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(Hearthstone) One of the Best Games Ever TURN FIVE JARAXXUS

Brian Kibler
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(Descent of Dragons Standard) Singleton Shaman VS Warrior
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  1. Tripple highroll, and a face warrior trading into a healing totem.

  2. I like how his opponent didn't concede to give Brian the satisfaction and didn't get bm'd for it.

  3. Imagine being a huge dragon, then see your commander, a wise creature of the sea turning into a powerful demon, then casting a spell that turns you and your comrades into frogs

    Thank you Kibler from realizing the dream I've had since Hearthstone came out of open Beta, Frogchamp

  5. I don't know , but he seems happier now 🤔

  6. How to spend a whole game terrified of Zephrys

  7. Why do people not attack immediately with their rush minions? I see it alot

  8. Wooooowwwwww very cool…! ❤️

  9. I remember when "he has Tirion AND sylvanas in his Deck !?" was a hearthstone highlight, good ol days in vanilla

  10. This is why I’m subscribed to this channel! Amazing video!

  11. That Hex though, proving there's levels to this game

  12. Never have I thought about zentimo your own minions into frog. What a play 👏👏👏

  13. Masterful playing. This is why you're a legend player.

  14. God even 5 mana jaraxxus sucks nowdays

  15. Is there any chance that Jaraxxus ever makes it back into relevance? I keep wanting to craft it cuz it was one of my favorite cards to watch people play back in the day but now I feel like it's way too slow

  16. That was so great! (and so stressful to watch D:)

  17. That was a fun one to watch as well 🙂

  18. Snarkily “oh no don’t give him cards~”
    Karma looks up from her news paper “you know what?”

  19. I've been trying and racking my brain to make Jaraxxus viable in standard, but he's just too slow, and usually the turn you play him, you immediately die. Very sad for the original Hero.

  20. I remember Using hex on my own minion when Pirate Warrior was THE BIG THING.

    It soaked a leeroy hit. It was the most satisfying shit. You haven't lived until you have played defensive hex

  21. i feel like the frogs didnt save you because he had awaken anyway? it was the 5/6s. still though awesome game.

  22. That Jaraxxus was clearly BM. You only summoned 2 Infernals, but it was against Galakrond Face Warrior so all is forgiven

  23. Could have shudderwok’d the Juraxxus 0/10

  24. I love a good "created by", but a "created by" and a "sick outplay"? You can only get those from Kibler.

  25. Haha! Cant wait to see your thoughts and reactions to the rumors.. of a new class, plus priest rework! Finding out later today!

  26. What do we say to the god of death?
    Kibler: Not today!

  27. Yep hex could be used in this way in some really fringe cases. That's why it's one of the best design cards.

  28. I did a bandersmosh Jaraxxus once, I learned that the perfect wish against Jaraxxus is BS

  29. I thought you were gonna come in as jaraxxus with 5 hp

  30. I wish they buffed Jaraxxus by 5 health.

  31. This is why people trash talk hearthstone

  32. I thought he was gonna be at 5 hp i got so baited

  33. As Kripp puts it, put your faith in Jaraxxus.

  34. Isnt the weapon supposed to be 5 attack and not 3 too?

  35. The Esports shirt really makes me want to buy a shirt that just says “Baseball.”

  36. Really shows Jaraxxus' state in the current meta. Even if he was a 5 mana card, you're taking a risk playing him.

  37. The frogs did save you, but they didnt have Awaken until the last turn. Not trying to downplay it, it was a really good play, but I just wanted other people to know too lol

  38. I will forever pity the poor fools who try to poo-poo Bandersmosh.

  39. 1:18 I've played zoo lackey galakrond warlock so much that i forgot devoted maniac doesn't actually summon 2 1/1 demons lol

  40. That zentimo play was crazy I wouldn’t have even thought about doing that!

  41. Please turn the Music waaaay Down. It’s really anoying

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