. review by Mandalorian

  2. Any of the Shadowrun games would be fun. They are decent tactical games and does the whole cyberpunk thing, but with magic.

  3. Uh, Bellular… you forget about Wolcen? A new looks to be decent ARPG?

  4. Seriously, you've never played Ori? You really should. I've been playing games for the better part of 3 decades at this point and Ori is one of those that just really stands out.

  5. Only two things that are an upset about Doom Eternal; The incessant grunting when taking damage and they revealed Doomslayers face. And not just that…they did it in a fucking trailer.

  6. I got both Baynonetta and Vanguish on steam when they came out because how much everyone praised them and surprise surprise…

    I absolutely hate both of those games… To bad I can't refund them anymore.

  7. This is my favorite vid you've put out in a awhile. Reminded me of some great games I've played and some I still have yet to. Empire of sin looks good too, thanks for that. 🙂

    Edit: My backlog is years long too. Glad to hear i'm not the only one. lol

  8. Please go look at a game called Salt and Sanctuary… a very underrated dark souls esque 2d platformer

  9. Recommendations:

    Death Stranding comes out on PC this year
    Tales of Arise. The Tales games are a little like Final fantasy in that there's 15+ games, most with their own self-contained story. The games are loved because of the very strong and usually very funny character writing, and feature complex spectacle fighter-esque combat. I cannot recommend the last Tales game, Tales of Berseria, enough!
    N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartending Action is probably the game I'm looking forward to the most, along with DOOM. The previous game, Va-11 Hall-A was prpbably the best narrative experience I've had in a game, the soundtrack was AWESOME and a perfect game to play when you just wanna chill out and have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The devs have changed things up a little in N1RV Ann-A but I'm confident in the delivery of yet another humor-crammed, thought-provoking, feel-good, emotional gut-punch slice-of-life visual novel-esque bartending-em-up game!

    Then there's the behemoth. The giant. The titan in the backlog. The archdemon, the elder dragon of "i gotta finish these f*cking games". The Trails of Cold Steel series. It's a JRPG in absolutely every sense of the word, so much that it feels less like an RPG that adopted anime and more like an anime that adopted the RPG. Not that the game lacks gameplay/is mostly a visual novel, not by any means at all. It's a steampunk science fantasy story (because aren't they all?) with a fairly big narrative focus, i.e. not a huge amount of grinding, but also with very little in terms of world exploration. You have a flexible character upgrade system, social gameplay elements, turn-based combat where positioning matters and occasionally mech battles. Yes, mech battles with flaming swords and motivational speeches. You shouldn't touch these games (trails 1 and 2 are out, 3 comes in March) with a ten foot stick if you 1) dislike animu stuff 2) want short games, because they're animu as hell and 100+ hours JUST FOR THE STORY CAMPAIGN. Totally recommend them 😀

  10. You forgot one of the best games to come out in 2020, March 2020 Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord will go early access. Should be game of the year likely, but will also loose because of fanboys voting for games like Cyperpunk even if it sucks.

  11. If you play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, DO NOT play it on PC. It runs like absolutely trash. I got 8 hard crashes and 15 complete freezes in the first 5 hours of the game, as well as having subpar framerate (less than 40 on average on medium settings). I also could not progress past a certain point because an elevator would force my game to crash to desktop whever I got in it.

    Console (XBOX/PS4) version is fine, however. Just please, don't waste your money on the Steam or any other PC version.

    My PC specs:
    i7-5820k CPU
    32GB RAM
    RTX 2080 (NVIDIA reference card)
    500GB Samsung EVO
    Asus X-99 motherboard

    There is no reason this game should run so poorly on my system. I can only conclude that the game itself is a broken mess. I haven't seen a PC port so broken since Batman Arkham Knight.

  12. I can heartily recommend "Valdis Story: Abyssal City" on Steam if you enjoy Metroidvania titles even slightly. It's a fantastic game that I would gladly purchase again on basically every system were it actually on other systems.

  13. We're making a game too, hopefully we will get it released this year. A Comedy Action RPG inspired by 90's SNES and N64 Classics like Banjo, Conker and Zelda A Link to the past

  14. I'd highly recommend the Dreamfall trilogy. Especially the latest one, Dreamfall: Chapters, is amazing, captivating and a true artwork.

  15. So many games but like many working plebs, time poor.

  16. I'd rather have delays then unpolished games…

  17. I can’t wait until my grand kids can play spelunky 2

  18. Hey, you have a similar taste in games! Aquanox is such a little forgotten gem – the game is SO funny, who would have thought it's not completely forgotten, even today?

  19. Hey why does wavywebsurf sound like hes from the uk now?

  20. PSO2 is what I'm waiting for in early spring.

  21. Ahhh!! How could you forget the Resident Evil 3 Remake??

  22. Great suggestions ;D
    I may be wrong…. but with all the backlash lately and across last year, maybe that was a red flag to start committing the right amount of time to finish their projects?

  23. Anachronox is such a ridiculously unique game, the turn-based JRPG combat hit me like a truck but I'm enjoying it

  24. prototype is not great? not sure i'd want what ur smoking man

  25. Crying Suns was a "niche" game that Steam recommended to me and i was pleasantly surprised of how good of a game it is. Think, FTL+ any RPG you loved.

  26. Persona is not on PC, this is sad but because of that I dont give a fuck…

  27. I don't normally comment.. because who reads these anyways? but this was a pretty cool video – thank you 🙂

  28. I still haven't finish Skyrim and Fallout 4 lol.

  29. AoE2:DE, escape from tarkov, albion online, warcraft 3 is specifically worth picking up for replaying, just the old game in offline mode and not reforged

  30. Thanks for the empire of sin spotlight. Never heard of it before and it looks right up my alley

  31. 0:48 what is that humming sound? I hear it in all of your videos and it tricks my mind into thinking it’s the beginning of Abstract Art by Born of Osiris.

  32. Wizard of Legend is an amazing game, feels like an underground roguelite.

  33. I'm currently really enjoying war for the overworld and better yet, they've just released a new patch for it! If you like your dungeon keeper-esque games, I'd recommend this one as a must play

  34. reforged should have been delayed womp womp womp

  35. The Empire of Sin game reminds me of Chicago 1930 which was a quite fun game where you got to play as both the mob and the FBI in Chicago. Very fun game for the small budget it had.

  36. Haha I'm the audience that Doom and Animal Crossing are competing for! Also I'm excited for the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake. I always way preferred them over the main Pokemon games, but now with an awesome storybook art style instead of pixelated DS sprites.

  37. Yakuza Collection Remastered being released today, being Yakuza 5 for the first time into the west with physical release.

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