How to ruin video games for yourself... -

How to ruin video games for yourself…

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Baffles me that people spoil video games like hollow knight for themselves


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  1. Idk why people are so upset with looking up guides. Its literally a choice you can make on your own. If it ruins the game for you, great, just don't do it.

    If you want to do it, do it. Its a simple matter of preference.

  2. 4:00 I would also add Lisa the painful to that list, even if you were spoiled there is SO MUCH WEIRD shit you can't be spoiled of everything…

  3. Sometimes I'll look up if something has an impact on the story or not but that's about it. I try not to spoil anything for myself while trying not to screw up my save file (ex: trying to do a good-guy run and a moral dilemma comes up I'm not sure about)

  4. Okay but to be fair in certain games there’s genuinely some things that you would never figure out without looking them up like dark souls 1

  5. We said cry about it and bro really cried about it

  6. A video version of: read the f***ing manual

  7. Fucking for real. Why spoil it for yourself. I don't think I've looked anything up about a video game since like.. middle school? And when I do it's almost always something that is frustrating me, something that's clearly not important, like drops from enemies I've already fought, or something my dumbass should've remembered from 2 hours ago.
    When I played TotK I hadn't even seen the trailer (not entirely on purpose, but I mostly just didn't care to since I know what hype does to your expectations), so I went into it with nothing but what I remembered from BotW. Aside from probably the best gaming experience I ever had as I learned and adapted to all the new mechanics, but I literally screamed at my monitor in excitement and terror in that.. second to last cutscene. If you know you know.

  8. is it too late to join the nitro give away???? D: D: D: D: D: D:

  9. I'd be lying if I said that I never looked up anything for any video game ever (I'm really bad at Zelda, criminal, I know), but I do agree that games are worse if you instantly know the answer to the puzzles. It's like cheating on a history test, like yeah, it's easier that way, but you sacrifice your own ability to learn that way.

  10. I 100% agree! I never look stuff up unless I have too. One of my buddies looks up everything. Idk how he has fun in games.

  11. I looked up how to solve the golden claw puzzle in skyrim… I had no idea you could rotate items in your inventory

  12. people like this would ask where the circle goes in the baby toy thing with the shapes

  13. My biggest problem is I tend to discover games through let's play videos. I also have a bad habit of seeing a game on steam, going "hey, neat. *wishlist*", and never actually playing it.

    Otherwise, I completely agree, right now I am doing hollownight blind with a friend who is a veteran of the game, and I've put in 33 hours over 4 days.

  14. I agree its far more fun and satisfying to figure things out on your own. That said, some games are literally impossible without a walkthrough. For example: Castlevania 2 is literally impossible unless you've looked it up or a friend told you or something. Anyone who says they solved that game driving blind is lying.

  15. Thanks for saying this but it's kinda sad that "have to", ngl.

  16. Area brought me back with the scholastic book fair remark. I remember those days fondly.

  17. For me, it depends on how stuck I get. I enjoy not using a guide more, but I don’t have time to waste hours walking in circles

  18. For me, it depends on how stuck I get. I enjoy not using a guide more, but I don’t have time to waste hours walking in circles

  19. Just watch others playing the games for you. Problem solved and you can save money.

  20. Just watch others playing the games for you. Problem solved and you can save money.

  21. Wait… why would you have a wii with a GameCube adapter? The Wii has GameCube controller ports.

  22. Wait… why would you have a wii with a GameCube adapter? The Wii has GameCube controller ports.

  23. subnautica perfect example the less you know the better the game is i learnt this the hard way

  24. subnautica perfect example the less you know the better the game is i learnt this the hard way

  25. When I got stuck in a dungeon in Zelda, I googled hints, and not the actual answer. If your seriously stuck for hours and hours and hours, I think its alright to find the answer on google, because MOST people wont be enjoying playing the game at that point.

  26. been a year and r/hollowknight is still mentally insane.

  27. Definitely agree, I'm in my 40's and when I first started playing video games you either figured stuff out for yourself or if you were lucky you had a friend who might be able to help you out. It was quite a while ago now but when I played Dark Souls I fell into the trap of constantly looking up stuff online, late last year I started Sekiro and made a point of figuring out things for myself, I beat every single boss on my own, I only watched boss guides after I'd beaten them to see what tactics other people used. I did spoil bits and pieces because I was so into the game I couldn't help myself but to check out youtube or online content here or there, but I kept it to a bare minimum.

  28. This dude makes a video about not spoiling yourself and literally spoils a game in the first minute unprompted. Wow.

  29. well not everyone have 5000 hours to put in a game sometimes we just want to skip this area because its not worth the effort
    let people enjoy their games they bought it afterall but i know this video is just for content so i wont argue

  30. I never understand why people's first reaction when they can't figure a thing out is to ask for the solution. Idk, have you tried playing the game???

  31. Never expected to ever hear the link click soundtrack on a youtube video about games. One of my fav anime and it makes it eaven fuunnier when you mentioned people complimenting your music choice at the end of the vid

  32. Hollow Knight players when someone wants help:
    9/10 times they know they might ruin it!
    Love it when people go "are you sure you wanna know?, okay sure look in the left side of this massive area"

  33. The only time I use a tut for a game is if I genuinely can’t figure it out
    Like the hallow knight lifeblood core area I spent 5 days on it and watched a vid and felt stupid but yea

  34. i have found that i do not enjoy spending 30 minutes trying to solve puzzles or figure out the way to go. to this day i dislike hollow knight's map design and how it works, but i still love the boss fights. of course i'm gonna look up a walk-through and go straight to the parts i enjoy of the game. specially knowing that dlc where its literally just a huge boss rush, i fucking loved it. my point is, play the game whoever you have the most fun, not just listening to someone else. i would have bailed on hollow knight if i didn't look up how to go through, because its fucking boring to spend 30 minutes just to get to spend a couple minutes in a boss fight, screw that.

  35. I agree with this video and poking stuff up ruins the experience

  36. dont mind me just on my way to begin gaslighting myself into believing im just too broke to buy tf3

  37. I am the opposite, I enjoy games way more if I look stuff up when I'm stuck. I don't want to spend 3 hours trying to find that one little thingI need to progress. If I spent a while figuring it out and I am stuck and getting frustrated, I look it up, I want to keep progressing and enjoying the rest of the game instead of pining over that one part of the game. I do wish there was a way to get a hint for me to read first instead of the exact awnser to the puzzle or part I'm stuck on.

    This is a completely made up example but instead of saying 'the key you need is in cave X under the third rock to the left behind the statue of X' I'd prefer something like 'there might be something hidden behind the statues in the caves'. So I know where to look instead of aimlessly searching forever until I find it and getting frustrated for not finding the solutions and being stuck on a part. Same for stuff that I'm just confused about.

    I don't feel stupid or like less of a gamer if I need to look something up, I'm playing them for my enjoyment and if I know something will keep bugging me in the back of my mind until I know for sure if it is a bug or something that supposed to happen, I know that'll lower my enjoyment. thus that quick google seach actually increases my enjoyment of said games.

  38. It is kinda sad that it is hard for the right people to play DDLC without spoilers.

  39. Same i try my hardest to not look shit up the games used to be soo much more enjoyable before bcz there was nothing to show u how its done now u get stuck somewhere qnd u just look at up

  40. 1. The discord giveaway is over! The song was サニーボーイ・ラプソディ (Sonny boy Rhapsody), congrats to the winner!
    2. Blurred certain sections because I'm an idiot and spoiled them while saying you should play them without spoilers.

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