How to Enjoy Games Again -

How to Enjoy Games Again

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If you’ve recently been struggling to play and enjoy games as much as you used to, then this video could help! Recently I’ve been trying different ways to get back into gaming with as strong of a passion as I had as a child, and it’s actually been going quite well! So I really recommend trying out some of the tips in this video 🙂

I can confidently say that I actually worked really hard on this video. It took hours of editing together the audio and clips and I feel like it’s one of the first videos I can truly be proud of. I’m really going to try and up my game with the future uploads so if you enjoyed this one, please subscribe or share with people who might enjoy it too!


Big thank you to my partner, the Core gang, and the Phasmo friendos for making games a lot more fun to play the past few weeks. This type of video was also heavily inspired by a fellow YouTuber called “LankManDan” who has a second channel dedicated to healthy mindsets around games and content creation.

I used gaming footage from the following YouTube channels:
Cyboman Gaming

All other gaming footage was recorded by me.

Thanks for watching 🙂


  1. I just imagine having some friends. I show them my games and speak to myself. It's sounds sad but it helps.

  2. I thought i got bored of gaming until i played the stick of truth… beat the whole game in 1 day

  3. I know Im late to this but Ive starting playing DbD recently and have been setting goals each month after reset, I wanted to hit Silver 4 my first month, my second month ends on the 13th and I want Gold 4 which Im only 4 pips away. Might go for Iri 4 if I meet this goal!

  4. Thank you for this video, you have no idea how much I needed it.

  5. games arent enjoyable unless they're single player due to the amount of losers who drop out to play for up to 17 hours or longer each day, they only play that specific game all day every day and it makes it impossible to enjoy 80% of todays games when i come home from work tryna relax jus to die to some bhopping idiot who hasnt left their bedroom in 2 days comes and 1 taps me

  6. my pc is like rlly bad so i cant run most games and even the ones that i can like minecraft i get like 10 to 20 fps avrege with the lowest video settings:( :/

  7. I give this vid a like just for the oot soundtrack at the beginning, i love it

  8. I've played a lot of games in my day but I've never logged more hours on any other game than I did on Fallout4 I always just come back to it

  9. for me, it is because most of people of our age also stop playing game. when we were a child, everyone play games so when we meet them we can talk and laugh about it

  10. Thank you for this nice and clear informatic video. I enjoyed it a lot and your points are absolutly right. I think you helped with that many Gamers and People.

  11. I did #2 before I even saw this video, I started losing motivation for games and at the time I had a disgustingly uncomfortable office chair, I had a bit of extra cash and decided to buy a gaming chair and now I am glad to sit down and play the game from when I get home to when I need to go to sleep almost every night.

  12. Best tip is to take a break. Dont force yourself to play, just to play. For me it works with a break and doing other hobbies.

  13. bro im only 19 and last time I had fun playing was like 2019

  14. Bunch of dumb asses if you do something to much and 4 too long it self becomes no longer 😢 enjoyable.

  15. Friends and community its hard🗯 but
    MUCH more funny to play

  16. 5:49
    For the past 5 minutes my boy has ONLY showed games from my entire collection

  17. I would stream i my streams would show up to people

  18. Maybe a bit off topic but does anybody know about a third party front fan filter for the case he has on his new PC?. I've got the same one and the only fans that aren't filtered adequately are the front intakes. It wasn't a dealbreaker for me but it's kinda annoying.

  19. honestly, playing with friends (or playing a single player game while voice calling a friend) made it different and exciting. Noticed that when i talk to myself or talk out what I'm doing in the game makes it more immersive too.

  20. For me it when games get too hard or too grindy. I still love playing games, but in most of the games i play, im at a point where its nearly impossible to find motivation.

    I dont like challenging games and when i do i use cheats on pc. But my pc broke and now im stuck on console. Im also completely broke and cant afford any new games. Btw about the cheats thing, i dont play pvp games when i do i only play the pve aspects of them so in terms of cheats i don't cheat in online games.

    I also detest grinding. I already put in the hard work in real life, doing it in a game for the second time in a day isnt fun for me. When i play a game i like to have everything at once, hence why i cheat a lot. I dont find it apealing to do the same thing over and over to get something better or for more money. Again, i already do that in real life, why would i want to do it in a game. Games are supposed to be an escape, so then why do they like an extension of everyday life. I.e. grinding constantly to get something better and hoping for a different result

  21. One really big thing for me is when I'm playing games, making sure I'm completely present with that game. No other music or YouTube video going on in the background. No food fore to munch on and get distracted bad. Just immersing myself completely in a game and giving it my full attention.

  22. I think enjoying game not by age it’s just something in human mind

  23. step 1. stop buying AAA broken games. Step 2 stop buying AAA games that are just reskins. step 3. indie/AA games. step 4 profit. also bonus round step 5. the moment any game has battlepasses, microtransactions, pay to win or whatever… skip it. they are design NOT to be fun. one more bonus… stop trying to META every single game that you play before you even beat it once.

