Most popular games (2004 - 2020) -

Most popular games (2004 – 2020)

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This video shows the top 10 games searched everywhere in the world since 2004. I apologize if there are any mistakes, the video took a crap top of time and a like is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Note: Its not the search terms which are taken into account, the entire searches for a game are taken into account. Suppose COD, Call of duty both go together. The searches are found by using data from multiple sites and they might be a little off form actual values.

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  1. I am unreasonably happy that I saw Star Wars: Empire at War and Plants versus Zombies on there, even if it was only for a little bit and they were pretty low.

  2. you got halo 2 and 3 also halo 3 odst where are halo 4 halo 5 gurdians

  3. World of Warcraft: I jeeted everyone
    Minecraft: Are u sure about that?

  4. Minecraft is like a moutain, can climb it but not move it

  5. no one:
    minecraft during 2018 to 2020: I almost lost my cool there

  6. No matter how mamy times Minecraft is defeated, he always comes back on the top.

  7. Minecraft's the best game letsss gooo



  9. Now a video where you exclude all searches by people of the age 16 or younger. 100% this is a very different video

  10. 2018 was where everything started to get worse

  11. Minecraft is like the bitcoin of gaming! ^^

  12. Fortnite is for kids
    Minecraft is for Legends!!

  13. Minecraft x fortnite fude is like the rock vs stone cold rivalry 😂

  14. My fav game is roblox that game has billion players

  15. As a nintendo fan im surprised you didnt put in any Nintendo games

  16. league in this video: I'm a smol game tryna be the best game :<
    league in reality: I have the biggest community of videogames!

  17. I am honestly surprised pvz ever made it onto top 10 or terraria

  18. I like all games but I hate people who says my game is the best and is better than that game (you will probably find more people in minecraft lol)

  19. Stardew Valley and No Mans Sky should be way up there. Minecraft wasn't that popular at all.

  20. What the hell you didn't put free fire its a popular game it have 500m download

  21. Cadê Free Fire? Mais popular de 2018,2019,2020

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