FULL MATCH: Real Madrid 0 - 3 Barça (2005) RELIVE RONALDINHO’S GREATEST GAME AT FC BARCELONA! - bestgamewiki.com


FC Barcelona
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Brazilian wizard Ronaldinho enjoyed many incredible moments in the blaugrana jersey, but arguably his finest hour took place at Barça’s biggest rivals, Real Madrid. ‘Ronnie’ took apart the home side that day, earning a standing ovation from the Bernabéu crowd, something Culers still talk about to this day!

After the game, the attacker said “”I will never forget this because it is very rare for any footballer to be applauded in this way by the opposition fans.”

A truly special moment in Barça’s history! Enjoy!


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  1. Ramos got outwitted by ronaldinho like a dolphin hunting a fish

  2. رئيس الفلافل بنزيما says:


  3. زيدان ضيف شرف في المباراة ولا يهون رونالدو! ..ا

  4. El mejor equipo que jamás tendrá el Barcelona.

  5. Just want to know if Beckman was ever a player or a decorative piece ?

  6. 13:24 Do you noticed whistles either from the referee or the crowd, and that whistle made Ronaldinho stop?

  7. Robinho como sempre sendo o triatleta:

    Corre, pedala e nada 🤣🤣

  8. ريال مدريييييييييييييييييييييييييييد

  9. Wie sie einfach alle Anwesenden (von Feldspieler, über Schiri, zum Zuschauer) ihren Spaß hatten. Best vibes

  10. Ronaldinho arguably the best football player of all time!

  11. Ronaldinho Puyol Eto Messi Xavi deco Valdes inesta vs ronaldo zidane bekham robinho carlos ramos casillas 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥football will never see the game like this again🏓

  12. I'd love to watch this game with this players again in a Stadium

  13. zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho… Legend never die…

  14. vaya mierda Zidane, Beckham, raul que estorbo

  15. Senhoras e senhores, o melhor jogador da história: R10 🧙🏽‍♂️🇧🇷

  16. Why add the score to title? I wanted to see this match for the very first time without knowing the outcome

  17. Todo vez q o eto pegava na bola ouvia gritos de pessoas imitando 🐵 lamentável isso ! Eto fez o gol pra se vingar da melhor forma!

  18. 12:11 marked the beginning of a great rivalry Messi🐐 vs Ramos😈….
    And now they both are teammates😅

  19. David Beckham is so fucking good!

  20. I am in 2021, 16 years ago today, Ronaldinho was great player, el classico 2005 great visca barca 💙❤

  21. 04:55 he had a great chance to nail it, he just needed to stay quiet…

  22. The way Ronaldinho and ronaldo shake their hands shows their frndship

  23. زيدان و راموس في حاله يرثى لها

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