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I Made GTA 6 in 150 Days (Sorry Rockstar)

12th Hour
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So much effort went into this video! Hope you guys enjoyed💙
What should I add next??👀

for Rockstar 😉
This just a fun fanmade trailer, I’m not giving anything away, this isn’t a game ok thanks😊

2nd Channel: @Ryan12th
CODE: 12ths (# EpicPartner)
Instagram: @ 12thhours

“( FREE ) Lamborghini Terzo Millennio” () by SDC PERFORMANCE™️ is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ().

0:00 Sorry Rockstar…
0:24 Realistic Characters
1:36 Gameplay?
2:22 Motorcycle
3:22 GTA 6 City
4:23 Flying Jets
5:02 Random Scenes
5:18 Police Chase
6:37 Realistic Apartments


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  2. Damn bro you can Recreate any Game especially Pokémon

  3. Am I the only one who has noticed, or does this man really have a big hat😂

  4. If I even had half of your talent how many video games I would have personally made myself😂

  5. Darth Erdoğan💡⃠ _1999 #saveralph #juststopoil says:

    Better than what we got now.

  6. The only thing I got from this is you pieced together other people's work so you didn't really make anything

  7. Amagin you showed him in his live stream 😮

  8. Check out differences in walking/movement mechanics between male and female. The female character walks like a bro…

  9. Drop it jus name it sum else this gon make u rich

  10. If he worked at Rockstar games it would only take him a year to program GTA 6 alone!

  11. why is gta 6 automatically paired with a female when we think about it? are we really doing this to ourselves? omg gta 6 is so futuristic, even in games females are above males. so realistic!

  12. This is ONE feature l would love to see in GTA6, that was a feature in one of their other games. In Rock$tars Midnight Club LA Game they had a feature where you can create your OWN custom paint jobs and submit them to Rate my ride online, and people where able to buy people's created custom rides and use them in single player and online.

    And some people made some incredible vinyl paint jobs. People made the cars from fast and the furious. People made family guy vinyls, with Stewies face. People made Scarface vinyls. Pretty much ANYTHING you could imagine, people were able to draw and paint on the car.

    I really REALLY hope they put that feature from Midnight Club LA onto GTA6, and people can make some amazing works of art, and allow people to buy and use the custom paint job cars.

  13. So why isn't this a game???? Why can we not all get on and play together and have fun homie?!?!?

  14. I'm invested asf. if gta 6 is a disappointment then at least we got bro lined up. he definitely comp for rockstar.

  15. my idea to put in GTA six is Franklin and LAMAR D AKA Your boy LD

  16. why do not call another name and do online better with coop and start a huge f2p ?

  17. Bruh fuck that you need to make that available for everyone and make rockstar make you part of the team!

  18. Add the Lamborghini revuelto ,the Lamborghini hurracan sterrato and the Lamborghini huracan tecnica

  19. Great Amount of effort. But this is on 4090 even ps5 pro won't run it. I don't think GTA VI willl be that good looking.

  20. This kids tapped 👎 CLICKBAIT TIMEWASTERS. Copying and pasting ps2 graphics.. do me a favour 🤡

  21. Ngl.. when I saw the apartment and then 🔥 garage.. I had something in my eye. It hit the feelz.. I need this to be GTA6. I'll just afk in my garage (1 hoopty) and drink it in.. then go out and get a minus 0.00KD instantly from a scrub jet scrubbing the floor for targets like a pro.. I'm back in wonderful garage thanks bud. 😂

  22. Bro made GTA6 in 6 days .its been fifteen years and rockstars hasn’t even gotten started on it yet 😂😂😂

  23. Dude if i had this game i would never have myself chased by the police and yelled, it's so real :O

    What should I add next??👀👇

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