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Minecraft’s Worst Knockoff Games

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In this video I try out the worst and best minecraft rip-off games!

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  2. Block warriors look like grand theft auto

  3. If you want to play Minecraft for free download craftsman 4

  4. Staxel isn't a mincraft rip of just cause it's blocky its more like 3d stardew

  5. What Device Do You Use To Control Fingers in VR?

  6. Oh yeah your friends definitely need a upside down pickaxe it definitely doesn't look like the other thing

  7. You should try vintage story, its even better than minecraft

  8. When I was younger and when my parents would ground me, they would only let me play games like this. I guess that’s the core of the punishment.

  9. The one that was 1$ was like grand theft auto but it was kind of combined with Minecraft.

  10. 1:16 “The Pickaxe is upisde down, Which is kinda embarrassing”

    me: why you

  11. I like playing Block Warriors,but it looks like GTA 5 but in MineCraft.

  12. The world survival is the best Minecraft download it

  13. Staxel and the VR one actually look really nice

  14. I hate the 1 one because he is your god and you shouldn’t use Jesus

  15. 5:46 AWW LE DEAR SOOOOO CUTEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  16. wait craftnite is fortnite + minecraft

  17. I love crafting and building and Kawaii craft and multi craft

  18. Sir you have made me happy thank you

  19. crafting and building like real Minecraft

  20. Thanos glove is a literal matter manipulator

  21. That coding game is probably used by university students

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