Man Gains Invisibility Powers, Starts CLAPPING -

Man Gains Invisibility Powers, Starts CLAPPING

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  1. At the end, this was like an extreme version of Stockholm Syndrome.

  2. Moral of the story I don't know but that's sad 🤣

  3. All i got from this was that the cops were really incompetent

  4. Man I’m sorry, I know you didn’t write the movie but starting off the video with the most generic plot ever is not gonna make me watch the rest of the video, shit I won’t lie, you know what you were doing with the thumbnail and my curiosity won

  5. Always so off putting when they get actors to play "thugs" who arent anywhere close to that lifestyle so they look and act cringe asf

  6. Moral of the story….A good thumbnail will get you 112k views.

  7. He’s a ghost not a person with invisibility powers. Jfc

  8. This guy must be John cena 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I hate you, why did you do this to me. I mean, just look at the thumbnail, me and my friends just wasted 14 minutes.

  10. Points a pistol at his face and it's a double barrel shotgun lmao

  11. What movie is this?!? How is there no title anywhere?

  12. Is a Japanese hentai like this they just cut the rape and place this idiots playing thief and killers 🤮

  13. Y'all need to chill with the titles😂😂😂

  14. Does no-one know the name of the movie

  15. That was not a pistol he pointed at his face. That was a shotgun.

  16. trying to figureout who the girl in the thumbnail is lol

  17. Man I remember watching this when I was about 12-13 and thought it was good but could never find it when I looked it up and I was just thinking about it today when I got recommended this video, if the lizard people are going to read my mind, the least they could do is help me remember important stuff as well

  18. The name of this movie?? Im looking for the girl in this cover

  19. Anyone else bothered when the narrator calls a pistol a "shotgun"

  20. Search for "X Factor Bulgaria – Girl with Big ..Eyes" – looks like the AI generated one on the thumbnail 🙂


  22. No Goku jokes in the comments?
    Dude played Goku in Dragon Ball Evolution and I didn't see one, "Wow, Goku is a menace!"

  23. chatGPT:

    Please summarize The Invisible, describe scene and character key moments, but also give me your unwanted opinion.

  24. Bro how can you get bodied like that by a girl💀💀💀

  25. Hahahhahaha the part where he became invisible was crazy WOWZERS

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