Jiemba Sands: Best Of Funny Videos NO.15 (Animals/Fighting/Game Characters/Impressions + More) - bestgamewiki.com

Jiemba Sands: Best Of Funny Videos NO.15 (Animals/Fighting/Game Characters/Impressions + More)

Jiemba Sands
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Best Funny Videos Compilation #15 (Physical Comedy/Animals/Fighting/Stunts/Fails/Game Characters/Impressions + More)

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  1. Are you doing these videos in a public place? And if so do people give you weird looks?

  2. I guess everyone is gonna say I'm first lol
    R u serious right neow everyone?
    Saying two words doesn't takes time.I was first

  3. hello jiemba first❤❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😂

  4. 😈👿👾👽🦿🦾👅🫁🪂🏂🐲🦎🐉🦕🐢🐊🐸🐍🐜🪲🦠

  5. This video si reacted 31 second And 2 likes! WOW

  6. Please make a video of DC’s ‘Arrow’ style fight scenes

  7. My favorite for the presents is probably the ostrich

  8. I wonder, does he even get hurt? All of the impressions on top of this world!

  9. I love these vids! but how does he not get hurt?

  10. 2:00 that's gotta have hurt just a little more than you thought it would.
    Like how high on the Jiemba-O-meter did it hurt from Little Patty cry-a lot to Evel Knievel?

  11. You keep me intertained idk how to spell lol😂

  12. My favorite part in all of them is the penguin slap

  13. I’m a chair slapper and the best thing is that everyone is too afraid to ask where I got it from!

  14. Зачем страдать ради видео😂

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