Gamers Caught Cheating - Part 5 -

Gamers Caught Cheating – Part 5

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  1. I used infinate ammo after completing original doom on PS1 just to spam the BFG for a laugh, never used a cheat, hack, nothing since, wheres the fun in completing a game esp 100% using cheats or hacks? It's just sad really!

  2. You should see how many cheaters are in dbd it’s bonker

  3. I would never spend $200 worth of hacks just to win a match. It seems pathetic.

  4. so most pc gamers are cheaters glad I am a console gamer


  6. Nadia is proof that girl gamers are cancer. The only reason she's not perma banned for cheating, like most of the men; is because she has girl gamer privileges.

  7. The worst part about it, is people like Nadia, still make money and keep on cheating and nothing ever happens to them.

  8. Alright I'm not sure you have to call out literal 12 years old for cheating with their face shown that's kind of a weird move

  9. Lol nadia is deffo a cheater I've seen so many sus videos of her.

  10. 21:20 night bot didnt detect it ( nightbot just saying if you are watching or activated)

  11. When you take Religion out of a society.. school etc.. then you lose honor, and you gain these guys. Blame yourselves.
    Documentaries for children 20 years ago was templar knights, musketeers, God and country etc.. honor.
    Now you see that God is the bad guy, and police is not there to help you but to always harrass you. And everything is strategy, an honorful fight is no longer a thing. No honor equals better strategy.

  12. ok so we laughed about the cheaters… but i also had a good laughter at those douchebags at 14:21 standing there with crossed arms, acting like they are the real shit 😂😂😂😂😂 as if a normal person would give a damn about their "e-sport" success😅

  13. Wao, so many shameless and stupid cheaters with giga skill issues. Shame on them!

  14. I will openly admit that will occasionally use mods/cheats in single player games like Skyrim or Fallout. But I've never fallen so low as to cheat in a multiplayer game or Online.

    I have standards.

  15. I wouldn't eliminate my accounts if caught cheating like all these boys did, I would do what Nadia does 😂 the girl is smarter than your average nerd

  16. I cheat
    but only in SinglePlayer to move the story and not waste precious time respawning 🙂 never online or multiplayer

  17. I wish it was possible to send online cheaters to jail regardless of how small the crime! They make me sick

  18. These cheaters are a cancer to society…..

  19. So about Nadia:
    1. Account linked to her previous instagram or something get banned.
    2. She is an actress by education.
    3. She got shadowbanned for using localization software that allows her to go to lobbies with newbies, but not only that – with setup players, mostly streamers including the… localization cheat seller. Those dudes featuring in her vidoes are always the same and were linked to few players known in past for cheating.
    4. She is using aimbots, which is obvious at some videos including moment when she gets down dude on parachute while she is on it too or when she makes 180 deg rotation while not moving her arm at all.
    5. There were a lot of inconsistences and her behavior during lan party and streams including eye movement, arm movement, reaction to death, frustration and few more.
    6. Her gameplay style and k/d ratio at the lanparty was at best mediocre. There is no option to suck so hard in the game after time she claims to be playing unless you were using cheats since day 1 because you, even against your will – learn, BUT you don't learn if you are autoaiming whole time.
    7. She has been caught multiple times on her lies about playing previous COD games.
    8. Everyone knows she cheats, but Activision won't ban her, because she makes a lot of money for them and they are full woke.

  20. Late to the party, but when i admined bf4 servers, we'd have video proof and they would still deny it

  21. Don't always believe that the peoples name tags are the real person. In Along Us, I was Mr. Beast 😅😅😅. And no, I'm not him. Lol

  22. I use to PvP during the 90s and 2000s…. and I was pretty 1337, but gave up because far too many just cheat and still goes on today…. so, not worth the stress

  23. i use cheat engine and wemod as well for singleplayer games.. had no clue people would even try use that online xD wth

  24. My Alexa actually heard you and started playing another one bites the dust on full blast 😂😂😂

  25. I’ve cheated. It’s fun. But I don’t play any games that are against others. No pvp. I hate pvp. Mostly because I don’t game often. Or regularly.

  26. interesting this so called "esport" thing only appeared after it was know the pc game industry is dead/dying or being slaughtered as we speak in favor of shitty 2D/slide/top down mobile device games

  27. Cheating in single player is cool especially if its a game you've beaten so many times like Skyrim. But jeezus people who suck so much that they need to cheat in multiplayer lmao.

  28. excuse me, krunker is a pretty dope game playable from your browser, mmkay?

  29. 57% of gamers using cheats ?? I wanna see this with straight up proof, i for sure dont believe this!! i know many are cheating but 57% seems a bit over the top cant be a right number!! Maby its just 57% of the people he asked.

  30. its sad when people need to use cheats to be good at a game and now that they cant make money on twitch and now kick they are flooding the tiktok live streams and labeling their streams wrong to not get accused and reported for cheating in games like warzone

  31. yo amazed so i used to use synapse on roblox but only for rogue like games, and i only used it for convenience like getting across the map in a few seconds other than like 8 minutes. I always fought people legit

  32. Talking to Alexa on a video is not cool.

  33. I have no problems with cheats. They can be fun. Back in the day they were added to the games by the Devs and prolonged my enjoyment of many games…

    Online cheats are the scum of the earth and the reason I gave up pc gaming and never play cross play on console.

  34. Cheaters did you know… The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life throught Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23 God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 Believe and repent today! The consequences are eternal. For more watch Ray Comfort.

  35. lol you are defending Nadia haha lame… shes obviously cheating… it's as obvious as the bodybuilding community claiming they are natural and not on steroids.

  36. They need to brand them as CHEATERS, not HACKERS! These people are not hacking, they don't even deserve to be associated with that word. They are cheaters, slime, absolute sh!t, the lowest of the low, and generally lacking in character, ethics, and skill.

  37. everyone cheats on hypixel skyblock LOL

  38. as someone that grew up playing games with game genie or gameshark, i use wemod for all of my single player games. not saying people don't use it in some multiplayer games, but holy shit cheating in multiplayer games is lame as shit.

  39. Nadia is obviously cheating. It's disgusting how the developers and stuff just turns a blind eye to her bs and invites her to events.

    I haven't followed this stuff, hopefully she's banned by now, but I wouldn't count on it though.

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