My top 10 games of 2021 -

My top 10 games of 2021

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Happy New Year!!! Here are the 10 best games I played this year.

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Edited by Austin @ausomehd

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  1. You good bro? Haven't seen a video form you in a couple weeks. Hope all is well!

  2. IS LAYMEN DED💀 oh god i miss the good ol’ days😭 baby come back you can blame it all on me😢

  3. Best Top 10 Games list I've ever seen. Not just because of the games chosen, but because of the script, and the reasons embedded in the writing.
    Very well done!

  4. 17:52 Returnal can fuck right off! I mean the game is just right up my fucking alley, but there is no fucking way that I get a PS5 for that… not to mention the fact that I can't even get one even if I wanted to…

  5. This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians- says:

    Did Laymen Gaming die off.. 4 months and still no call? I don't think we were that terrible to Sam.

  6. I hope you're doing okay, I'm really missing you on Tuesdays :C

  7. Hey man this is the first Skill Up video I've watched but damn I'm now a subscriber. You really know how to captivate and describe a game so well that I found myself excited to see what your next entry in the top ten would be. Not once did I feel like an entry in the list was half baked or not thought through.
    Great work!

  8. Hello there, do you have a minute to hear about the goodness of our lord and savior “The Outer Wilds”?

  9. What happened? Where are you? Stay safe!

  10. Lost in WOW? How? The game that started the handholding cookie cutter experience. WoW destroyed MMORPG gaming.

  11. The games you like should be on your list.

  12. Sorry but except for Sable, Psychonauts, and Outer WIlds your choices suck.

  13. As a fellow Australian, Toobs' return was the best thing to happen this year. Glad we agree.

  14. "I haven't played Psychonauts 1" THEN WHAT ARE YA DOIN LAD GO PLAY IT ITS JUST AS GOOD

  15. Context: I played Destiny from its launch, consistently without many long breaks.
    Statement: Destiny 2 was so profoundly unsatisfying in 2021 that I have basically resolved to quit it for good. Its inclusion on this list for THIS year of all things is shocking, to be frank. Damn they broke my heart this year and I have no idea what you're thinking with this.

  16. Never have I taken a number one spot more seriously than with this recap, what a wonderful way to present a top ten list . Well done my friend.

  17. Your channel is one of the VERY few channels of which I would happily spend hours watching and be engaged the entire time. Thank you for your content.

  18. Dude, Housemarque gave us Super Stardust HD for the PS3, which is a game I'm STILL waiting for a re-release! Their follow-up didn't quite scratch the same itch, but Returnal looks great.

  19. I'm going to try The Outer Wilds based on this with zero knowledge of the game. It's a great thing when someone can appreciate what they are about to experience before actually experiencing it! Thanks!

  20. 33:28: Skyrim's Secunda hitting me for the first time while roaming near Saarthal. I want to feel that again.

  21. I did finally pick up Returnal and… it surprise me so much that became one of my favourite games I ever played just after 10 min

  22. I almost clicked off with the Destiny 2 entry. Got to be honest.

  23. Valheim is great solo but I would highly recommened playing solo with some anti grind mods. Just things to make up for the extra time sink playing single requires such as larger inventory.

  24. This top ten video did not feel like a top ten video. I don't know if it's because I love gaming, or that it's 12:30am or you're just an amazing videographer but it felt like art bro. Keep it up.

  25. Finally tried outer wilds from this being the third year in a row you sang its praises.

    Outer wilds is easily one of the best games I've ever played. Thanks for repeatedly pushing this game because it deserves all the praise and recognition you gave it.

  26. euheuehueheuhue i like Outer Wilds eueuehueheuhueheuheu we get it

  27. NLG, Destiny REALLY FUCKING SUCKS, bit the bits I like? can't get them many other places (and the main place ~warframe~ i was down to speed-repeating specific missions chasing 2-8% droprate items tied to 205 minute "AABC" cycle times.).
    Destiny has the gunplay, the wow-factor when you fire off a good weapon and the seasonal content has put in some damned engaging stuff.
    alas the pvP sucks, the FOMO business model and daily-grind WILL drain you of good will rairly quickly and dear gods the game has some of the worst social-featrures, (lack of) matchmaking, player-physics (aiming mid-air will drop you like a stone but there's "exploits" that let you literally sword-glide in the air at great momentum/speed or launch of tiny pebbles to become a human pinball) and worst of all the god damned RNG loot with a TERRIBLE UI and "small" vault/bank that relies on third party tools to manage your items, pick-up your bounties (the zone-load times are obnoxious) and re-arrange your gear into your preferred builds.

