My Top 10 Games of 2020 -

My Top 10 Games of 2020

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2020 had some brilliant games. Here are the ten I enjoyed the most this year.

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  1. Hades is a 2018 rofl, also, Horizon is a 2017…

  2. Your saying breath of the wild changed open world games…. Jesus

  3. i dont want to buy an ubisoft game, not ever again. its clear the company is ok with abuse and i am not.

  4. “Controlling Ori is like steering the wind.” Wow, so well said! Thanks for describing how awesome Ori’s movement is.

  5. Horizon "felt old and outdated" you're crazy. even on console its nowhere near outdated. cool video though. always appreciate your content.

  6. Man I put a lot more than 20 so hours in immortal Phoenix rising I think I got damn near 80 hours in

  7. Ain’t no WAY my man didn’t put doom eternal at least somewhere on this list!! That game has quite possibly the best fps gameplay I have ever experienced (and it’s worrying how many different fps games I’ve played)

  8. Risk of Rain 2 is my #1 of the year, I like u more now. Have this heart. <3

  9. Every time I see a clip of Hades, I get chills remembering how I felt when playing the game. After many years has a game impressed me so much!

  10. Tell me it was a shit year for games without telling me it was a shit year for games.

  11. "I like Risk Of Rain 2 Better! This is my review damnit!"

  12. You're work is always fantastic, but I think your segment on Kentucky Route Zero might be my favourite. It is everything I want to say about the game but don't have the eloquence to put into words. It is an experience that has stuck with me more than any game I have played in the last couple of years and is truly a special piece of art.

  13. Does anyone know the name of the song from Risk of Rain 2 that starts at 22:34 ?

  14. There are map markers in Breath of the wild though….

  15. My only complaint about risk of rain is what it takes to unlock classes and their upgraded moves

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