Magnus Carlsen's Best Game Ever -

Magnus Carlsen’s Best Game Ever

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This is the best chess game Magnus Carlsen ever played.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Game Analysis

[White “Magnus Carlsen”]
[Black “Levon Aronian”]
[WhiteElo “2862”]
[BlackElo “2797”]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. Nc3 Bb4 5. cxd5 exd5 6. Bg5 h6 7. Bxf6 Qxf6 8. Qa4+ Nc6 9. e3 O-O 10. Be2 Be6 11. O-O a6 12. Rfc1 Bd6 13. Qd1 Ne7 14. a3 Rfd8 15. b4 Nc8 16. Na4 b6 17. Nb2 Ne7 18. Nd3 Ng6 19. a4 a5 20. b5 Re8 21. Rc3 Bf5 22. Rac1 Rad8 23. Nd2 Rd7 24. g3 Nf8 25. Bg4 Nh7 26. Bxf5 Qxf5 27. Qf3 Qg5 28. h4 Qe7 29. Rc6 Nf6 30. Nf4 g6 31. h5 Kg7 32. hxg6 fxg6 33. Nxd5 Nxd5 34. Qxd5 Bxg3 35. Qg2 Bd6 36. Nc4 Rf8 37. Ne5 Bxe5 38. Qxg6+ Kh8 39. Qxh6+ Kg8 40. dxe5 Qxe5 41. Rg6+ Kf7 42. Rc4 Qa1+ 43. Kg2 Rh8 44. Rf4+ Ke8 45. Re6+ Re7 46. Rxe7+ Kxe7 47. Re4+ 1-0

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  1. Levy I have a huge issue with your content.
    I can barely get through five minutes of it ,

    …because the way you describe chess, with such excitement, makes me want to quit youtube and play chess immediately.

  2. just insane my head hurts trying think that far into the future lol

  3. You have a truly remarkable gift for explaining very complicated chess positions, loves and ideas. Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge with all of us. Much appreciated!

  4. At 14:39 you claim black queen can’t take the rook – why? Am I missing something here.

    If queen takes rook, then pawn takes black queen. Then black rook takes white queen. Black is a rook up. Seems like a blunder to me…

  5. Thank you Levy. Super Grandmaster of all time. MC the GOAT.

  6. imagine getting your ankles snapped in chess

  7. levy "i know your thinking…" me "i like your funny words magic man"

  8. I've watched hundreds of games (and their corresponding analysis) by Bobby & Magnus, and for MY money, I'd say Bobby, at his pinnacle, was the best ever. Magnus is perhaps a bit more methodical, detailed, and disciplined, but Bobby saw the game in a way other humans simply do not.
    Bobby's "God Given" gift was SO great that it literally drove him mad.

  9. Yoo mate, I might be a bit late but my only problem is in the video u talk as Magnus plays white but next to the board shows differently. Might be a bug or smth but still catching my eye and confuse me a bit

  10. 14:39: Black Queen takes Rook. White pawn takes black queen. Black Rook takes white Queen and Black is up a Rook.
    This is what happens when an internet guy shows how he would beast the best in the world. I am just a beginner.

  11. Queen sac against Anish officially beats this one from now on

  12. Opponent: Choose my King or Queen side.
    mariachi music plays in the background
    Carlsen: ¿Por qué no los dos?

  13. Any chess friends? I don't have any friends who play chess thats frustrating 💯

  14. Carlsens game against anish giri where he sacked off his queen early! Do that one!

  15. Please correct me if I wrong, but on move 34?

    Couldn't Levon have played bishop H2 check and win Magnus queen getting huge advantage?

    What was the point of bishop G2?

  16. Do you think Levi and Magnus has sex already? If not, Levi clearly is into it. Fanboy xD

  17. Pleasure to watch your videos! Even if too quick for newbies! Can I buy you a beer?

  18. This was the best commentary for a professional game I have watched. You explained it so that I as a totally average player could understand what is going on and it all made sense.

  19. At 14:40 can black take the white rook with the queen, then when white takes with the pawn, black takes back the white queen with his rook?

  20. At 14:34 rook to d4 is actually a losing position because black queen can just take white's rook, and if the pawn takes the black queen then the black rook in h4 can take white's queen and black is up a rook. Once black queen takes on d4, white can't take rook h4 because the queen is now protecting that rook.

  21. I’ve only played chess for a dozen times. But I’m addicted to these videos.

  22. 14:44 why can't we take the rook because if Qxd4 Pxd4 then Rxh6! Black is winning

  23. i dont understand the rokk d4 thing at 14:30 because if the queen takes the rook and you take with the pawn, the black rook can take your queen… somebody explain pls

  24. Would be nice to watch if only subtitles wouldnt cover half of the board 🤔

  25. Всего 11 месяцев назад видно, как чувак был ещё не таким классным ютубером. В последних видео видно, как он очень вырос в плане поведения в видео, тем видео, тамбнейлов и прочего

  26. Your story telling is really strong. You make chess really interesting, even when not looking at the board. You have a nice way of moving through a story. Appreciate you making chess digestible for people.

  27. I remember they were also saying that for Kasparov… with deep blue etc…… Oommmggg take a decision!!!!!!!

  28. Can you just show the game , u don’t need to tell us every single possibility that could of happened

  29. I'm not sure if Magnus can win against me.

  30. Carlsen best game is VS Anish GIRI when he sacs his queen for 3 minor pieces early in the game.

  31. the move rook d4 at the end that you suggest is terrible, if black takes with the queen then hes defending the rook and the white queen is hanging so you cant even just take the queen with the pawn

  32. Like a Constrictor python, every move Levon makes, Magnus just squeezes that bit tighter.

  33. I really don’t need the guy trying to explain reasoning after the fact here. Just show me the video and shut up

  34. Just watched this video after a video from a few days ago where levi is talking about shooting bazookas threw the ceeling

    Oh how he has changed

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