New Game Pass Games April 2022! 7 Best New Games Out on Game Pass for Xbox in Early 2022 -

New Game Pass Games April 2022! 7 Best New Games Out on Game Pass for Xbox in Early 2022

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What’s new on Game Pass in April 2022, plus the best Game Pass games of the year so far!

Xbox’s Game Pass gives you access to over 400 games for a monthly subscription. That is a whole lot of games to choose between, and surely they’re not all good? Worry not, Andy and Mike are here to share their favourite games from the first few months of 2022, and what’s coming up in April. What are your favourite games on Game Pass? Show them some love in the comments.

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  1. Even though they know next to nothing about baseball, ohtani-San is so incredibly good it’s baffling

  2. I loved „The Artful Escape”! While it’s a walking simulator, or rather a walking-and-guitar-riffing simulator, it’s got a nice story, gorgeous psychedelic visuals and an absolute smash of a soundtrack. And it’s about a guy who’s somewhat of a Bob Dylan, but secretly wants to be Bowie mixed with the lead singer of The Protomen. 10/10 acid shrooms.

  3. I'm fairly certain there are more classic baseball video games than classic lacrosse video games.

  4. Ahhh it's dang good to hear Ox use /that music/ again after so long ^^

  5. I luv the concept of this show as there is so much to choose from.
    A small suggestion: At the end maybe do a small leaving soon/this month section "grab them while you still can"
    often I think like "oh yheh lets sit down and play game X". And then it was removed like a week earlier.

  6. Deaths Door and The Artful Escape were probably my favorite gamepass games I have played so far this year

  7. I love the concept of this type of video. Often I don't try out games in the gamepass. But when you are showing gameplay and talking about them really wants me to try out some of them. Thanks for the good content!

  8. I highly recommend The Nonary Games. It contains two of the best games I ever played and serves as a great introduction to Visual Novels for those that have never tried out the genre. Along with Danganronpa and AI The Somnium Files, people have access to some of the best titles in the genre.

  9. I'm so bad at hitman I tried for a week to get past the tutorial. I have never done it yet. I own a game I can never play.

  10. Really like this format!

    Also, Windjammers 2 is a gem.

  11. "Turns out I'm great at socking dingers." 😂😂😂

  12. "Cyber noir"?

    Mike, buddy, the genre is "cyberpunk." It's a whole genre, not just one property. You can say the word.

  13. I uninstalled Tunic not because of the Souls-like difficulty, but because that was paired with controls that weren't up to genre. If you expect me to have precise timing, there have to be precise, hyper-responsive controls.

  14. I'm so psyched this will be a new ongoing thing!! This was great!
    EDIT: these are all excellent recommendations. Since you asked for ours, though…
    ANDY, have you seen / tried WEIRD WEST?! Former ARKANE devs made a new isometric Immersive Sim, it's like a Western where you can play as 4 distinct characters over the course of the game, and it's like Dishonored style powers, werewolves / ghouls / the occult etc., mixed with a Wild West shoot OR stealth RPG, with dialogue choices / decision making that effects how everything reacts to you! Just seemed like your dream, HAUNTED WESTERN RPG, ykno? Just launched on GamePass a few days ago…

    Another recommendation is Guardians of the Galaxy, which is 10x better than AVENGERS which is also on GamePass lol (GotG is not even close to AVENGERS in any way, it has more in common with Mass Effect 2).

    SABLE, for the arrestingly gorgeous art style and "no hand holding" freedom, but also the beautiful soundtrack and wonderful gameplay.

    Kentucky Route Zero is one I've not had time to dive into yet, but it's legendary among those who've played it, it's like one of those indescribable indie games that has to be experienced— like Undertale, INSIDE, or the Outer Wilds (all of which are on GamePass I believe).

    Andy mentioned that "Beyond the Steel Sky" (is that the title?) game briefly, I've been very curious about it, but have seen literally no reviews or discussion about it since its actual launch… has anyone played it or heard if it's good? That one isn't on GamePass, but it seems like it may end up there. I gotta join that OX Supporter's Club soon, I installed Discord just for that reason! lol

  15. I'm always checking GamePass to see what's there and always end up a little worried that I'm missing some hidden gem. Hopefully this series means I won't fear that anymore.

  16. Please do more of these vids. You and Oxtra. I love getting the honest viewpoints of all of you on all the new games

  17. I would just like to mention that Crusader Kings III is now on consoles (and is still on Game Pass). It's a more complex game than what you usually cover but the potential for Jane's brand of chaos and mayhem is stratospherically high.