  24. Pretty accurate, it works for me but might not work for other people tho…

  25. last tip is fucking trueeee. I am playing one game half of my life and everytime im taking a break from the game and turning back to it feels so freacking good and playing is just pleasure

  26. Thank u a lot. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!

  27. When you start working, studying and gym, you start to hunger for games

  28. i'm so glad that i'm not the only one who have these issue with games. its just to start the game after that its fine. i said to me i don't buy any new games till i play mine. i think sometimes you just ,,grown out if it. have other interessts ,hobbbies family and thats ok. really great video!🫶🏻🎮

  29. 3 million views and only 24k subs?? This man deserves way more subscribers!

  30. Trying to find new people to play multiplayer games with is the worst. I've sat with the same 2 groups for the last 12 years or so, we all weren't great when we started but we constantly got competitive to do better than one another and made it up to the top ranks in every game (bar CSGO where we sat around DMG to LEM since we got lazy by the time we got good and it just wasn't fun), but now that none of us play together anymore, finding people not only on similar skill level, or just somewhat worse who don't get completely angry at never being on top, or never being able to compete (since rank modes usually avg the group together and all the games I normally play are still in the middle to slightly higher ranks), and especially since most people now just want to feel like they're Gods at a game but never want to put in the effort (like my current group who complains people "hit head shots too fast" in Hunt Showdown but get angry at me for trying to explain crosshair placement which makes most people win most of the time against them.

    It's an absolute shit show meeting people online now, the good/calm and funny players are few and far between the everyone who is just yelling at one another for their own mistakes.

  31. doing other thing than gaming: hobbys…
    my reaction: really bro?😑

  32. Stop playing multiplayer games. It helped me a lot.

  33. I saw a video by a YouTuber. I believe his name was “DJ peach Cobbler” but I could be totally wrong. It was titled, “elden ring feels like the end” he went on to explain that this game was the apex of his gaming experience, specifically concerning FS. There’s no where to go from there. No greater height of creativity. I almost feel the same way. I fear I’ll ever find a game I enjoyed as much as ER.

  34. I've been playing more single player stuff and in the multillayer games I just happen across people to play with for a coupe hours. I find it fun that way and I'm usuallly having fun by myself

  35. The problem is that the industry changed.
    When i was growing up it was a media to create experiences and filled with artistic design and innovations.
    Now days it's a multi billion dollar industry that focus on profit (as it's expensive to produce games) and e-sports.
    Gone are the days to stare at OOT hub world to see the sun set or to play Quake online just to chill and have fun, no matter the frag count.

  36. I've gotten into a bad habit of only enjoying games if I'm drinking alcohol. I only have like 1 or 2 sober games i can enjoy.

  37. Single player games are the only ones worth playing.
    Unless youre a kid. Then, you can play any game and still get a dopamine hit because your brain hasnt realised that the game is bad and youre just delusional

  38. I feel the same way sometimes. I think it's because you get overwhelmed by owning so much games and wanting to complete them all. 😅

  39. I think the biggest fact is that we just don't typically think like a child or a teenager when we are adults. At least for me, when I was young, I got really easily excited about new music, new movies, new games, discovering things etc. Nowadays I just don't get excited about new stuff anymore. The only new games I do get excited about are remakes of the games I enjoyed as a child, or sequels to a franchise I used to love, because nostalgia seems to be almost the only way for me to really get enjoyment from games.

    Maybe I (or we) just have to accept the fact that childhood was a golden time for gaming and it's just impossible to replicate that magical feeling of playing a new game for the first time.

  40. It's called aging. nowadays I feel happier sleeping than any other activity

  41. Someone wanna play some Minecraft? Not native English speaker btw I can also try

  42. Some people said if video is older I should wrote a comment. But I don't care. I want to wrote my experience when game started to not give fun to me. It was a time when I maded let's plays back then. At first it was fun, but later I started to get bored and I even started to not play games. So what was the cause? I burned out. I made let's plays not for fun, but to be famous and get money. Of course at first it was fun, but later I started to fall behind other laet's players, because they started to buy new computers and they buyed newest games and I couldn't afford it back in time. I tried many time. I even started to play and leave decompressing my video for all day for every day only to have upload everyday videos. But one day I had enough. I also had my personal problems that even I tried to leave behind, but everytime the thoughs came back to me and that also caused by burn out. I had trauma that for the long time had it. The worse thing was that my coputer stopped working and I couldn't play games anymore and I didn't know what to do by myself. I didn't had any hobby to do besides playing games on computer. I was devastated. In time I'm realize that I have to do something with my life, because I can't change what happened, but I can change the future. Now I have a few hobbies and when I'm bored with one I leave it and take another. I decided that when I will had a new computer I will make a videos not so often, because I'm a human and I have also my life. I have friends who I hanging out and they like games like me and every meeting they told me about old games that I never heard of. It's great. My advice it's good to play games, but sometimes it's better leave games and have own life. Find a hobby besides games. Find people who like games and Hang out with them. Maybe they give you some advices. And even though that you have newest computer and games and you tried so hard to be famous or rich it will not work out. Some people are get lucky and get noticed, some doesn't have that luck. Don't force yourself to be like others, because you can't. Be happy what you have. Make let's play only as a passion, not to be famous or rich.

  43. Hey y'all, this video is starting to blow up again which is absolutely incredible! Thank you everyone for all of the comments; unfortunately, there are just too many for me to reply to at the moment, but I'm reading every single one! People who resonate with the video, or who were helped by it, and those that disagree too, thank you all for the great discussion and feedback! More videos coming soon! Just very busy with college <3

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