    Oh and the devs planned so poorly in advance that EVERY new zone/change requires them to have deleted a bunch of existing content lest the performance, load-speeds, enemy Ai/rubber-banding and general server performance judder to an artefact laden heap on the screen before your eyes.

    oh and the "expansion" (charging more than the average freshly minted EA published title) looks to be a reset-to zero affair where fundamental gameplay is about to be upheaved, all existing hard-earned loot likely (i'm speculating but the signs are there, laugh at me if i'm proven wrong) will become utterly obsolete before the new drop gear-systems and frankly bungo are tearing their game expansion into no less than 8 separate pieces and saying "if you don't pre-order the super ultimate complete edition WITH pay-gated ~celebration~ event you will be charged more later versus paying less now for content in 12-16 months". their business model was expanded again to be one of the most abusive I have seen (plus the in-game cash-shop, plus the merch that required in-game event victories to access (taking up limited in-game faction-inventory space for the unlock-proof token) plus the MANDATORY clan/discord based play to do more than the bare minimum of available content.

  28. really…outer worlds dlc is GOTY? yeesh

  29. LOVE Vallheim, and not in an "i kinda like some of what destiny has to offer" kind of way
    it's fairly priced, the gameplay is engaging the world/weather/exploration is almost unrivalled and the sense of being tied to the area you have been dropped increases with every structure and upgrade you have to install and protect for the next upgrade.

    2 dominant issues that impact it's longevity.
    Bosses both before you know of them and even once killed have zero worth to the player, they are gatekeepers but not aspects of the world itself, you summon them you win/die and you move on. It means no matter how fun a boss fight may be there's no reward-reason to fight it again after the first.
    Second is the world, it's vast and dangerous at first but like an MMO as you get better ear/food/support every step up the tech tree removes 2/3 of the remaining play-field from relevance/sense-of-danger, first it's all the meadows, then the dark forests and by then around 80% of the landmass has become functionally trivialised and can provide nothing to you beyond raw materials for folly/aesthetic buildings.
    Admittedly the remaining biomes are still more than capable of surprising you but you go from rag-tag survivors to untouchable master of most-terrain in a way that's just not engaging during your ever-longer journeys to 4x your way into the now available biomes (you can try to visit them out of order but there's always ~something~ gate-kept behind the relevant boss so you may get some early benefits (seeds, meat/pets or trade-items) but the linear progression fails to back-fill areas you have killed the boss for with any patrols/threat/changes/updates.

    by contrast terraria (the closest gameplay analogue) knows that being forever safe after taking out a boss is boring so will have biomes encroach on each other and minecraft (the closest world/progression title) leans a LOT more into your ability to build and fast-track around the world with portals, rails, flight-suits AND mounts. Vallheim has only portals and boats where the portals almost feel like cheating they are so cheap (but ore can't be transported through) and the boats are sluggish and are at the mercy of a dynamic-wind effect (and the awesome weather/storm/day-night effects) that will CONSATNTLY redirect itself to counter your intended direction of travel so instead of sailing around you will find yourself slow-boating only when you have no other choice (transporting ores) as a portal network is cheap, convenient and utterly risk/downtime/cost-free once you have some basic walls up to defend both ends.

    minor complaints, no idea why the spears/2-hander weapons are so effectively useless, the spear strikes downwards like you are holding a comically large dagger (psycho movie style) but it can't strike lower than your hips despite being taller than your character, the 2 handers have a massive wind-up and prevent all shield/block-use so you will get swarmed and projectile-hit to death as the added damage isn't worth having near zero defences against the world filled with ranged/fast/long-reach/hard-hitting/flying enemies.

  30. Calm down bro I don't want to get pregnant

  31. Exploration in games is my #1 purchasing requirement these days. Without exploration and a reward system to do so, I don't bother.

  32. I finally started playing outer wilds after this video and it’s definitely one of the greatest games ever made.

  33. I can't believe Destiny fucking 2 made the list and not NieR Replicant. For having such high praise for NieR: Automata, that surprises me.

  34. Lmao, I was literally about to pick up Destiny 2 based on your description and analysis of it… rip. MMO's almost always manage to destroy the experience of either the veterans or the new players… sometimes both.

  35. I accidentally bought Outer Wilds twice on Epic and Steam, tried to refund, but it was after 2 weeks until I realized it. Still, I actually do not regret 🙂

  36. What is the song that you put on the background when you started to talk about sable

  37. Thank you for mentioning Hitman 3 getting overlooked. Asking as many outlets as I could why they didn't at least nominate the game, the most common response I got was, "Aw sh*t, I forgot that came out this year. We messed that up."

  38. Note to self: never again watch a Skill Up video drunk again! While RE-watching this list in a semi-sober condition I decided to purchase some games based on your recommendation, only to find out that I already purchased those games earlier…probably when the video first went live and I was drunk…😂

    FYI: I purchased Sable, Psychonauts 2 and Guardians and probably a few others I haven’t found in my libraries yet…

  39. Why do you hate NFTs so much? You complain about games sucking your money but why are you so against owning your in game items and selling them if you want to?

  40. I don't think I have ever skipped ahead in a video faster than when I saw one of the destiny things

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