Mobile Games Now 🤮 Vs Mobile Games Then 🤩 #shorts #fyp #games #nostalgia -

Mobile Games Now 🤮 Vs Mobile Games Then 🤩 #shorts #fyp #games #nostalgia

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Mobile Games Now 🤮 Vs Mobile Games Then 🤩 #shorts #fyp #games




  1. Endless runner mobile games are bad. What about games that you can actually beat and have a proper complete gaming experience with?

    Old mobile games were found on devices like the N-Gage, J2ME and PalmOS.

  2. Man games be hitting different 😢

  3. First one sus ❤😂😂😂😂🚫 so baned sus okey loser

  4. Back then

    Subway surfers

    Temple run

    Angry birds

    Fruit ninja

    Clash of clans

    Plants vs zombies

    Man the nostalgia 😢

  5. Bro those games were made long time ago games now can sometimes be better

  6. Subway surfes isn't that good game but I 100% better then games now

  7. Bro i remember playing minion rush as a kid❤

  8. When I was 5 minion rush was the only game for me

  9. eat burger: eric cartman
    eat pickle: stickman

  10. The minion one was my favourite game pls pin me cuz of the old days

  11. Back then, everything was Subway Surfers

  12. Then: subway surfer 😎
    Now: gacha life 🤡

  13. I remember temple run,pou,red ball 3 and 4,cat simulator 2015 and old minecraft copycats that are good! (Now i have real minecraft) the good era of 2014-2019 and don't forget og angry birds and bad piggies

  14. You know who makes those games? Gen Z 💀

  15. Old games will never be forgotten 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  16. fr i cant believe these games what we have now is about sx and i dont like it bc even kids play these games what we have now

  17. Sadly, people in 2045 will find the first 2 nostalgic.

  18. Just keep in mind somebody coded that first game 💀

  19. U forgot geometry dash, temple run and fruit ninja

  20. Minion rush 😢 best game ever

  21. You guys sub way suffer is ending soon you must download it before is to late p

  22. Nah mate, true mobile games was the crappy car game preinstalled on my mothers Nokia fliphone. I played that for hours and it absolutely sucked.

  23. Amazing spider-man 2 gameloft game 😢😢😢😢😢

  24. Bro forgot geometry dash it was damn a classic that the chads would play🗿🗿

  25. Then : Cool , nice

    Now : what even is this shit ?

  26. And back then there wasn’t any money grubbing or ads

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