  18. Awesome concept for a video series. I'm massively out of date with Game Pass, so this could be useful.

  19. This is super useful and i'm grateful this sort of content is back. miss the old games coming up this month. thanks

  20. Mike! I'm pretty sure I watched you play windjammers live! So yeah, take that.

  21. I just finished Kentucky Route Zero on Game Pass and it was one of the best adventure games I've ever played. Your main goal is to deliver some antiques, but it's about the journey, not the destination. It gets wild and weird and very creative. I can't say much else without spoilers, so I'll just end by saying I highly recommend getting lost and doing every random thing you can find along the way, as there's lots of worthwhile little moments hidden away in places you're not supposed to be.

  22. A buddy and I co-op’ed Nobody Saves The World through normal and NG+. Platinum’ed it in a little under 2 weeks. I can’t get it out of my mind. It was an amazing game. I HIGHLY recommend it. Build crafting was so cool and unique for a game of that style. So much fun.

  23. Download Paradise Killer, thanks for the suggestion…though I think it is melting my brain

  24. Excellent addition to your channel! Keep it up!!

  25. I'm a Kickstarter backer for Chinatown Detective Agency, and Singaporean. I actually avoided learning too much about the game after playing one of its initial alphas, just so I can go in with surprises. Really happy to see it do well, getting to be on Game Pass and being featured here. What would be interesting is if being Singaporean would be an actual advantage when playing this game, depending on whether they include hints or story elements that Singaporeans would catch on to faster without needing to Google.

  26. I do love brits trying to describe American sports. I'm not really aware how weird they are until I get an outside perspective.

  27. Idk what system they are using to create the chapters but it created 2 unnecessary chapters off on-screen detail and missed Tunic:
    5:33 Tunic
    The Rage is just the level they are setting up in Hitman III
    Tiger Lily is a character in Chinatown Detective Agency

  28. I just noticed you guys released this video on April 1st.. I assumed it would be an April's Fool video, with super bad game suggestions.. but I guess I was wrong!

  29. I knew not to buy the next life is strange because I knew it was only a matter of time before it came to gamepass.

  30. I'm 30 seconds in and I LOVE the idea!!! so much wasted time on bad gampass games…

  31. Paradise Killer is one of my favourite games of all time. It's just so, so good. I don't think I've ever played an investigation game where I've felt like the solution I came to was uniquely mine. Also, the soundtrack completely slaps, and LD is maybe the greatest protagonist in video game history.

  32. I see you've changed your minds about the game pass reviews 🙂 it's fine just steal my ideas :p

  33. Does Hitman trilogy include dlc missions ? Is The Seven Deadly Sins included ?

  34. Yaass Andy come through with the Death Becomes Her reference yaaaaaaasss

  35. It feels like the niche Steam Indie community has migrated to Xbox ever since Steam started getting all systems titles.

  36. This series will be super useful for me. Having resigned myself to not getting a PS5 for some time (not a massive issue as my trusty PS4 library has a ton of stuff in my back catalogue on it) I decided to grab a Series X purely as one was available and I was lucky enough to be able to buy it and I am loving gamepass. As someone who never owned an XBox of any kind until now, but enjoyed things like Fable 2 the handful of times I got to play for a bit on a friends console, the value is absolutely insane – while not really my cup of tea as a rule, for free Im deffo going to play things like the Halo and Gears series, Fable as I say will be something I sink a lot of time into, Fight Night Champion and Brutal Legend being on there will save me having to dig my PS3 out, I have them on PC but sure, I'll play Dragon Age again, and remastered Mass Effects as it's an age since I played through them. I enjoyed Hitman so the sequels will be fun, my kids will be delighted with Minecraft. Octopath Traveller? Yes please, I was about to spend money on you anyway on Steam, ditto Maneater – a silly and maybe somewhat flawed game, but for free a really good laugh,…..I could go on. Basically between Gamepass and all the stuff I need to finish on my PS4 I'll be good for now!

  37. I hit the "Like" button every time one of you says Game Pass so just make sure you say it an odd number of times throughout the video!

  38. few games I'd recommend that I don't hear getting talked about that much would be Mortal Shell, The Ascent. and Firewatch…all 3 are completely different types of games but all great in their own right

  39. if they don't have turnip boy commits tax evasion in the next episode I will be disappointed

  40. Please, do Andy and Mike as Jake and Elwood Blues (respectively).
    Bonus points for including Mighty Mack, Curtis, or Buster.

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