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Icarus Survival Gameplay – The BEST Survival Game of 2021! (Icarus Beta Gameplay Part 1)

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Welcome to ICARUS SURVIVAL GAMEPLAY BETA WEEKEND #1! ICARUS is a session-based PvE survival game for up to eight co-op players or solo. Explore a savage alien wilderness in the aftermath of terraforming gone wrong. Survive long enough to mine exotic matter, then return to orbit to craft more advanced tech. Meet your deadline or be left behind forever.

🪐 Watch the full playlist:

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What an awesome time in #Icarus #EarlyAccess #Survival


  1. If you using nvidia gpu, update the latest gpu driver the graphic is so good.

  2. JUST came across this game and found out it releases tomorrow! So stoked!

  3. This game has potential. This game is similar to The Forest w/o the mutants.

  4. looks very much like ark. without dinosaur, and with better graphics lol

  5. Looks nice but it looks like you crash land back on earth. Even the animals are utterly earth like…. Oh I see what this game is… You play Elon Musk! You go up in your rocket, crash land back on earth and are convinced that you have landed on another planet.

  6. "you are speechless"? Are you dumb for real or you just faking it? Today's graphic si this way dude, where did you you live ? In a cave?

  7. Turn Vsync on, You are tearing badly. Besides "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" was this beatifull, 3 years ago, but was much more realistic.

  8. The BEST Survival Game of 2021?
    Well i dont know but its def NOT THE BEST survival game!

  9. U have problem with gsync or freesync or u no have this options and u have vsync off = image tearing "just wow" 😀

  10. stopped playing Valhein a while ago, now im going to try this one , looks amazing

  11. Reviewer seems unusually positive. MMM. Surely he wasn't paid to play?

  12. Personally, I just don't like co-op only survival games. the pvp ones are more entertaining for me. And the fact that Dean Hall has a record of leaving unfinished games.

  13. so whats the update on this game? I want to buy a game and considering this one 🙂

  14. Seeing so many people "wow-ing" this game's graphics, makes me believe they never played RDR2 on ultra settings….

  15. "Look how beautiful that deer is. He's about to go for a drink. Can I kill it?" LMAO

  16. Wow, Valheim really changed it's looks!

  17. Oh this is so beautiful.. Immediately starts destroying everything

  18. Ιορδάνης Κοτσαρίδης says:

    i like this game lets hope its good

  19. Nearly 1mil subs and you have screen tearing.

  20. looks like someone got paid to give this game a good review and some hype. The screen tearing troughout the entire video hurts my eyes.

  21. first time watching u and im glad for finding u , smooth talking , no overreacting , cool video mate 🙂 !

  22. Higher tech mountless pvpless myth of empires?

  23. I don’t really agree the game can get really boring after some hours

  24. Seems like a cool game, I just don't support Dean Hall

  25. What ifff… you take off your helmet ? oxygen resolved ?

  26. Do you find it weird that it's supposed to take place on another planet but there is deer, fish. Bears, and everything we see on earth but no alien creatures that would give a better assumption that we can't breath the air. Water. And trees produce oxygen. So I think they need to make it more alien like we seen in the trailers

  27. the look of this game is 90% look like Satisfactory. 🤔

  28. bad pc 60 fps, vertical sync is not working and graphics are tearing… -1

  29. give map update no big and game system and game top 2021

  30. Well.. Best.. hmm.
    If it wasn't just a blatant copy and mishmash of other previous games, like ARK, Satisfactory, Skyrim and countless others… perhaps

  31. Anyone else noticed that the screen is cutting in a weird way? Like not smooth

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