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Minecraft’s Worst Knockoff Games

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In this video I try out the worst and best minecraft rip-off games!

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  1. That ain’t an upside done pickaxe it’s the finger in the middle

  2. honestly dude go on scratch youll find some pretty decent ones but youll find some stuff alright

  3. Bro you can be Jesus in Craftnite 💀

  4. oh i know what the upside down pickaxe is.. and i know why it's sus and i don't wanna know 😳😢


  6. Block warriors look like grand theft auto

  7. If you want to play Minecraft for free download craftsman 4

  8. Staxel isn't a mincraft rip of just cause it's blocky its more like 3d stardew

  9. What Device Do You Use To Control Fingers in VR?

  10. Oh yeah your friends definitely need a upside down pickaxe it definitely doesn't look like the other thing

  11. You should try vintage story, its even better than minecraft

  12. When I was younger and when my parents would ground me, they would only let me play games like this. I guess that’s the core of the punishment.

  13. The one that was 1$ was like grand theft auto but it was kind of combined with Minecraft.

  14. 1:16 “The Pickaxe is upisde down, Which is kinda embarrassing”

    me: why you

  15. I like playing Block Warriors,but it looks like GTA 5 but in MineCraft.

  16. The world survival is the best Minecraft download it

  17. Staxel and the VR one actually look really nice

  18. I hate the 1 one because he is your god and you shouldn’t use Jesus

  19. 5:46 AWW LE DEAR SOOOOO CUTEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  20. wait craftnite is fortnite + minecraft

  21. I love crafting and building and Kawaii craft and multi craft

  22. Sir you have made me happy thank you

  23. crafting and building like real Minecraft

  24. Thanos glove is a literal matter manipulator

  25. That coding game is probably used by university students

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