Is This 2024's Best Racing Game?!? -

Is This 2024’s Best Racing Game?!?

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New Star GP is one of 2024’s Best Racing Games! We’re checking out New Star GP’s Career Mode, Customization, Cars & Updagrades and more!

FH5 Raptor R:
Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay:

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  1. This graphic style reminds me a lot of Virtua Racing for the Sega Genesis & 32x. It also looks like a fun game.

  2. Aaaaah a Race on Napoles, Maradona never to be forgotten

  3. I might have raced the final race for the 2024 Mustang GT idk tho


  5. Nick, your avatar looks like what you get when your mum says, No, We have Valtteri Bottas at home

  6. They should make a track builder when you finish the campaign

  7. Im not suprised that its good since the people who made this game also made retro bowl which is one of the best football games

  8. What I really like in a racing/open world game is ultra-realistic looks, but with gameplay freedom (not realistic sims for example that limit you). So yeah no recent game (post 2020) has fully done that for me

  9. Unfortunately, Night-Runners Prologue came out this year.

  10. Day 154 of asking for fh3 dev build video

  11. Wow just wow what an amazing game I mean just every thing is just so well put together ❤

  12. I still think PGR 4 is the best racing game out there on Xbox 360 and in general

  13. i cant tell if this is sarcasm or if hes serious

  14. I despise Forza developers but love this game’s developers.

  15. No way Nick you dont know my country (Hungary) one of thr best f1 tracks 😢😢

  16. Looks like Virtua Racing that I had on the sega megadrive (genesis) 32x expansion adapter. Loved that game

  17. Can we get a play though the career mode

  18. Missed opportunity to say Gran Turismo 3 as best racing game of all time…
    Anyways, the pixelated look of this game makes me think of the old Sega racing games which used to be in arcades and eventually landed on consoles too like Daytona USA 1 and 2, as well as Virtua Racing

  19. Please make this a series and tell the Forza devs to take notes

  20. nick you should play race room racing experience good graghics, the settings are crazy and its free on steam

  21. Make New Star GP a series just like the F1 games, Nick!!

    @11:43 ooof F for the fallen racer!

  22. I'm so glad you're covering this game!

  23. Nick and keep up the good work real true and I love the video 😂😂good 👍

  24. test drive unlimted solar crown will be the best, sorry not sorry

  25. The best games are from my generation like need for speed most wanted 05 and both need for speed undergrounds. I'd love a let's play of nfsmw 05 from Nicky poo.

  26. Wow, thank you so much for the very kind words.

  27. This game looks absolutely trash give us underground 2 remake

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