MLB | Top 15 Games of the Regular Season (2022) -

MLB | Top 15 Games of the Regular Season (2022)

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15 of the best games 2022 had to offer.

0:00 Intro
0:10 #16 TEX vs TOR (4/8)
5:44 #15 LAD vs STL (7/13)
9:42 #14 HOU vs NYY (6/23)
13:41 #13 WSH vs STL (9/7)
17:51 #12 MIL vs SF (7/15)
21:54 #11 MIN vs CLE (9/17)
27:44 #10 SEA vs KC (9/25)
33:03 #9 TB vs NYY (8/17)
38:05 #8 NYY vs SEA (8/9)
42:54 #7 NYM vs PHI (8/21)
47:58 #6 LAA vs PHI (6/5)
52:35 #5 NYM vs PHI (5/5)
58:26 #4 PIT vs NYY (9/20)
1:03:05 #3 NYM vs SF (5/24)
1:07:56 #2 CLE vs CWS (5/9)
1:14:39 #1 ATL vs SEA (9/11)

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  1. You should have added the orioles vs angels

  2. The 2022 Blue Jays arc is incredible. Erasing a 7 run deficit in their first game only to blow a 7 run lead in their last game

  3. Mets really had some crazy games this year. Turn that Mets/Giants game around in the Mets favor and they are division champions playing against Philly in the NLDS. And Atlanta against the Padres. Who knows if the Pads and Phills would've still met in the NLCS. Baseball is fucking crazy. (and yes you could say the same about the braves mariners game but the braves won the division even with that loss bc of the tiebreaker)

  4. I really appreciate how you also put a good pitching matchup (NYY V SEA) in your list because the best games aren’t always slugfests

  5. I’ve just subscribed!! Your videos are amazing mate!!

  6. 7:02 Albert running full speed to home must be the scariest thing for a catcher

  7. The 9/17 MIN vs CLE game got snubbed, should be top 5 at least

  8. I was waiting a lot for this video! Thank you! I have a suggestion, make a edit with the 10 greatest innings of the 2022 season!

  9. The best part of the video is you telling us the dates of the games! Now I can go enjoy the games in there entirety!

  10. Apperantly I went to the best game of the year

  11. I remember watching the last six innings of that 13-inning marathon game. Part of me wanted to die because the Mariners couldn't score through 12 innings, part of me wanted to piss myself laughing at how the Yankees forgot what good baserunning is. All of me is thankful Torrens finally ended it.

  12. I was at the giants game on 7/15 with friends. when yaz hit the grand slam one of my friends blacked out for a second they were so happy. we were all screaming and hugging like they’d just clinched the pennant. and yeah the giants ended up fizzling out pretty badly but BASEBALL IS FUN!!

  13. This ranking is awful, how on earth do you not include the astros vs oriols game????

  14. I'm Braves fan and I went to Duhram Bulls game on September 11 I was watching Braves game by phone and I was sad that we lost that game but I still think it is one of the Best MLB game I've ever seen in my life. Duhram Bulls lost that game but my friend got homerun ball!!. It was one of the best day I've ever had!!

  15. I was sitting in the diamond club for the Mariners Braves game and can see myself on tv in most of the clips!

  16. Detroit vs Guardians definitely should be up here when chafin had 3 strikeouts in one inning and still lost

  17. I Was At Number 6 Phi Vs LAA Best Game Ever

  18. Phillies went on a rollercoaster ride this season

  19. Can you upload the most runs scored in a game from the 2022 season

  20. I was at 3 of these games Yankees mariners, Yankees pirates, and mariners braves. You definitely put them in the right order!

  21. I was at the Braves v M’s game as well as the game where the M’s clinched the postseason but honestly the Braves game was more exciting

  22. nobody would agree with me on this one cuz it’s the A’s but the A’s walk off the yankees on a dj lemahieu throwing error after stephen vogt hit a 2-run homer to tie the game

  23. Think about this, there’s about 2,430 games played in a regular season and these 15 games top ALL of the 2,415 other ones

  24. thought the astros no hitting the yankees would be here

  25. The Orioles should have been on this list for a few games. Especially during their win streak when they won so many by walk off. Also Astros/Orioles was pure insanity in the best way possible. Birdland future is bright and chaos is coming

  26. Yup baby stadium is why he got the AL home run 1st place it doesn’t count when that Yankee stadium is a nicky mouse field

  27. Good job in being in best games n 2022 Yankees unfortunately Yankees got swept in ALCS bc Astros is their daddy

  28. That last gMe it was obvious blue jay guy got out wtf

  29. So glad that the SEA vs KC game was in here. Would have been kinda mad if a comeback from 9 runs down in 1 inning wasn't in here

  30. Bro what. You add the game that giants won vs brewers and didn’t add a single brewers game which they played so many intense games smh

  31. I was at that mariners braves game and it was electric in that 9th inninng

  32. As a Phillies fan, #6 then #5 are the perfect equivalent of the disappointed black guy meme

  33. It was a Free Agent year for a LOT of big name players this year. That led to a lot of excitement! The big name players looking to earn their next big paychecks

  34. The Mets had a phenomenal year. Makes it hurt even more.

  35. Man ….I'm a stros fan but I love Josh Nailor's enthusiasm….dude gets so pumped….I love that way more than just a dumb bat FLIPS, pitcher stair down, or the stupid walking up the line admiring the ball…such narcissistic arrogance

  36. As a rangers fan I loved watching the Texas and Toronto game for the first two innings until our pitching collapsed

  37. Nonesense i dont see SHOHEi!‼️ "hmmm!"…

  38. how is there not NYY v MIN 6/9/22 9 homers hit that game and constantly back and forth finished 10-7

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