Garry Kasparov's Best Game Ever -

Garry Kasparov’s Best Game Ever

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This is Garry Kasparov’s Best Chess Game, or Immortal Game. Against Veselin Topalov, in Wijk Aan Zee, Netherlands, 1999.

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  1. The difference between GM and 600 is simple. GM can see the future. Both had the same gameplay.

  2. ah yes, Garry Chess, inventor of chess circa 50 BC

  3. Tbat offside VAR comment was hilarious 😂

  4. Great Great game!!! Im most cases if castle long in the KID as black, you're cruisin' for a bruisin'😁

  5. And there are people out there saying that Garry Kasparov is overrated. Apparently they forgot that he is still the longest ranked no 1 player in history. 21+ years. The closest still active player to him as of now is Magnus Carlsen with 10+ years at no 1. He still needs to stay at no 1 for ANOTHER 11 FUCKING YEARS JUST TO MATCH Garry Kasparov's record. We have not even begin to start talking about beating Kasparov. We are still talking about just matching his achievements.

  6. This is one of 2 most brilliant games of Kasparov I come across….. amazing!

  7. This is rubber necking chess, you can't not watch

  8. Man if was topalov I'll open my mouth the whole game

  9. So proud that i found that rook d7 move, proceeded to lose 12 blitz games in a row

  10. "don't do that, I'll lose ad revenue"

    I appreciate that honesty so much

  11. I just love the way you interacted with me at the 6th and 19th minute 🖤


  13. Is Magnus an all time great ahead of Kasparov? Watching games like this suggest not. (No disrespect to Magnus, fun to compare the greatness of greats)

  14. Saw till the end! 🔥 Kasparov is a beast!!! ❤️🔥

  15. A Brazilian Grandmaster called Rafael Leitão was there when that game happened and he says that after it was over everybody was like "yeah, probably the greatest game ever played"

  16. Garry is insane, you’re insane, chess is insane…

  17. My uncle played Kasparov when he was younger and didn’t finish his game he said how crazy! I’m just flabbergasted

  18. This resembles a Yugoslav attack Sicilian for white, but black has a different setup, that’s one of my favorite setups on whit I read about it in the Bobby Fischer book about his best 60 or something games, I recommend looking at it, in the 50s it had like a 9/10 win rate in GM level chess

  19. You Egyptian?? Why so much drama man?? Keep cool!!

  20. Great analysis Levy. May GothamChess live on forever.

  21. By far the best chess game I have seen and will be the best I ever see

  22. Who else came to see this after the hell Kasparov had in Croatia 2021 ?

  23. And, it is of subscriber number 1.5 million that GothamChess gets his grandmaster title??

  24. Chess is not my thing I get destroyed by 800 rated brother I myself I'm like a 500 rated player

  25. 13:08 And you're about to get mated from the back……. phrasing could have been better XD XD XD

  26. The nonchalant tugboat pathomorphologically float because pen compellingly arrange modulo a accidental street. jittery, solid forgery

  27. king offside… VAR confirmed..😂😂 didnt expect that comment

  28. Libby , not every preparation move is a prophylactic I believe

  29. For a fuller Gotham experience eat a pot gummie.

  30. That Kasparov guy should play professionally.

  31. "The king bouta get mated from the back"
    – GothamChess, 2021

  32. Somehow these videos sounds like Agadmator videos

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