My Top 10 Games of 2020 -

My Top 10 Games of 2020

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2020 had some brilliant games. Here are the ten I enjoyed the most this year.

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  1. He really really loves to hear himself talk doesn't he

  2. Jesus, Kentucky Route Zero sounds horrible…

  3. Ubisoft needs to double down on the ship-based warfare of AC4BF and finish Skull and Bones already. It would be the same formula you're proposing here: find something that works, that people love, something you've already done, and go wild with it. It was supposed to be out in 2017, FFS.

  4. I love ralph's little speech at 36:00 and he's spot on for his vision of what games should be, but this is what all the morrowind fanboys have been writing entire masters thesis's on, and it's oddly infuriating to see something almost entirely conceptualized by western RPG devs entirely credited to BOTW

  5. Yeah, the horrors of “late stage capitalism.” Where can I get this incredibly brainwashed? Even on the most shallow level your idiocy is amazing. I mean really, your entire video is centered around things that would not exist without capitalism as you make money on YouTube in capitalist like fashion. Have it your way though, lets indulge socialism and let’s see how many games of the year there are.

  6. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed GoT, platinumed it even. I just can't understand how everyone seems to overlook one rather glaring issue. Its combat while it had stellar potential, was imo hindered by how absurdly easy it was and how dumb the AI acted. Obviously, I'm not flexing or anything, I consider myself to be not very skilled. Even so, even on lethal difficulty Jin becomes way too powerful way too soon.

  7. Probably my favorite ps4 game was Horizon zero dawn.

  8. I finished FFXIII not long ago, it took me a long time of coming and going. What a really bad game. I hate when RPG don't give me control of my party, that's the worst part, not the endless corridor levels.

  9. Great list. The only thing I would add is: If you have PC-VR, Half-Life Alyx is a masterpiece and my GOTY 2020.

  10. Horizen zero dawn is a 20-30fps piece of shit that makes my eyes bleed. Their is no 60fps update for ps5 and Horizen forbidden West will target 30Fps! If their is no 60 fps update for this game then I will NEVER play it.

  11. I hate how horizon doesn't give you an achievement for finishing it on the hardest difficulty unless you do it on new game plus, like fuck off am I gonna go through all that again on new game plus, I did this shit without all the equipment at the start and you're gonna do me dirty like that horizon, come on

  12. Keep thinking critically whenever you doubt yourself remember this.
    "Too many people thinking alike, is not enough people thinking at all"

  13. My one opinion on more triple a games getting earlier access is that there should be a longer refund period for that and it should cost less.

  14. Horizon zero dawn has best open world combat? HELLLLLL NA..Excluding GoT since it wasn’t out yet, spider man, arkham games, Skyrim shit sleeping dogs were all better

  15. Horizon zero dawn:

    graphics: great
    gameplay/combat: great
    enemies: great
    story: bad
    feminism: bad

  16. The noisy plaster phylogenetically strap because trout relevantly pack across a pumped rainbow. old, thankful process

  17. I didn't have any issues with inventory or resource collection in horizon. Are you sure you were not doing something wrong? Were you not using all your tools? Maybe in the first few hours you have to concentrate on your resources a little bit because you have few weapons, ammo type and low ammo capacity, but after a few hours it becomes irrelevant.

  18. Not BS at all bro, I thought I was the only one that thought this way. Keep being you and you down to earth self.

  19. one of the worst gaming year ever with some exceptions 🥱😴👎

  20. "Developing a game is impossible" should be rephrased developing any software is impossible going with their reasons.

  21. Lol. Wasteland 3. I stopped in the middle of it, because i was so bored. But happy you had your fun with it.

  22. Great list, the only game from it I don't like is ROR2. It looked like it would be so much fun but now I utterly hate it. The pressure of a clock and the wack respawns sucked my enjoyment from it but hey I should've known what I was getting into.

  23. looks like I have stumbled upon a great gaming channel. Subscribed instantly. Good list though.

  24. I was completely satisfied what U were speaking about dullness of Horizon ZD , but later on U came back and started to glorify it. Well, in just my opinion it is the game with the most unsatisfied and repetitive loot EVER ! Just a few modifiers glyphs or whatnot, few bows, not to speak about acquired skill points without skills tree big enough. All in all just an OVER overrated game ever, along with the Outer Worlds… I said just an opinion. No matter what , I`ll sub today, cause U make pretty damn good, one of the best overviews out there. And thank You for that!

  25. Unpopular opinion, Horizon is way better than Breath of the Wild. And Breath of the Wild didnt change how we view open world. It didnt do anything Horizon didnt do except have better climbing.

  26. None of the issues you mentioned with Horizon were actually issues.

  27. My only complaint about risk of rain is what it takes to unlock classes and their upgraded moves

  28. There are map markers in Breath of the wild though….

  29. Does anyone know the name of the song from Risk of Rain 2 that starts at 22:34 ?

  30. You're work is always fantastic, but I think your segment on Kentucky Route Zero might be my favourite. It is everything I want to say about the game but don't have the eloquence to put into words. It is an experience that has stuck with me more than any game I have played in the last couple of years and is truly a special piece of art.

  31. "I like Risk Of Rain 2 Better! This is my review damnit!"

  32. Tell me it was a shit year for games without telling me it was a shit year for games.

  33. Every time I see a clip of Hades, I get chills remembering how I felt when playing the game. After many years has a game impressed me so much!

  34. Risk of Rain 2 is my #1 of the year, I like u more now. Have this heart. <3

  35. Ain’t no WAY my man didn’t put doom eternal at least somewhere on this list!! That game has quite possibly the best fps gameplay I have ever experienced (and it’s worrying how many different fps games I’ve played)

  36. Man I put a lot more than 20 so hours in immortal Phoenix rising I think I got damn near 80 hours in

  37. Horizon "felt old and outdated" you're crazy. even on console its nowhere near outdated. cool video though. always appreciate your content.

  38. “Controlling Ori is like steering the wind.” Wow, so well said! Thanks for describing how awesome Ori’s movement is.

  39. i dont want to buy an ubisoft game, not ever again. its clear the company is ok with abuse and i am not.

  40. Your saying breath of the wild changed open world games…. Jesus

  41. Hades is a 2018 rofl, also, Horizon is a 2017…

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