My Best Game So Far -

My Best Game So Far

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January GM Norm Round Robin Game 7

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  1. It takes a strong person to not only mention his biggest fear but also share it with the world. When you are going for something you really want then of course you’re going to be scared and nervous. It’s so easy to doubt yourself and it can affect how well you play. So I hope you can focus on the positive and get more confident!

    There is this saying in a country I forget about how the cup is already broken. So if you drop a cup you haven’t broken it, it just goes back to its original state (because everything was originally nothing). Basically, everything you ever get in life is a bonus and if you lose it, you don’t really lose it. The cup is already broken.

    I don’t know if this helps, but it always helps me.

  2. For those of us that aren't gigantic pretentious assholes we appreciate the difficulty and struggle with you being so open about it. Chess is a brutal game and we all know the 2000's would have been lost on move 6, many of whom probably have never played OTB. in short, fuck em' you just do you.

  3. Hey brother love your content, I have an old TV would it be possible to move board game slightly to the right side of screen, I can't see the A file? Anyhow how thank you for the content , and wish you the best brother 💪

  4. I don't know how much it matters since it's just a comment among thousands but you should take pride in what you've succeeded so far. I read comments from others saying that you have genuinely helped them with your videos, and to me, while help is a big word, you've been a company that sparked my love for the game of chess, for which I am forever grateful. Being on the spotlight is certainly not easy, especially because a small portion of the people actively enjoy criticizing others. The Levy I know has inspired many many people, has achieved things nobody has before, is an actual role model as a person if you consider his attitude all this time, and on top of that he raised money to give back to the community. I honestly don't give a shit if Levy didn't find a random ass move on a random ass tournament.

  5. Doubt Levy will see this comment, but I'm really curious to know how he feels his performance in tournaments has changed as a result of having a growing YouTube following. Perhaps not at all, but then again, the world championship showed that even the best of the best are influenced by the audience

  6. since when do you give a dam about what we, the bozos, think gotham? we love seeing you play, and serving us entertainment, hell, we are even grateful for that. but stop being so harsh on yourself for making mistakes. everyone makes some, we are all human, even you the mighty gotham ;D
    bad streaks happens from time to time and they pass on quickly so just do your best trust your gut dont give a fuck, AND SUPPLY US SOME MORE COMEDY SHOW

  7. I love that he didn't cut eating the pizza out in editing.

  8. Bro if I had a slice of New York style pizza in front of me literally none of that recap would have gotten done until the slice was gone. You my friend are no mere mortal.

  9. For a sec I thougt I either saw voldemort or a troll in the thumbnail. my bad…

  10. Enjoy that pizza, I'll sit here and wait so we can continue.

  11. You're doing fine mate. Some days you kick ass, and other days you just try to hang on and get through. No shame in drawing against a GM.

  12. I really appreciate how you always make an effort to pronounce peoples names correctly.

  13. Lives in NYC. Waits until now to eat a slice on a YouTube video.

  14. I watched the whole video thinking sir Levy won it, come on man!! ( Big Fan )

  15. keep your chin up no matter what levy things have a way of working themselves out 🙂

  16. Bro, you’re losing your confidence. You gain more from struggling for the win and losing than not pushing for it at all, especially when your position is good. You can’t be a pacifist with the violence that happens over the board.

  17. When Levi's losing:I don't know what I'm doing
    When Levi's not losing: I don't know what to do

  18. levy the only creator that actually just mutes his mic and doesnt just cut it out of the video all together

  19. This comment section is too positive for me, I’m gonna cry

  20. We cheer for your success a lot more than the haters cheer for your downfall.

  21. These videos where you show your thought process are extremely useful. Thanks!

  22. You should trust your caro, remember there's a reason you love it and dedicated so much time to put the course up for us. I'm not a good chess player but some friendly advice if i may, stop trying to play something to throw your opponent off but rather play in your comfort zone, we're all here to witness your journey and as much as i would like for it to go on forever (since to me it's very entertaining and educative), you have to reach your destination at some point. Good luck!

  23. Fuckin hell dude am I watching chess or ads????

  24. I feel for ya, Levy. I just wrapped up my first OTB tournament where I missed a couple of key ideas in two games that if found, would have landed me in first place. And of course upon review, those ideas are glaringly obvious. Clearly, I've not competed very much, but I certainly got a taste of what not performing to the extent of your abilities and expectations feels like. On to the next one, mate.

  25. Levy you eat if you got to eat I respect that, I'm sat here ain't showered if 20 hours drink / eating coffee from a bottle (under)blended together with hazel nuts to quench the hunger thirst an being all types of efficient too

  26. im sorry that you didnt do as well as you hoped in the tournament. i would point something out about it that might put it in a better light. you were playing against people that like you dedicated their whole lives to chess. chess players that would stomp the people in comments that try to say you dont deserve what you have. im willing to bet that a lot of the chess players in that tournament would say that you deserved to be there even if you didnt play up to your potential. stabilize and counterattack at the next tournament.

  27. Hey man i just want you to know i consistently watch your videos, and win or lose you inspire me to continue playing chess, thanks for always provideing content we can all trust and also enjoy! Keep it up levi
    – loyal subscriber

  28. It's really smart to record your videos while streaming. There's basically no editing necessary, and you make content for both platforms.

  29. Thanks for all the great recaps! Appreciate it.

  30. Do not be discouraged. Nay-sayers can kick rocks. Your work is valued by many more than them.

  31. Day 200 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: “La mia partita migliore finora”

  32. Men why people give u hate…i don t understand …u are literally just entreteining us and trying to do something good

  33. Levy, I think your opening game needs a very slight adjustment:
    More Bongcloud!

  34. Good games man! I enjoy watching your career and its a privilege to see what it's like with all your honesty. Thanks!

  35. you have my full support and I am rooting for you! I believe in you! you got this!

  36. what happened I thought you know the best moves?

  37. We always learn from you, Levy. Thanks!!!

  38. 10:13 Who else here thought of The IT Crowd Series 2 episode 2: Return of the Golden Child? The one where Denholm's dead

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