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IGN Top 100 Video Games of All Time Marathon

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Join us as your favorite hosts countdown the Top 100 Games of All Time December 31st 8a-4p PT. We’re highlighting each and every title on the list with video reviews, gameplay, and special features. You won’t want to miss IGN’s ultimate video game showdown!

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  1. Mass effect 2 does not beat read dead redemption 2. I love mass effect 2 but it’s not comparable.

  2. BOTW isn’t even the best Zelda game let alone best of all time

  3. Fix FF XIV's score, ya'll used the wrong score 😑

  4. the top 79 games should all use the tagline “better than dark souls according to ign”

  5. Smash ultimate deserved to be higher on the list.

  6. Breath of The Wild is incredibly overrated. It's fun, but nowhere near the masterpiece nintoddlers make it out to be.

  7. Hades…..WTF is going on? Def not top 100. Get real.

  8. BOTW is honestly the greatest game ever created. It is a masterpiece.

  9. Glad Hades got the respect it deserves. Underrated game.

  10. When Fortnite Is Better than dark souls in this list

  11. Apex Legends and Overwatch are not part of any decent best games list, give me a break IGN

  12. Undertale definitely atleast top 5 (for me 1) change my mind

  13. Comment section looked sad sitting at 499. So here is your 500th!

  14. POV: you are looking for the list with timestamps in the comments

  15. Ninja Gaiden is one of the most underrated games of all time in my opinion… then again it was my obsession and fav game of all time

  16. Think my biggest snub of this list has got to be Final Fantasy Tactics. Really surprised it didn't make the list.

  17. No Nier games no Sonic come on IGN…👀👀👀👀👀

  18. LMAO – IGN's 30th game of all time and it got a crappy review from IGN itself, a recommendation to skip it, and a score of 5.5 out of 10. Their 30th game of all time folks. This is THEIR list.

  19. How’d ghost of Tsushima not make this 🤦🏾‍♂️ they said journey tho😂

  20. Ff7 is better and was more impactful than over half the games on this list.

  21. You put 5 Indy games in the top 20. Seriously over AAA excluded off the list.

  22. Skyrim isn’t top 10 but Red Dead Redemption 2 is 💀💀💀💀 IGN are like a group of 15 year olds smoking crack “oh but we put in mario and zelda!”

  23. What the heck is with the Final Fantasy XIV review sounding so negative. Isn't this supposed to be a list talking about why these games are so great….?

  24. P5R not being top 10 it’s a probe that you don’t have to be especial to talk in ign, not even top 10!!!! that’s crazy

  25. make a 10 or 20 minuets long videos this is to long ..or A montage of it

  26. My personal favorites are final fantasy X and overwatch and last of us this list is really bad

  27. Golden eye made it to this list 😁

  28. Wait WHAT the dude from Cracked works at IGN now?!

  29. You put Half-life, one of the best FPS entries ever at 31 and then follow it up with a review of Final Fantasy 14, that is being battered by the reviewer and scores 5.5. You can do better IGN…

  30. Mass effect 2 is overrated but rightfully so if u invested the right amount of time that game was just out of this world

  31. They really put AC Black Flag 5 spots above Borderlands 2

  32. This is hands down my favorite piece of youtube media.

  33. Fortnite scored better than persona 5? WTH is wrong with you all?

  34. Omori definetely deserved to be in the top 25 at least, unbearable that it is not in the list.

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