LeBron James GREATEST Game EVER? Full Game 6 Highlights vs Celtics (2012 Playoffs) - 45 Pts, 15 Reb! - bestgamewiki.com

LeBron James GREATEST Game EVER? Full Game 6 Highlights vs Celtics (2012 Playoffs) – 45 Pts, 15 Reb!

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LeBron James Full Highlights | Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics – Game 6 | Eastern Conf Finals | 2012 NBA Playoffs

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  1. Doris highlighted that if he loss the blame would be solely on him. It’s absolutely crazy how lebron is treated.

  2. His voice even sounds like a teenager here lol he’s grown so much

  3. Aaron Gordon wouldn’t have been able to guard this guy

  4. It's crazy how people hate on this dude.. he been in the finals more then some have even been to the playoffs.. Lebron has been to the finals 10 times it's superstar that don't even go to the playoffs that much let alone the last game

  5. At this point MJ only better because of his shoes..when someone get robbed or shot over some LeBrons there will be nomore debate 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. When i wanna watch Greatness i come back to this vide

  7. This is the most important game of Lebron's career in the same way that the 2006 AFC championship game is for Peyton Manning

  8. this is the moment he became the best player in the world and the real lebron we'd watch for years

  9. This Happens I Was 18 Years Old(06/08/1993) When LeBron James Is Pulling Out The Boston Celtics If This Wasn't An NBA Lockdown It Would've Been On June 1st 2012 On ESPN.

  10. This is the game that if he lost. I dont think he will win a ring ever. Its that crucial

  11. reporter said Lebron James from poundtown😂😂😂😂

  12. That was 60 pts game but the celtics back down and they sat bron

  13. Jordan never the celtics

    Lebron beat the celtics with pierce garnett allen and rondo 🐐

  14. Welcome to Boston at a sold out TD Garden


    Thanks for watching.

  15. I am so happy to say that I had the privilege to witness this masterpiece of a game, the BEST game ever, from my favorite player EVER. IMO this is Lebron’s greatest game, especially if you take in to account the ridiculous amount of pressure on his shoulders that night, as soon as I saw that look on his face pre game, I knew I was about to see something special, and we are ALL witnesses.

  16. MJ had 82 Greatest Games Ever; every single damn year. LeSwept had 1. Pathetic

  17. Gm 5 and 6 in 2016 was lebron in beast mode


  19. This game solidified my thoughts on "lebron james, the goat"

  20. Im teaching my kids that lebron james is the goat 👑🐐🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. look at my glorious pookie bear almighty king james

  22. One of the best post after game interviews

  23. When they said Bird can beat Bron 1v1 lmao. haha

  24. That 1:50 fastbreak was so crazy , literally floating down the court .

  25. I remember watching this game….I was eating steak a potatoes……I didn’t finish my 1 plate until after the game because I was soo stuck on the sh*t I was seeing. He went absolute GOD MODE

  26. I swear if Bron played with this type of approach every night he would be my favorite player as great as he is there are times he just drifts away for whatever reason thats my main frustration with him other than that he is great

  27. Sorry but is of the most bored players to see, just two points shot and dunks, if he is so tall is normal to do it but is the unique he does and he has been doing ever

  28. Legacy on the line, Career on the line in this game after the Dallas finals series. Never call this man not clutch.

  29. Let me tell u a secret, LeBron was in the Zone. 😮😮😮

  30. In case y’all don’t understand the gravity of this game, had LeBron lost this game, he would’ve ended up losing 2 seasons in a row with a superteam and he wouldn’t have been regarded as the 2nd greatest of all time as he is right now as a result of it because he’d end up with 1-2 rings instead of 4 because the Heat team would’ve been considered a failure like the KD Nets team. Who knows what the NBA would’ve looked like had he not pulled through in this game!

  31. People argue which version of Bron is the best 2015? 2018? Some argue 2020 plus. Some say 2008-2009 but in reality is that 2013 LeBron James was the best player ever, literally a 99 overall in real life. His jumper was great, peak of his athleticism, defense we elite, elite. Mid range, post, cutting, 3 pt 2013 bron had everything. In his Cleveland days Lebron was still amazing but his jumper was not asgreat. 2018 was another level but his team was as great and he had to carry massively. Now in LA. He has lost a step athletically but his mind and his mastery of the game is unmatched. 03-09 you have the athletic young king. 10-14 you have peak Lebron there best version. 2014-18 you have Lebron who has lost a step athletically but can still tap into when needed. 2018-present Lebron you have the older, slower lebron but the most deadly. Able to pick you apart with his mind and control the game. Might not be as athletic but can control the game in no other way.

  32. ‘Bron’s not a scorer’ 🫢.. Gasp he is

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