Most Popular Games (2004 - 2021) but is a MUSICAL BATTLE -

Most Popular Games (2004 – 2021) but is a MUSICAL BATTLE

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This numbers aren’t 100% accurate. Data based on Google searches.

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a song using ONLY sounds from AMONG US

Fall Guys – Survive The Fall (SATOSHI EDM Remix)

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Prologue Fight Theme (Hip Hop Remix)

Fortnite Dance Music (Lucas Fader Remix)

Gaming Background Music For Roblox Videos

[Free To Use] PUBG Theme Song (Toxin Remix) | No Copyright Music

OST Battlefield 1 – Main Theme (Classic Theme)

Attack On Titan S4 (Final Season) – Trailer Theme (Epic Cover by PokéMixr92)

Clash of Clans Theme Song Remixed | CoC Trap Remix (EDM Clash Song)

Welcome To Los Santos

Sweden (C418 synthwave/80s)

Temple Run (iOS) Music- Running Music

Punyaso ft DanBeat – Angry Birds Remix Musica sin Copyright

Halo Reach Main Theme / Intro Music

Starcraft 2 Soundtrack – Terran 01

Prince of Persia – Warrior Within OST #1 Welcome Within

Dofus OST – 01 – Dofus Ouverture

Runescape 07 Main Theme Trap Remix

Grand Theft Auto IV Full Theme Song| No copyright

Plasma3Music – The Shaping of the World (World of Warcraft Remix) [Copyright Free Cinematic]

Gta Vice City Ringtone | Gta San andreas | No Copyright Music

Epic Action Chase Background Music For Videos/Dramatic Adrenaline Music/Epic Drums/Hybrid Trailer

Epic Music (Emotional, Heroic, Piano) – Iron Man Tribute – No Copyright Music

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Tools Used for Most Popular Games (2004 – 2021) but is a MUSIC BATTLE :

Google Trends
Ammount Search Tool
Flourish Studio
Microsoft Excel
Wondershare Filmora


1) I gathered data from . The .csv files containing search interest values were downloaded from Google Trends for every character.

2) Ammount Search Tool determined the average monthly search volume for every anime.

3) The number of searches per month for each calendar year were proportioned based on official reports from Google.

4) Data modeling through an algorithm invented by me to obtain the most realistic data possible.

5) Search interest values and proportioned monthly search volumes were placed in Excel for calculations.

6) The data was placed into Flourish Studio to create the data visualization piece.

7) Image and audio assets were added with Wondershare Filmora.


  1. It took me literally a year to make this video (I started it on Dec 23, 2020 😆) Seriously, I reviewed 2062 video games and it took forever to get the video out. Having said that, thank you very much for the 150k subscribers, I never imagined I would go this far. Share the video with a friend If you want to support me, thank you 🥰

  2. Minecraft is the world popular game in 2021 bc in 2020 its among us and i will never forget roblox 🙂

  3. Nobody,

    Me – Finding Garena free fire in video 🤔🤔

  4. i love how everyone was like at 2016 August all of these games are awesome until battlefield 1 comes out with 41mil players

  5. Only I know 2018-2019-2020-2021 Most played game is Mobile legends

  6. The disclaimer is "based on Google searches" doesn't particularly mean that the game itself is good… Just means it got some sort of attention

  7. everybody gangsta till amog us goes WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  8. Fallguys: Hello!

    Among us:NOPE


  9. where's papa louie it was popular in 2010-2012

  10. Everyone gangsta till Minecraft joins the chat

  11. Everyone gangsta till Minecraft joins the chat

  12. Me looking at the bottom the whole time because I know my favorite game won't be anywhere near the top 👁👄👁

  13. Fun fact -: Cyberpunk is on the top but due to some glitch u r not able to see that ✌️😂

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