My Top 10 MOST PLAYED GAMES on Switch by HOURS -

My Top 10 MOST PLAYED GAMES on Switch by HOURS

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My top 10 most played Nintendo Switch games by how many HOURS I put into them! The list certainly surprised me!


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  1. Surprised to See zelda is missing . It wouldnt be my number one as well bit it would be pretty damn high on my list.

  2. I quit on DQXI as well, the soundtrack gave me headaches but…got better when putting the bgm on mute. But imo you should continue YSVIII instead as it gets pretty good.🤘🏼 cheers!

  3. Something I wish they would do for Mario kart is to make every character and every cart and part for a cart aesthetic only they can make driving styles like crash team racing or something I just don't like how you're forced to use like waluigi in the wiggler cart to even compete half the time

  4. Your hour count is really really low … you obviously don’t play your switch much

  5. That's the problem when you have too many games you never get to spend enough time on just one game I never buy games I don't intend to beat one day

  6. 17 hours in DQ? bro ur doing something wrong.

  7. EXTREMELY surprised that Breath of the Wild isn't in your top 10…

  8. why do people want to play witcher 3 or skyrim or any open world games on the switch? it's such a terrible performing machine. my god. and now after the steam deck is out, no one should be forced to play those games on switch

  9. Do you mostly play your switch on handheld mode or docked mode?

  10. My son and I put 890 hours in breath of the wild

  11. I couldn’t imagine playing a shoot ‘em up that long and having nothing to show for on botw 🤣

  12. My top 10 are all RPGs, lol. 200+ hours in each of the Xenoblade games, 150+ in SMT V. Started DQ 11 but got side tracked

  13. It would drive me mad having that many unfinished games that I have started. Bizarre to me.

  14. Not even maybe- take the time to play DQ11 all the way through if you can. I beat it on PS4 when it came out and have been enjoying it all over again with the new content on Steam.

  15. Hey man! Glad to see more videos from you!! As usual, RPGs are the ones dominating the most played games list. One thing I'd like to point out is that the Switch has a strange way to track your games. Sometimes the Switch forgets the time tracking of a game that you haven't played for a while. It's also important to point out that it only counts the hours played on the console, meaning if you changed to a new console it will restart the tracking. I had like 35 hours of Hades on my old Switch and when I jump over my bew Oled it start all over again! It's kind of sad. This doesn't happen on Playstation. I wish there could be an app to precisely track all these data. Anyways, glad you're an Ys fan as well, take care!!

  16. Puts The Witcher 3 on switch, charges 70 for Tears of the Kingdom.

  17. what's the name of that music that plays in the endo of the video ? I really liked it
    and cool video, it's ok to understand since you have a lots of systems and I say this for myself who have 25 system rn so I don't play that much on a single system XD

  18. me playing DQ11 for 210+ hrs and STILL haven’t finished the game. I really like to explore every corner of that game.

  19. Not surprised for sky force for you. Youve been talking about shoot em ups for years. I would say its one of your fav genres.

  20. You should definitely get back into Dragon Quest if you can! Yes, it's a very long game but it's such a comforting experience and the story starts getting crazy.

  21. In balls deep in Kingdoms of Amuler right now

  22. I think I have more hours on smash ultimate than all your switch games combined lol

  23. I can’t believe you didn’t play at least 50 hours of Zelda Breath of the wild 😢

  24. Shin megami v sitting at 135 hours… 2nd place is fire emblem engage….

  25. I do get that you are switching around systems much.
    But 10 hrs on MK8D?
    That's basically one day of playing!
    I feel I missed a lot on MK8 and I need to get back to that and finish the rest and try all the DLC etc. And I have over 50hrs into that game.
    Hell a few weeks ago we did a gaming party and hat 5 hrs of MK casually!!!

    10hrs is not even enough to properly test a game like this…
    How can you have such a strong (albeit positive) opinion on the game after only 10hrs is beyond me…

  26. Wow I finished Mario Odyssey only one and still it took me over 250hrs according to my profile.

    How did you finish that in 20hrs TWICE?!
    Or do you mean just beating Bowser and ignoring everything Mushroom Kingdom and onwards?

  27. Someone have suggestions of stores that ships internationally ?

  28. I finally got around to beating Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that I bought at launch. Played 225+ hours and still couldn't unlock all the characters. I finally gave up trying to get them and just finished the story at lvl 95. 😅

  29. This is going to be fun, I got over a thousand hours on smash LOL.
    1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 1,150 hours
    2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 185 hours
    3. Doom (2016) – 45 hours
    4. Pokemon Shield – 35 hours
    5. Mega man X Legacy collection – 35 hours
    6. Zelda Link's Awakening – 25 hours
    7. Metroid Dread – 20 hours
    8. Final Fantasy 8 – 20 hours
    9. Capcom Fighting Collection – 15 hours
    10. Super Mario Odyssey – 10 hours

  30. Lol. I probably have 35 hours minimum on every switch game I own. Lots of RPGs. Probably have at least a dozen with over 100 hours. Couple with 250+

  31. Do u have a second channel were u do gameplay videos of the games u play i would love 2 watch them

  32. Wow I'm surprised Zelda isn't in top ten. Figured that would make everyone'a list

  33. Mine is BotW, but my most played game of all time is Destiny 2 with over 7000 hours and counting.

  34. I would like to see this for other modern consoles and steam.

  35. It’s curious don’t see Zelda BOTW, but I guess you played it on Wii U? 🙂

  36. the shmup i have most hours in is Waifu 2… Not sure how many hours but alot. I guess i am a perv.

  37. No Zelda? Man has a bazillion games and hasn't played the GOAT

  38. I'm surprised you dont have the OLED….imo its a game-changer for switch. Maybe you do and just didnt show it in this specific video?

  39. I put 2000 hours into Splatoon2 🙂 150 into S3 so far. I am addicted to Tetris Connected (1 on 1 online mode 'zone battle' is intense!!). Working up the ranks on total wins, currently ranked ~550 and still climbing since it is all-time wins for that leaderboard. I like listening to records with the Switch sound turned off 🤘

  40. Monster Hunter,Xenoblade 1/2, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 1/2, DOAX3, Ninja Gaiden Collection, Ryza 1/2 , Kirby forgotten land, BOTW, Link's awaking, persona 5 and now metroid is being played alot on my switch and also brought Nier Automata aswell

  41. Metal Jesus how about a maintenance vid? Like all your trouble shooting stuff and what you do about defective hardware or software and just maintaining your epic game room etc.

  42. Please, make yourself a favor and finish Dragon Quest 11, It's great

  43. People commenting that my stats are lower than expected. That because I'm always bouncing around. For instance all this week I've been on the PS5 and PSVR2. The week before it was all Xbox Series X with Dead Space remake, Crisis Core and Hogwarts. Before that it was all those GB / GBA homebrew games. Before that Steam games for the OneXPlayer2 review. Etc…Etc… And yes, I do finish games… just typically the 5, 10 or 15 hour long ones.

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