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I Ranked EVERY Pokemon Game

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I ranked EVERY Pokemon game!

Check out all my Legends Arceus content in this playlist:

Dynamax is the Best Mechanic. Here’s Why:

I Brought Magikarp to a HUGE Tournament:

I ranked every Pokemon Spinoff Game:

Pokemon but I tell my opponents my moves first:

If Pokemon Could Change Their Type:

How Purrloin forced Pokemon to change the game:

Pokemon that should be cut from Scarlet and Violet:

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  1. Imagine if pokemon wasnt on the switch and on an actual strong system.

  2. I played BW when they first release, and I hated them so much that when BW2 came out I didn't touch them. To this day it's the only mainline game I haven't played other than RBY and GSC

  3. The spam surf joke made me giggle like a child because I am currently spamming surf

  4. I read the text you put in the middle of the video, it’s funny.

  5. The only good thing about BDSP is that it gave us the absolute blessing that is Chibi Cyrus

  6. I just think it's so weird how Let's Go had the best graphics pokemon has ever seen, and they just threw them away. Sure graphics aren't everything, but Let's Go had so much added charm because of its graphics

  7. I am not sure if I have a definitive order, but Soul Silver, Platinum, and Black 2 would probably be my top 3.

  8. as someone who worships HG/SS, I will hold a hatred in my heart for you because of where you placed it >:(
    jokes aside I can see where you're coming from with your judgement, and kinda agree with a lot of it 👌

  9. My top three are still

    1.) SoulSilver



  10. the only fact i dont like about black/white 2 is that i thought exclusives would follow their original version so instead of buying white 2 (since i already have white) and get the exclusives from black i tried to be smart and bought black 2 lol

  11. my favorite pokemon games are pokemon ranger shadows of almia and soul silver of course nostalgia is a huge part of it but these were my best time playing videogames at all when i was a kid

  12. my favorites are gen 3. but objectively…id have to say heartgold and soulsilver are the best

  13. Delta Episode is like… My favorite pokemon thing personally. 🙂

  14. I don't care what anyone says, the water was the best part of 3rd generation. Dive and exploring underwater was incredible. Made for some of the most fun puzzles in the series.

  15. I rate videos based on thumbnails and excessive use of capitalization in titles.

  16. I think Conquest is my fav. Banger soundtrack, awesome mechanics, art that will look good for centuries…Conquest truly has it all.

  17. This content includes everything most annoying about YouTube. Unwatchable

  18. I Got Into Mainline Pokèmon By SwSh And Beat It In 3 Days

  19. For me Arceus was so bad, I played 20 hours and sold it.
    I felt in sync with the pokemon community and its overall ranking of the games, but Arceus was where I couldn't agree at all.

  20. I'd rank them like this:

    1. Black & White
    2. Legends Arceus
    3. Black 2/ White 2
    4. Crystal
    5. Red & Blue
    6. Alpha Sapphire/ Omega Ruby
    7. Emerald
    8. Ruby/ Sapphire
    9. Sun/ Moon
    10. Sword & Shield
    11. X & Y
    12. Platinum
    13. Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
    14. Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee
    15. XD: Gale of Darkness
    16. Fire Red & Leaf Green
    17. Colosseum
    18. Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
    19. Gold/Silver
    20. Diamond/ Pearl
    21. Yellow

  21. ORAS has a special place in my heart, loved flying around with latios

  22. I’m currently doing my first play through of white 2, and I’m really enjoying it. I just wish I had local people to play and trade with.

  23. Rosa being in black 2 and white 2 made the my experience of the game even better

  24. I feel like emerald ruby and zapphire are way too slow and you can easly get bored, the are so slow the gameplay gets almost frustrating

  25. I hated the legends Arceus tutorial section so much I put it down on opening day and didn't pick it up till the next. Glad to hear I wasn't alone in frustration

  26. Imma be honest, besides the pvp in sword and sheild I really don't like the pve/story, the restrictions placed on catching levels really annoyed me when i tried to play through a second time after my switch was reset and save file was lost

  27. damn dude you didnt hold back on this great video

  28. Don’t you ever trash crystal gen games!!!! Im unsubing and blocking!!!! 😂JK
    If pokemon gets all the games from gen 1 till 5-6 and combine them and taking everything good from them and remove all the shitty stuff best game ever!!!!!!!

  29. Legends Arceus is the worst trash Ive ever played. Heard only good things and I keep hearing good things… idk how people are this blind, hope you agree

  30. Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire was my childhood and IMO was peak Pokemon.

  31. My fav is the Black And White series including the numbered sequels.

  32. Gen 1 – 4 will always reign supreme for me

  33. Pokémon Sapphire was my first game. Black and white 1&2 are my favorites. I had sooooooo much fun

  34. Bdsp being worst is the stupidest thing I’ve seen

  35. WolfeyVGC: Initially, I was glad to see mega evolution replaced with a different jimmick.
    Me: The fuck this man say? The GIF war has started once again.

  36. Pokémon arceus just felt like a demo game for suture Pokémon content. Empty and boring

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