My Top 10 Strategy Games For 2024 -

My Top 10 Strategy Games For 2024

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I am not including any projects I have personal stakes in because that would be a conflict of interest. This is just a list of games I am personally excited to play.

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Frostpunk 2 –
Stormgate –
Cataclismo –
Age of Mythology: Retold –
Tempest Rising –
Outpost: Infinity Siege –
Dust Front –
Homeworld 3 –
Sins of a Solar Empire 2 –
Last Train Home –

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  1. Shame that SoSE is an Epic exclusive, Epic is a garbage platform and I do not reward companies who accept their exclusivity bribes.

  2. your 'conclusion' had me laughing at the end.

  3. I still can't believe that Homeworld brought 3 axis controls to RTS 25 years ago and we're celebrating games with the mechanics of Red Alert.

    Maybe RTS games aren't popular anymore because there's been zero innovation in the core mechanics since Clinton was president.

  4. Dustfront immediately remind KKnD 2 Crossfire, but modern and on steroids.

  5. It's sad that publishers nowadays need to be told to let developers have the time they need to actually finish the damn game.

  6. I wonder if sanctuary shattered sun will come out this year

  7. There’s one particular game that I don’t see many people talk about. Mainly because it’s an early access game and it’s not really riding the wave of any of the major RTS titles. It’s also not released anytime recently, only updated. It’s called War Selection. It’s got the premise of Empire Earth where you start building in the Stone Age and advance to the industrial age. However where it splits is that you have to choose which cultures to build into mid match. So you choose Europe or Asia leaving the Stone Age. And then you choose East or west Europe/ east or west Asia. And then you pick a real life country to play past that.

    The game is incredibly interesting because of how the economy and the conflict advance. You get intimate with your enemies when both they and you specialize more and more the further you get into the game. It’s a shame nobody talks about it because it’s incredibly fun and doesn’t really get old/repetitive because the maps are randomly generated and you’re specializing into several different playstyles and then counter-playstyles.


    — caps, sorry

  9. By now the “argument” of a small development team has no traction at all. Some of the greatest games of all time had tiny teams. Factorio, Minecraft, stardew valley are the ones coming to mind for me.

  10. To reiterate on SOSE2 – having the game in an updated engine is a big deal, since the original unfortunately gets to a point where it chugs really hard in longer games. The new engine along with some fancy updated visuals is precisely what the community wants.
    Once the base factions are up to snuff, that's when we're expecting the new stuff to roll in. Even if it takes a long time. The original came out in 2008 and got its last major update at the end of 2018.

  11. I lost faith and interest in modern games. So many are just unfun vehicles for terrible monetización strategies.

  12. I want a dawn of war battle fleet gothic cross over game where you have space and land battles and you fight over multiple planets

  13. I still just want a warhammer dawn of war 10th edition graphical remake

  14. Play Age of Empires III: DE and you will be so addicted to it! Amazing Graphics and gameplay and mechanics! Probably the best RTS I've played since forever.

  15. I for one love the decision to use AOM's original engine. Yeah, you can learn Unreal… but making a proper RTS in it is a whole another story. I mean look at the state Stormgate is in with all the money it gets! It runs like crap and they don't even have vehicle animations yet. And they've been going at it for… how many years now? Four? And the people there are some of the best RTS makers ever.. it's not like they don't know what they're doing. Whereas with the AOM engine you can make something that feels like a proper Age* game. Even better — it has already been made, and you just need to add some polish.

  16. The best strategy game of all time is and will be Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour period.
    Why? because it has everything… micro, fun, units move and fire realistic… not like bullshit nowdays strategy games…

  17. I hope they add battle between users in frostpunk

  18. outpost infinity siege looks like a good successor to nuclear dawn we all need.

  19. If you did not play last train home, GO PLAY LAST TRAIN HOME. If you dont love it come and tell me.

  20. You're missing the biggest one… Beyond All Reason! It's an open source Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander style RTS in a modern engine that handles way more units and players. 8v8 is the standard match size and I have seen replays of 25 vs 25 players. It has 2 complete factions, at least one more in the works, and in it's current unoptimized state can handle 4000 to 5000 units without lag.

