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Lonely? The best games to make friends online #stayhome

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Times are tough when you can’t hang out with your mates – fortunately, we have video games.

For those feeling the need for social connection beyond the odd Skype or Zoom call, some video games put emphasis on friendship and teamwork to get the job done.

You can see the full list right here:


  1. I used to be so good at making friends in games

  2. if anybody who is watching this your just here becuase you have no friends.

  3. Wanna be friends anyone? I don’t have friends

  4. A game where there is a world with millions of players and chat we can move around in first person mode

  5. Captain___Kraken

    Feel free to add me.

  6. What happened with Bisexual Community? In 2022

    Can you talk about it?

  7. Can you make upcoming video on relax activities for you?

  8. I just searched how to make friends on videogames online, and, here we are

  9. Me gustaría conocer a alguien que hable español para jugar lo que sea online, a veces me siento muy solo jugando videojuegos 🙁

  10. I think Polity Online will be a good oppurtunity to socialize while playing a game. I heard it a while ago and love the graphics and music a lot.

  11. I got a reccomendation: Roblox
    its like a whole social community with bunch of player made games
    (not sponsored ofc)

  12. I hope To find a girl to play together
    But fun fact i know i will not find 🖐🏻

  13. Someone, that wants to play cs with me?

  14. Pokemon Go is better at making friends than those game you talked about .

  15. i am socially awkward :(( . i study abroad and i dont have any friend here and it is hard for me . I just wanted a friend who i can chat with or maybe explore new game together. :(((

  16. Me seeing 100k+ viewers I'm not lonely in this lonely world

  17. If you are watching this it means you are lonely
    I just wanna let you know you are not alone😁♥️

  18. "There is only so long you can watch a tiny pixelated face on a screen, fortunately that's where video games come in." a strange error is in this sentence…

  19. Imagine friend an old man and you didn’t know

  20. I know you searched this, let's make a community ;D

  21. Im really late but would anyone like to be my friend? Ages 12-15 ish.

  22. Anyone who wants to play these games together?

  23. keep ur heads up soldiers

    hit the gym or sommet, some amazing people youd find there, working out is fun tm

  24. omg these are games to play at home not online


  26. Gentle advice and comforting words?

  27. Don't worry man.I just a lonely guy that are searching for friend.

  28. Still feeling lonely even after playing these games? You can chat with us right here!

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