Highest Rated Video Games Of All Time! | Based On IMDb | Top 5 | Best Video Games Ever! - bestgamewiki.com

Highest Rated Video Games Of All Time! | Based On IMDb | Top 5 | Best Video Games Ever!

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Highest Rated Video Games Of All Time! | Based On IMDb | Top 5 | Best Video Games Ever!


  1. Red Dead 2 was 9.8? Or did the rating drop.

  2. Red dead redemption 2 really deserve 10/10❤

  3. Why was the worst AC…EVER, your opening clip for this? Am I missing some irony?

  4. My mom forced me to play mass effect, can’t say that I regret it 9.9/10. Great game

  5. i think its a crime dark souls wasn’t there

  6. You are not worthy for rating these games

  7. Witcher 3 and rdr2 at the top witcher 3 for environment everything is the bedy and rdr2 for story

  8. Mass effect 1 is the best mass effect and I only played it for the first time in 2023

  9. My favorite games of all time are:

    OG RE2
    Silent Hill 2
    TLOU 1
    OG RE4

  10. Very biased haha. There are a lot of games not considered, like FF7, ocarina of time, breath of the wild, Minecraft, outer wilds, etc. Only AAA games I see, and somewhat recent games.

  11. My list (the orders might change)
    1- Witcher 3
    2- Resident evil 4 (remake and original)
    3- Batman Arkham city
    4- RDR2
    5- Watchdogs 1
    6- Zelda BOW
    7- Tomb raider 2013
    8- Spiderman 2018
    9- Elden ring
    10- Bloodborne
    11- Skyrim
    (Again the orders might be different lol)

  12. after finishing the greatest game of all time rdr2 Im kinda lost what to play next. any recommendations?

  13. Ofc they're all story games imdb and other review services like this aren't that good for these kinds of reviews

  14. haha the part where you talk about bots commenting, i totally agree, whenever i ooen your comments theres always those comments just tryna get likes. I never comment on youtube but i feel like i should let you know if youre reading this, youre the most special youtuber, ive been watching you since 2019 and since then whenever i open youtube i always look out to watch at least one of your videos because they make my day and just get me through hard times too, the fact that you have played games but not uploaded them just bevause you thought they werent interesting enough for us but then again posting consistently every single day is the most that dude thing ever. Thats why you habe built such a nice community, bevause youre so genuine and you even make videos like this to let us know of anything in your head. We love you jay and appreciate you for all the hard work and all the content youve provided us with and to think we can only just watch like and subscribe doesn't feel enough for what you give us. Again thank you and have a great rest of your day ❤

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