MY GREATEST APEX GAMES EVER (highest kill record & most damage) -

MY GREATEST APEX GAMES EVER (highest kill record & most damage)

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Feb 22nd – Funniest Moments:

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0:00-1:26 Intro
1:27-25:40 Top 5 Highest Kills
25:41-27:30 Honorable Mentions
27:31-54:11 Top 5 Highest Damage
54:12-55:30 Honorable Mentions
55:31 Outro


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  1. Can you play with revenant in one of your game plays

  2. i would hate to be on timmy’s team because he would take all of the kills

  3. Jesus the third game is old. I forgot lifeline used to have a shield when she res

  4. Nobody: “Let’s go 2k damage with 6 kills”
    iiTzTimmy: “Dang only 4k damage and 16 kills”

  5. Timmy put this intro in every video dude. 😤 this is gold bro

  6. As someone who's a grown ass man which is probably not your main demographic gotta say the intro is cool the play button thing is kinda cheesy though imo

  7. Lol Lamic just got 28 kills he’s getting close

  8. This is why he’s the best player playing apex

  9. How does one get 17 knockdowns and one kill? Feels like a me game. I have like 2k damage and 13 assists with 0 kills

  10. I have never seen so much Aim assistance in my life. Everything he looks at he's already locked onto. This is Aim Hacking at its finest. 25 kills and 21 assist Cheating fuck is what this is called. And im sure he was using the Hack where he could see everyone as well. He's not good people he's a cheating fuck using Hacks.

  11. It makes me sick these fucking Cheater's creating Content like they are fucking good using Aim Hacks. Not to mention what other hacks he's using.

  12. whenever i watch timmy, it feels like he's playing a totally different game

  13. 37:05 watch the knock guy getting his shield shredded to Timmy insta locking to the guy behind him 🤨

  14. Bro this guy is a beast!! That’s absolutely amazing!!

  15. how did he do 8.2k dmg and only get 1 kill. 3 total squad kills too. dude had 17 knocks and almost always finishes his downs, so how tf did that happen? anyone got a link to vod of the game?

  16. The Kraber is a scary gun to go up against but it becomes an actual menace once someone like timmy holds it lol

  17. If my teammate is doing 5k damage and has 20 kills, why would I DC? Free Win on record.

  18. I always come back watch this and every time I do I want to pay him to get my stats up.

    Well I mean if he sees this then, hey Timmy you want 50 bucks to get me some badges for me?

  19. 12:57 Makes me wanna break some stuff, absolutely insane. It's like a Jedi Master fighting some Storm Troopers who just couldn't seem to hit back.

  20. 20:00 gotta love how he bullies a team like this
    Team: DAMN IT He’s only one man
    Tony: from behind with mastif
    Team: whendafuk

  21. Did he do all of this in one stream? I wouldn't be surprised

  22. I never see this guy lose so I kinda sometimes misting people for bots IRL SAITAMA

  23. some of the snaps directly on to a players head look well dodgy

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