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I Found the BEST GAMES on Xbox Game Pass! 😱

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I found some of the BEST Game on Xbox Games! Some of these are often overlooked and also underrated Xbox games! What would you recommend?

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  1. Prey is an immersive sim, not first person shooter, developed by arkane studios not Bethesda and is not a reboot.

  2. Gang beast human fall flat are also underrated

  3. Plague worst game I ever played great story but worst game just escape from rats 😂

  4. Trek to yomi needs the love it deserves

  5. Dragon ball fighterz doesn't have any dlc on gamepass i have played it, you have to buy it separately

  6. All the cool kids be playin Local Multiplayer Squares 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Xbox game pass with PlayStation controller 💀

  8. Thats not a remake of the prey from 2006. The prey from 06 is alot better

  9. dragon ball fighter z so good until u play multiplayer

  10. I actually own pray but thanks for telling me

  11. I can vouch for A Plague Tale. The first game isn’t on Game Pass anymore but the second one is. But anyone who hasn’t played the first game should give it a chance. It is well worth the price tag.

  12. I love prey it just has soooo much replay value with how random and static it is making almost new encounters for at least 3 different playthroughs

  13. Includes all of the dlcs, until it doesnt like oblivion or darkest dungeon.

  14. Was drangon ball fighterz on sale for xbox gamepass or something cuz it says its £49.99

  15. your voice is so bad.
    try being less spaztic

  16. I really hate fighterz… lol😂 i bb olay DB since Tenkaichi an idk the fighting system Just meh.

  17. You found the best games on gamepass for u not in general

  18. If u dont pay game pass evwry month can u still paly the free game?

  19. Bro has never touched a woman 💀

  20. I tried plague tale and was a few hours in and was so bored playing it, just puzzle after puzzle

    Top Game pass ULTIMATE games

    In no particular order

    1. Far Cry 5
    2. Dirt 5
    3. Forza Horizon 5
    4. Minecraft
    5. The Hunter Call Of The Wild
    6. Fortnite (free even without game pass)
    7. Dayz

  22. Generation zero is fun if you like games that are like fallout

  23. Forgotten city was a great game i don’t think it’s on game pass anymore but I enjoyed the story and gameplay

  24. The Dragon ball z game they player’s are way to good

  25. Dragon Ball fighter z is no longer on game pass 😢

  26. Did bro really just say dbfz is underrated

  27. Wait I don't have the dragon ball game in my game pass can someone please explain

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