MLB | Top 15 Games of the Regular Season (2021) -

MLB | Top 15 Games of the Regular Season (2021)

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15 of the best games that 2021 had to offer.

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  1. Honestly 9/11 game with Mets and Yankees was absolutely amazing and should be on here and up near the top. Reminded me of the subway serieses from the late 90s early 2000s

  2. Is it just me or is there a lot of East coast biased in this video?

  3. NONE of the cardinals games during the 17 game win streak?

  4. Would've loved to see the Mariners Grandslam 7-0 comeback vs the Astros

  5. As a red Sox fan I rlly wish mariners made it to wild card

  6. Another HM: Mets vs Yankees 9/11 and 9/12

  7. I was looking for the WAS vs MIL in late August, that game was crazy. 9-6 MIL win, Yeli Grand Slam

  8. Not having the Jul. 27th HOU@SEA game on this list is ridiculous

  9. What the Dodgers v Astros at Dodger Stadium with fans in stands, didn’t make the top 15 games of the season 👎🏽

  10. Mets yankees Lindor 3HR game gotta be on here

  11. every giants-dodgers game was so intense last years, go giants😤

  12. I was expecting the Reds v Padres game when Farmer hit the game tying HR, then India hit one in the 10th, then the Padres hit 2 to win the game. And then I remembered it was the Reds and no one cares.

  13. the nats and twins are almost always a part of (usually the losing side) some of the best games in the mlb year after year

  14. Number two should have been Gilbert no-hitter

  15. Ugh I remember that Padres comeback vs the Nats and thinking it was the beginning of the end for our season

  16. As a Jays fan, I'm proud to say that even with only 30,000 and not 50,000, we can still make the 'Dome EXPLODE 😁

    On an aside, loved watching the Mariners this past season. I watched that Haniger game and was pretty drunk by the 8th inning- lost my shit when Haniger drove in those two runs. Crazy-awesome night.

  17. how did the lindor 3HR game not make it on this list!

  18. I’m mariners fan!
    The first game was so exicited!

  19. I swear that the Mariners HR cam is the best in baseball. Love how it travels with the runner around 3rd 👍🏾🔥

  20. Regardless of team allegiance, #15 involving Urshela busting it full speed without regard to his well being to catch the fly ball as he careers into the Tampa dugout could have ended with a horrendous outcome which should make every pure true fan grateful that it didn't!

  21. Giants vs. A’s (June 26) should’ve been in the Top 10, it was a thrilling game, especially the Curt Casali walk-off in extra innings. With that win on that day, the Giants were the first team to reach 50 wins in the regular season at the time from that victory

  22. Good choice of contests, good editing job. Every time I look up there's Nelson Cruz! ⚾

  23. i was at the honorable mention game… when the 7-hole hitter hit the homerun- it was so heartbreaking-

    and then when Haniger went up at one point- some people started chanting- Haniger- Haniger! And the next pitch he launches a homerun center field- the reactions of everybody was insane.

  24. Field of Dreams was a great one but for some reason I can’t put my finger on, it felt blatantly scripted lol

  25. I can’t believe chad green threw 13 pitches and gave up about like 8 runs and recorded 1 out

  26. Yankees Sox final SNB of the year (Dropped pop ups, Judge dropped third strike, Stanton bomb) should be on here that game was fucking nuts.

  27. Theres a few mariners games that arent on her that’s criminal

  28. everybody talks about Urshela flying into the dugout, but no one mentions the Umpire flying as well lol (4:48 at the right side of the screen)

  29. Here after another day of lockout. Thank you so much for this video and this channel. It’s incredible!

  30. Tigers-Twins 17-14.

    For pure enjoyment value as a baseball fan, seeing two teams beat each other up and put 31 runs on the board HAS to be up there.

  31. 44:29 went to that game, it was so fun, sure we lost but man it was so fun

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