Greatest Chess Games Ever Played || Anand vs Lautier (1997) -

Greatest Chess Games Ever Played || Anand vs Lautier (1997)

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Viswanathan Anand vs Joel Lautier
“Bielisima!” (game of the day Dec-11-2015)
Biel Credit Suisse (1997), Biel SUI, rd 1, Jul-??
Scandinavian Defense: Main Lines. Mieses Variation (B01)

1. e4 d5 2. ed5 Qd5 3. Nc3 Qa5 4. d4 Nf6 5. Nf3 c6 6. Bc4 Bf5 7. Ne5 e6 8. g4 Bg6 9. h4 Nbd7 10. Nd7 Nd7 11. h5 Be4 12. Rh3 Bg2 13. Re3 Nb6 14. Bd3 Nd5 15. f3 Bb4 16. Kf2 Bc3 17. bc3 Qc3 18. Rb1 Qd4 19. Rb7 Rd8 20. h6 gh6 21. Bg6 Ne7 22. Qd4 Rd4 23. Rd3 Rd8 24. Rd8 Kd8 25. Bd3

The 30th annual Biel International Chess Festival was a category XVII event held in Biel, Switzerland from July 20th to August 1st, 1997. Six grandmasters, including the FIDE world champion were invited to take part in the “Credit Suisse” double round robin tournament. The participants were (in order of ELO): Vishwanathan Anand (2789), Anatoli Karpov (2725), Boris Gelfand (2714), Joel Lautier (2617), Vadim Milov (2613), and Yannick Pelletier (2499). Despite a few unexpected game results, such as Milov’s win over Anand in round seven and Karpov’s draw offer in the final round, each of the players finished according to his rating position with Anand clear first.

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  1. Legend has that Bishop is still waiting to move😁

  2. At 5:19 why cant you play rook to E5 and threaten the knight.

  3. Idk why but i like the old chess games with the button tap analog clocks and classic tournament wooden pieces and the chess board very much

  4. Why wasnt rook to E5 an option ? In the time of 5 05 .

  5. This game was saving private Ryan movie played on chess board

  6. Dammit, Mr. Ag. How many countless times have I listened closely to your analysis (and moving chess pieces) only to hear, "But he didn't do that." Frustrating ! !

  7. wow, basically whatever move Anand makes it is checkmate for Joel… genius…

  8. Can anyone tell me…how can they think that far in one shot

  9. the G2 bishop is the only piece who made black lose 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Anand's quote is just amazing। Because human can think creative wheras the computer can't

  11. Dark squared not light squared ….Mistake op

  12. wow. Antonio can you make a playlist of the greatest chess games please? you have far too many for me to sift thru!

  13. absolute masterpiece, better than the one for ages.

  14. Agad: "Just pause the video and find the brilliant anand move"
    Me: Looking at black pieces and trying to find which black piece Anand will move

  15. Every game of chess on internet is said greatest. So which actually is greatest game. Please explain.

  16. @12:22 Why did Lautier not move the Queen to f6? It would prevent Rook to e6. If Anand played the dark squared bishop to b2, Queen would capture the bishop at g6. The dark bishop captures the rook at h8 but then pawn to f6 and the bishop is trapped. So Lautier would happily take two bishops for a room and he would save the immediate threat of so many checks too. Please someone tell me?

  17. “This doesn’t work for black”
    Maybe if black is playing a genius

  18. @10:00 of the video, no doubt white king is going after black's light squared bishop

    How about black playing Qh2 and threatening some nasty discoveries, while protecting the bishop? This variation was not covered.

  19. A super fantastic sequence of tactics. When it is Anands day you simply can expect these from him.

  20. Anand's brilliancy is literally amazing.

  21. Every critical move of VA in this game deserved an Anime soundtrack where the hero pulls his trump card and completely outfoxes the bad guy!!

  22. I wonder how he plays himself after explaining/reviewing so many tricks

  23. It seems like for some reason our favourite Mr. Antonio doesn't like Vishy Anand!

  24. Trapped Bishop in World Championships too…

  25. Why is Elon Musk playing with a random name?

  26. Amazing !!
    One of the best game by Anand 👌

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