Most popular games (2004 - 2020) -

Most popular games (2004 – 2020)

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This video shows the top 10 games searched everywhere in the world since 2004. I apologize if there are any mistakes, the video took a crap top of time and a like is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Note: Its not the search terms which are taken into account, the entire searches for a game are taken into account. Suppose COD, Call of duty both go together. The searches are found by using data from multiple sites and they might be a little off form actual values.

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  1. Cadê Free Fire? Mais popular de 2018,2019,2020

  2. What the hell you didn't put free fire its a popular game it have 500m download

  3. Stardew Valley and No Mans Sky should be way up there. Minecraft wasn't that popular at all.

  4. I like all games but I hate people who says my game is the best and is better than that game (you will probably find more people in minecraft lol)

  5. I am honestly surprised pvz ever made it onto top 10 or terraria

  6. league in this video: I'm a smol game tryna be the best game :<
    league in reality: I have the biggest community of videogames!

  7. As a nintendo fan im surprised you didnt put in any Nintendo games

  8. My fav game is roblox that game has billion players

  9. Minecraft x fortnite fude is like the rock vs stone cold rivalry 😂

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