    It's exactly what it says on the tin:
    Beyond All Reason

  21. outpost infinity siege is making by a single author

  22. 1:30 well once you're done with your development, you're done with the game 🙂
    It's the curve that is interesting, weither it's this one or an expansion oriented game like the Total War series.
    There are mechanics like end game crisis that exist, but I don't think it ever made an end game interesting in this genra. I'm perfectly fine with it, I much rather prefer an interesting curve.
    PS : Dust Front looks very cool! I'm amazed by one man projects.

  23. They aren’t back.

    The golden era was the 90s and early 2000s before everyone realized American politicians worship Satan and have been destroying this country and it’s citizenry since MK ULTRA decades AND DECADES ago. But won’t critically think – they couldn’t recreate Matilda, so does that mean the study of brain chemistry and control stopped???… your government??? Really? You think that?

    You were all born after that with funny talking screens.

  24. devs are dumb AF to remake game on same ancient engine

  25. Weird not to see Ratten Reich, Terminator rts and broken arrow

  26. 9:26 a dev of dust front is from moscovia. Please do not fund war crimes via his income tax.

  27. Ahh… Frostpunk… Still having flashbacks from it. "Brace yourselves… Storm is here." The music, watching termometer drops to levels I didn't even think it was possible…
    I think it is time for frostpunk 2 for me…

  28. Now i gotta know, whats grants favorite fire emblem?

  29. Do conclusions ruin watch times because people skip to the end? That's a shame.

  30. broken arrow wtf? why didnt you put that it looks so promising

  31. Nice to see digital sun games getting some love

  32. D.O.R.F looks like the shit you would play with your homies while chugging down some beer and it is glorious.

  33. Not sure if you are gonna read this but i don't know on what video to post, so i did it on the latest since i think it has the highest chance of getting read. here is another idea for starcraft 2, Can you beat starcraft heart of the swarm just with Kerrigan? Difficulty of your choosing, no casual of course cause that is to easy.

  34. Great list! However, the only one that got me interested was G.O.R.F.

  35. Dominions 6 is pretty dope. Very intricate combat system for a turn based game. It has a 426 page manual. Lots of rules are really smart, like how slashing and blunt weapons have an attack penalty underwater that is proportional to the length of the weapon, because have you ever tried to swing something underwater?

  36. someone gets how to end a video.
    Love the outro!

  37. I wasn't previously interested in D.O.R.F but actually you have convinced me, I'm looking forward to seeing more of it now.
    Age of Mythology retold, Stormgate and Tempest Rising look amazing!

  38. Me think Falling Frontier deserves a mention, but there haven't been many words from the devs recently.

  39. I do not think homeworld 3 we’ll be anything. Loved the first one myself due to the extreme amount subtle differences between the two factions. One had stealth technology, while the other had slight resource gathering capabilities the other part was itself in defensive units. While the game was on the internet for 10 years of multiplayer gameplay. Most people assumed the stealth mechanic was way to go. That is until I showed a lot players the errors of that thinking. The thing was this it rewarded the players that understood what the subtle differences actually were. There was nothing like stealing a enemy player’s fleet sent to kill you while they send reactionary fighter’s to save their fleet they meet a brick wall of defense units that just eat them and spite them out then go in for the kill. Homeworld 2 was nothing like that had no such subtle in factions and though yes it was popular only from players that never played the first game. As for 3 Wonders of cover fire and that’s showcased in the game play footage. It will not come up with any thing to that as there is only one faction that they will focus on and they will never make maps for any multiplayer games to actually use that In matches online.

  40. Age of Wonders 4 is my top favorite strategy of all time, and more great strategy games are coming.

  41. If you're confused about any titles not being on the list: I am not including any projects I have personal stakes in because that would be a conflict of interest, and I am excluding games that seem to have fairly stalled development. Ideally the titles here will all be playable soon!

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